How To View Multiple Foscam Cameras

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How to view multiple Foscam Cameras
How to view multiple Foscam Cameras
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Fugitive136: Thanks for the video. So, can you only view more than one camera in internet explorer only?

Kay C: Thanks for your videos on Foscam  cameras.  I come back to them often to check things.  Very very helpful.

Adam Genesis: Do you have a video of how to save clips automatically to FTP or other?

Adam Genesis: THANK YOU! I had no idea these features were missing in Firefox browser.

Kcriss Skcrissx: I have a question. I'm thinking about using these p2p ip cameras for home security.  I like to to be alble to set up multiple cameras.  But before I go out and start buying, my questions is does all the p2p ip camera have to be the same brand to be able to work together or recognized if I set them up on my Lan?  Or can I use different brand, but as long as they are p2p ip cam, together on my Lan and be about to view them on one software?  I ask this because of the options in the different brand and cost.  Thanks

Peter Ferrantelli: I have a question. When use my Microsoft Internet Browser it won't let me sign into the camera monitoring system. It keeps on saying Please sign in using Server Push Mode. It seems like the software is reading IE as Firefox or Safari browser. Any advice. I have 4 cameras & I want them on the same screen at once. The cameras are old 4 years old F18910W never updated the Firmware. To me too much trouble to update the firmware too difficult for me.

Mehdi Raza: hey a quick question, can we save  the video recordings on a computer disc, right ? 

franciselmer: hello! i have a question. can ONE foscam be accessed by multiple users using the ios/android apps at the same time?

Bill Kennedy: I have 2 SRICAM and I thought your program would work but it didn't and I still can't get the 2 on same screen. Any idea's on where to get SRI multi unit program?  I wrote them got everything but this . Great on foscam, I'll be buying them from now on.

Dantee K: Thank You so much for that (just like for all others FOSCAMS reviews/videos). I need to admit that I've stacked with adding the second FOSCAM 8910W to my first working one. When I did everything in a way presented by You, I've just doubled the view from my first camera (instead of getting the picture from the second one).. Now I can just see two identical pictures in two frames..Both from camera number 1.. Any idea what went wrong?Thank You!

VIETNAMVET Katz: Im not sure how to do this.

VIETNAMVET Katz: Hi, I have (2)  F18918W cameras that have been working fo about 1 1/2 years. All of a sudden I have lost access to one of them. The camera still moves when i plug it in but it is not showing up when i log in to my cameras. Can you suggest what i can do? thx

KaptainSpaulding: Thanks, very very helpful....

Calafio: Hey Hamster, great video, do I also have to add the IP adress to the router? Thanks

JimmyKillroy: Dude... you are seriously awesome!  Thanks for putting all this stuff up!

GalaXy808: K thanks! For the in4mation.

GalaXy808: I wanna buy sec cam,I'm new of this,I have a question? If I buy foscam and I'm gonna install 3 multiple,then I can connect at thesame computer like you just explain,correct.hey thanks

AwkwardHamster: Just IE. Maybe it'll be different with newer versions. But the models I have can multiview on just IE.

GS NISMO: ok so is there a way to watch 2 cams same time on Google chrome or only IE

AwkwardHamster: what so you use to manage all of them? or do you manage them separately?
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How to view multiple Foscam Cameras