Supercharged Audi A4 2.8 (B5) Pes G1

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Supercharged Audi A4 2.8 (B5) Pes G1
Supercharged Audi A4 2.8 (B5) Pes G1
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Supercharged Audi A4 2.8 (B5) Pes G1 II
PES G1 Supercharger - 1999 Audi A4
PES G1 Supercharger - 1999 Audi A4
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Pes g2 Supercharged audi a4 2.8 quattro
Supercharged Audi   A4  2.8 (B5)
Supercharged Audi A4 2.8 (B5)
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Audi A4 2.8 Quattro with a PES G2 Supercharger kit
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B5 A4 2.8 Supercharged Exhaust
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Audi A4 B5 2.8L quattro photo + video
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97' Audi A4 B5 2.8L V6 - Resonator Delete

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bengo beng: omg slow thing,,,,,why not 2.7bi ? 

luke sevatie: u need a new camera man. That person must be an alcoholic, shaking and crap

Kfawal: what kind of head lights do you have?

boricuareyl: Sweet sounding car!

jesus hernandez sierra: hey friend I have a audi a4 petrol like you but I want to know where I can get the Supercharged you have your or the car and brings it made?

iDutch ModdingTeam: Nice job. Wanted to that to my 2.8 back in the days, but i didn't and instead i bought an audi S4 b5 in stead.

bresnak7291: i have a 98 audi a4 2.8 quattro as well, how much was your supercharger and what else do you have on your car?

Ewoodnative33: @Regimbald Thanks man, I really appreciate it. Make sure you throw a glass pack or leave the middle resonator if you are running a 2.8 so you stop the drone at low RPMS. My friends call my car the "drone zone" it is getting fixed

12VoltPranks: Ive heard of people having problems with them shaking/ vibrating a bit above highway speeds. Did you notice any problems with em?

nate kp: love that car ahah didnt like the music though...


John Mahler: @bigcatfree goofy lol, everyone has a subaru...

Makaveli9752: Avesome A4. Thats my dream...

Sebastian Darius: yeah...right!!! :D

bigcatfree: That car is goofy. Get a subaru

Ewoodnative33: @tpunk666 If you are relatively inclined with your car you could/should do it yourself

S23tucker: Im not much of an A4 fan but i really like this one, sweeet ride. check out my a6 in my videos. thanks man

Ilijaz Deumic: Glad to see my old g1 is in good hands alex, ps the car looks very nice.

Ewoodnative33: *welded

Renthal127: paint the rims black

Kenneth Harmon: Also if there's anyway you could let me know what else I might need for the project. It could be useful. I'm used to gm v8. This is my first import. I don't know too much about forced induction.

Stephen Cox: i vote you move the supercharged badge to your grill in a bottom corner :)

Renthal127: @Ewoodnative33 Now that you mention gold, I really want to see what mine look like gold also. I'll photoshop them to get an idea. And I'd say mildly modded. Front mount intercooler, blow off valve, exhaust, cold air intake, audi tt heads, short throw shifter, etc. I'm missing some, but just things in that nature.

Swanee: A turbo system for a 2.8 is difficult to do and by the time you did it you might as well bought an S4. There is a big debate on what is better. Before you do it go look at some of the audi forums because they talk about it a lot. Price wise thousands.

bradandroid: Hi, I'm thinking of getting a PES supercharger for my 01 A4 avant. How much did everything cost? And do I need to get a new cooler or no? Also what exhaust is that?

Ewoodnative33: they are made by "Flix", called "Artics". 18x8

XDIshMeWooHooXD: sexy ass car and r all of ur cars red lol

Ewoodnative33: @lilB562 Custom job. It was actually really complicated meaning I wanted them to look as OEM but tinted as possible. To sum it up, it was HEAVY at first "nightshades" with some wet sanding and buffing. Ok well a lot of wet sanding to get them tinted the same amount in every area from every angle. Then the buffing to give them a nice shiny finish. The jobs difficulty is up to you and your standards. Hope this helps.

Ewoodnative33: @tobymonster10 thanks man

jonnie shakeshaft: looks great mate but sounds even better got a quattro b5 in tornado red me self but turbo good video

jhernandez78: Cool car!

tpunk666: whats your 0-60 and 1/4 mile time?

Ewoodnative33: @AdhiBoxerSanteros Great!

Ewoodnative33: are you reffering to the flik rims? I had no problems.

Ewoodnative33: @89Bossi Look up PES g2.

slaviozo20: DAM! Good design unless I go in a similar direction:)But i have TDI and am live in Poland ;) Do you have somewhere on the net have any photos A4 or you can send me an email a few ?? I will be grateful. Pozdrawiam

ProjectMaxiTune: sweet as ^_^

dylanhelmer: supercharged audi a4 b5 12v v6 5 speed quattro pes g1... lol i try to say crap like that all the time to my friends hahah

Ronald Smyth: how would i go about supercharging my audi a4 2.8 30v? is turbo better? how much?

Evolover21: How many miles? I am thinking of getting an sc for my 99 2.8 but I got 138xxx miles so I'm unsure.

EPzti: @Ewoodnative33 make more vids! ill subscribe

blzchito1: Were did you get your supercharger

Ewoodnative33: I do apologize, It was my friend filming and I simply used some of his shots. 100% user error. But the car has come along way since this video. So hopefully the next one you'll like.

lakai3920: Wow man, great car. I appreciate all the things you've modded it with, turned a great car into even a greater car. I just bought a '96 A4 2.8, all stock right now but big plans for this upcoming winter.

Ewoodnative33: @bagger2222 a stock kit is around 300 crank hp, my setup is a bit more modified.

lilB562: where did u get ur back taillights

Ewoodnative33: in this video (old) they were called "flik artics". A bbs rep, they are still great looking for winter rims. I am now on some b6 s4 18x8 avus rims. Spacers are required.

John Mahler: @thewindsurfguy 92 octane unfortunately is the highest available at my local station.

Ewoodnative33: @onlineleash I am now 21 and have put the last 5 years into this car and the best part is every has an audi 1.8t or an S4 but no one has a blown 2.8 so I am glad you are being unique. Keep the Q's coming I don't mind.

VEVOrapesmusic: Quattro ? Horsepower ?
Supercharged Audi A4 2.8 (B5) Pes G1 4.8 out of 5

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Supercharged Audi A4 2.8 (B5) Pes G1