DJI NAZA Set-up With DX6i & Failsafe

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Thunder Boots: How do yo calibrate your GPS compass with spectrum dx6i

Abutalib: Thanks fir the Very helpful videosDo recommend spektrum dx6i for naza m v2 quadcopter?I mean how much it's easy and friendly usage while programing and controling ?i read that the futabas works ok but so hostile while the setup if i may use the appropriate words .Thanks for any advise

688755: Oh, thought you we're gonna show how you did it. Bummer.

Kris Shelton: also naza m lite

Kris Shelton: I have a hornet 460 with dx6i x   orange r615   I cant get the mc off   and I have a yellow fast flashing light    any one know how to get it to work ?

Pat B: Thanks, clear and simple setup!

Joshua Kincaid: What version software is that you are using. Mine looks different.

Erick Silva: Hi, nice video!! A question, with this configuration in the dx6i, how do you activate the POI function? Thanks!!

rob b: pity he didn't set up manual mode.. would have been nice to know how..

Silrak Films: The flight mode is stuck in attitude mode but the slider is on the left edge do you know any solutions

Silrak Films: How did you set up the control mode switch

Captain Tripps: Thank you!  This was exactly what I needed for my DX6i!

J Anything: I am also using the DX6i controller, but with an AR200 RX. If I turn off my TX, the naza does not go into failsafe mode, it stays in which ever mode it was in before. Is there a way to fix this?

chris miller: +shadab k

Mark Smallman: How do you go into the compass/GPS calibration when you fly given you have the ATTI/GPS/FAILSAFE on two seperate switches? Do you just need to toggle the ATTI/GPS switch to get it into calibration mode?

Hans Van Impe: I tried allready, but it's something with the orange R620 receiver. He has two possible ways to go in failsafe. But when I try to program, I don't have respond on the naza screan

Hans Van Impe: Hello, when I turn my transmitter off, my receiver stays in last fly modus instead of failsafe. The throttle changes to 56%, so it won't crash... but what do I wrong???
Pls help

isaac revie: Will this setup method also work with the Orange t-six transmitter?

dizzychizzy: Cheers Curly!

Checho P: I'm using ar6210 rx, I wonder if  is there any difference in the configuration for failsafe works? because I followed all directions for binding, but they don't work for me. everything you said in this video about how set up tx works perfectly, but the only thing that is not working when binding  is failsafe mode.  when I turned off tx , the dj naza assistant showed that throttle worked but did not failsafe mode.
DJI NAZA set-up with DX6i & failsafe 5 out of 5

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DJI NAZA set-up with DX6i & failsafe