Comcast / Xfinity Cable Box DVR Sucks!

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Comcast / Xfinity Cable Box DVR Sucks!
Comcast / Xfinity Cable Box DVR Sucks!
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DawgzofWar: Swear X1 magnifies how much comcast is crap

Robert Douglas: I have xfinity and I have two of the non-DVR boxes and they are worthless junk too. They must've gotten a deal on a bunch of junked commodore 64s and used the processors from them in these ass boxes. They have to be reset several times a day, and I don't watch that much TV. Each box has several channels to which it can't tune and it sometimes takes as much as 5minutes to process a command, which really sucks if you press the ch. up or down button too many times. Xfinity boxes are cheap crap and the just don't work properly.

Kid I know: This was 2 years ago

Michael Anderson: How was this resolved? I'm having the same problem!

Turgo: holy crap that interface is so out of date. Does the guide still have advertisements at the bottom. what a joke.

Andrew Grafstrom: First mistake is recording Jim Rome is Burning

joseph smith: freak Comcast!

Elgrande10000: NO AT&T they had a virus to hit a lot of people not too long ago! This can easily be fixed by refreshing your box! Just simply unplug the Power Cord from the Cable box wait 30 seconds up to 2 minutes then plug it back in. and if you have to, if you have a Digital Box for a non Cable ready Television you can reset that too by doing the same thing. This will free up the memory and Cache on the main board of the Cable box! Hope this helps.

Kelechi Ukachukwu: get att

andersonvillas1277: Mine currently has a code 0 displayed on the cable box. motorola dch6214

CoolBlue71: corranhorn666: Did this ever get resolved?

StarGeminiZ: Why would you swap a box for an issue like that? Why do you think that is equipment failure? That is a signal issue and yes a tech is required for that. Swapping 5 DVRs for this issue. Are you dumb? If it didnt work the first time then why did you do it 4 again?

AnErProduction: @coffeeandsugar20 Well maybe for some people it's better :/ Sorry I kinda freaked out at you a week ago though :/

tmoneyinmphs1: Basically, it is a problem with the signal and or the boxes, but xfinity/comcast will put the blame on anything else but that.

tmoneyinmphs1: I've had several HD DVR boxes. I've had them out about 8 times over the last 6 months. Even though the first 7 guys said my signal was fine, a inhouse signal booster helped me out. My main problem was the picture or sound would going out. I still get error messages like that or the sound gets "pops" in it when i used the dvr. I also get a message saying that a certain channel is not authorized on basic channels. I've been told the Hd dvr boxes are not up to speed with current technology.

Alex H: @AnErProduction Well it's been 12 seconds and my service is fine.

AnErProduction: @coffeeandsugar20 Yes they do! Impossible to use! No one knows how to use it without having problems every 12 seconds! XFINITY FREAKIN" SUCKS!!!

Laura Leary the Paperfiddler: And the box is less than a week old...It was bad from the first night. So I get to take the whole system apart again tomorrow, and drive 30 mins each way to exchange it.

Laura Leary the Paperfiddler: Mine keeps playing the same 12 secs. over and over. I called, they sent the signal. It did the same thing the next night. My husband's going to take a baseball bat to it next time. And we play $165 per month for this!

Alex H: @ifkurgf2 No they don't.
Comcast / Xfinity Cable Box DVR Sucks! 5 out of 5

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Comcast / Xfinity Cable Box DVR Sucks!