Karambit 101 Part 1

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LePatriotChef: I just got one of these to start practicing when I do martial arts and such in the mornings. My hands are bigger than most so that loop was just an annoyance so I got one without it and like it a lot more

ironlak hill: I recently started practicing kali and really grown with my skills on watching ur tutorials i need tips on my flipping though my video is on my channel ironlak hill thanks for these helpful videos,

wmpyr: thank you! good luck with your training, train for life!

wmpyr: that thing is large and made for combat, personally I prefer a smaller size.

AirPirate37: Man what can you say about cold steel karambit? Is it good? Or I could buy something better?

wmpyr: thanx man, more to come!

Rod Salka: cool vid dude subbed!

wmpyr: @Arnischopsticks thanx man, even though they are put up in random order, hopefully, as you train and piece together what makes sense to you, you will see the method in the madness. the stick and knife practice help each other and ultimately so does the empty hand. Only when your a beginner things seem real different.

wmpyr: @Arnischopsticks thanx for viewing! there will be more Karambit vids coming soon!

Thesocraticbreed: A problem with the Karambit, in my opinion... is that if someone does a disarm, it is like the gun disarms... you will break your finger because it is caught in the grip of the pommel.

wmpyr: @Stagefire420 thanx man, then please watch my review of the S&W Karambit, I think it could help you out!

Raw Compound: Nice vid, I've been considering getting the same Karambit from S&W.

TheBatahsug: This is really good. Thank you sensei wmpyr. I have been thinking of what kind of knife I would have and after seeing how super handy a karambit is especially with SD, i will start with it. And of course, do as many training with my eskrima as well. I have watched 2 different DVDs of arnis instructionals+knife but man, it was only after seeing your vid, that I have come to learn heaven 6 easily . You have been a great help in my training sensei wmpyr. Much respect and gratitude man.^_^ Jule.

wmpyr: @trbtek hey thanx man, if you are a responsible law abiding citizen and just practice the knife arts at home for your own knowledge, like learning a new language and think of perhaps using the new acquired skills more for translating to an improvised weapon or empty hand you should be completely fine! Thanx again and review coming soon :)

Laurie Hupeda: I've never owned a karambit considering my age and prohibited weapons laws in Australia but Ironically I've found the same exact S&W camo karambit from an authorized dealer after watching this. just looking at yours looks so much more bad ass than the actual picture. can't wait for the review man.

wmpyr: @DemonHide thanx for watching and commenting again! fixed blade or folder, I think it's a pretty fun knife, even though it may not be good for EDC, training in it will help improve your general knife skills, training with a cool knife, its a win win situation man :)

wmpyr: @hku99 thanx man!

wmpyr: @WeaponCollector thanx Mike, planning to make lots of vids with it.

hku99: Nice, cool knife

CosmoShidan: @wmpyr Looking forward! Also the near elliptical model reminds me of the Batterrang.
Karambit 101 Part 1 5 out of 5

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Karambit 101 Part 1