Review: Walkera Devo 10 Vs Walkera Devo 8

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Quadcopter102: Ali, I ask your expert advice.... because the rest of the world cannot answer!

I have a new Devo 10 arrived.... it has a problem because teh computer cannot "see" it when connected by the USB to update firmware - it something that can be repaired or is it junk??

petfrogg: Is the DSC port on Devo10 compatible with Tactic Anylink2?

Jad Collado: lol, you could almost watch a movie on devo 8!

Javier Cavallo: Hi. I'm building my first quadcopter(dji f450 with naza) I'm between the devo 10 and a turnigy 9xr radio. Wich one you recommend? Thanks. I really like your videos. I see them everyday

TheSeaRoach: I like your reviews ali but here you talk about the menu difference for 6minutes. I know the devo 10 doesnt have touch screen and thats it I dont need 6 minutes on it. While no word on the r1002 rx which you got, that is something to talk about but you didnt.

Preauz Alam: can this be used for airplanes

tracksntreadslou: I see that there are 2 rotory switches ,1 -3way switch 1- 2way switch channels on top ..What are the remaining 2 channels ...2 way or 3way switches ..Also how many of these channels can be mixed ..thanks very much

Scott Hildenbrand: What are your opinions of the 8S in sunlight? I hear alot of people have issues viewing the screen. I'm debating a 10 vs 8S for a Master CP and frankly am having issues deciding. Would an iphone anti glare filter help? Which do YOU think is better right now, the 8S or 10? I'm intermediate.. No 3D experience, just CP scale flight, if that might sway your opinion.

iflyhelis: I pulled it apart & the power area is fine, now to pull the TX section circuit board & inspect the components, I am sure that is where it burned, I contacted my Hong Kong dealer & he said Walkera wants photos of it & when I send it back they will replace my TX & broken landing skids. I thought that was nice of them.

iflyhelis: Ali, warning the Devo 10 transmitter just burned in the power section for me yesterday. Screen went blank, my Walkera V450 D01 V2 dropped out of the sky, I had fail-safe enabled to 0% for everything, it just broke the landing skids. I have to open the TX & find out what smoked, I'll let you know what it was later today.

iflyhelis: I think we should all go back to 72 MHZ. with the one watt transmitters & crystals channel numbers.

iflyhelis: You are correct! I looked it up im my Devo 10 Manual & it states it is "DSSS"

mayantribe bx: im posting againg just because i love my devo transmitter lol, mr ali u rock. btw i finally got to use that 1/16 scale rc motor for a s.c. truck. thanks a million.

mayantribe bx: @davidringler40 that sounds interesting, should post a vid, showing ur issue.

wwmilanl: I personally loss two planes because of the Spektrum DSM2 (and that’s why they change later to DSMX) I change to Hitec/Aurora 9 some time ago. but you don’t have to believe me, Bruce Simpson (RC MODEL REVIEW) has explain and prove this problem, so no I will not thrust my planes on a DSSS system.

wwmilanl: DSSS will have a number of FIX channels (between 2 and 4 DSM2 use 2) and hope in does channels only, the 2.4Ghz band is more and more busy every time that the weakness of the DSSS protocol, under the right conditions will FAIL, FHSS is hopping using ALL or most of the channels on the 2.4Ghz band.


robertvdheide: the 10 looks like a mutation of KDS 7XII and spectrum dx7 combined

stot2614: Of course for those of us that don't really care, you can always get the "toy" version if you want, but why the radio channel hopping? That still has me wondering... ???

stot2614: It's kind of interesting that when Walkera comes out with a new higher channel count tx, they make an el cheapo version before they make a serious radio. The fact that most pilots I know purchased their radios for long term use (i.e. to use as an asset), it is my opinion and conclusion that it is better to get the "professional" version as opposed to the "toy" version, even if the difference in price is considerable.
Review: Walkera Devo 10 Vs Walkera Devo 8 5 out of 5

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Review: Walkera Devo 10 Vs Walkera Devo 8