How To Insert And Remove Plug From Remington 870

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Lockemeister: very good! quick and to the point!

tackless: I'm assuming without a tool you can use short stubby screwdriver. correct?

E.R.P.: Thanks man

Jeff Donathan: Fine job. Very helpful. What happens if you don't have the little tool?

kevin mccoy: Both of my 870,s have a steel plug. Is the steel plug two piece?

KlitzkeMN: Very helpful. Great video! Thank you.

223spitta: Good job

LuckyFin2008: Thanks for the instruction,

Gabriel Guerrero: Hey man good job on the video... I like that u just got right down to it...No extra bull half of these other instructional video's out there who talk a bunch of useless stuff...Just right down to the point..After watching your video I basically removed mine in less than a minute... Thanx man

Gabriel Guerrero: How do u know he didn't clear it before he started the video? Who the freak say's u have to show the viewer's that u cleared the weapon. Get the freak out of here if u have nothing good to say. I hate u people who get on youtube and always have some crap to hate on. If you have nothing good to say don't say nothing at all...

Rawwwse: @MrMaditalian365 No, I don't think he checkED it a dozen times before he made the video... probably just once (smart ass). Regardless of that fact, it's an INSTRUCTIONAL video and due diligence should be paid to the 'safety check'. It takes 3 seconds (literally)...

MrMaditalian365: @Rossco343 Really? You don't think he check it a dozen times before he made the video.I myslef am thankfull that he didn"t waste my time and got straight to the point.

Rawwwse: I realize this is annoying, but you didn't clear your gun first. Bad form! Before "instructing" anyone how to alter firearms on YouTube consider learning how to do it correctly (safely).

Electromag50: To pull the plug the newer 870s maybe different. On our newer 20gA 870 you unscrew the outside cap and then you will need small nose plyer (like on a mult- tool) to pull out the clip. Its a press fit stamp metal C ring that pulls out. Its easy to put in back in. With out the plug the mag will hold 4 rounds and one in the barrel of course, so 4+1=5. With the plug it is 2+1.

GoatRoper911: Great video! How long is the plug? I lost mine and need to make a new one. Thanks!

baka kengz: Informative

6154USMC: thanks for the Vid. I lost my manual in transit years ago and had no idea how to remove the plug. Not that I think I need to have five shots in..I mean if I miss with one the deer is most likely already out of range, and if I miss five times in a row I think I would probably put down the gun and pick up a camera...I would at that point have better luck bringing home a deer. Thanks anyhow for the informative vid it helped me out.

KittieDanger: Thanks for the info, it did come in handy!

DaddyThrasher: Good job thanks for the Video I just got mine yesterday and the manual is somewhat hard to understand

Tyler S: waste of time give me back my 2:28 of life back
how to insert and remove plug from remington 870 5 out of 5

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how to insert and remove plug from remington 870