3 Year Old Motocross Phenom

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3 year old on dirt bike Honda 50cc Motorcycle Motocross Toddler Kids Brave boy!
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3 year old Aiden rides his 4-wheeler for the first time.MP4
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monkeychase4: This kid is going places!

Krystine Adams: I love everyone trying to give tips, for a 3 year old to posses this much cordintation concentration and discipline is amazing in and of itself. This is as good as a 3 year old gets, by the time he's 5 or 6 and coachable he will be well on his way to being ricky carmiachal

Aaron Curtin MX: im 12 and im only just starting this guy is gunna be good when hes older

Chris Pahl: pw80 or pw50? but the 3 year old definetly has a future

Max Hane: nice

Brantley Smith: Hes 3 dumb asses. Let him learn and ride.

Connor La Rochelle: The pros start young

noma jhondeere: dose he race

skolt dhf: Can u do a new vidieo there u can cross in sweden?

skolt dhf: U are nice!

Tom Brashear: Start them young

fredradou67: For 3 pretty good. But the track is flat and even. Nothing to see. But him on a sandy track and he will learn even faster!

Kami Kaze: He needs to be usin his leg a lil more. I didn't see him use it once hittin the turns! 

Mini Cooper: I was the same as this kid

Russell Bynum: Awesome. Bigger kids on faster bikes, and Tristan's like "Excuse me, pardon me, coming through." My 2.5 year old just got a PW50 (he's still on training wheels) and loves watching Tristan's videos.

MrRjp05: GOOD job Tristan you look so COOL From Bob the neighbor

Carter Crandall: Keep it up buddy! The only thing i'll point out is that you sitting a little bit too far up on the seat, but other than that, you've got lots of potential! Keep it up!!

JUSTxCAUSExJOHN: My first bike .... Man this kid is awesome

Bmxukin: God I can't get my lil bro to ride without the training wheals and this kid is three years younger :( he's had his bike since three I hate my life!!!!

timewelljr: That is awesome. I was wondering where this track is at?

Cardea Johnson: His Ol Punk Ass

andre rossi: your son don't have 3 year idiot

Kornzy: Ive still got my PW50 but i have to put my legs over the handlebars to atleast steer it lol XD

1990fordf150custom: i wish i had my pw50 still :(

Melvin nikko: Why am I watching 3 year olds riding dirtbikes?

David A: Its a lucky kid how started riding so early, his going do be realy good when he gets a 65, 85 and 125 cc bike. w

Paul Brady: Belta

ETEntertainmentToday: Or they are an overprotective parent whose kids sit on their asses all day and aren't allowed to have fun. I've seen the dumbasses on these types of videos who bash the parents for letting their kids have FUN.

Pete kuehnel: That 3 year old is great

dloconto l: how many times thrt girl get lapped lol

Beavis: wat a fkin beast. great future ahead of him

noid919: Awesome vid. Wish I'd started riding that young

VfR400rider: @hipxtobesquare I'm not sure where he got his gear but for myself and my brother my father substited rollerblade pads (elbows + Knees, ) and helmets are no problem, hiking boots and a good pair of jeans plus a tough coat. May not be as flashy but 15 years of riding later and I'm still around so worked just fine hope that gets your little tyke riding :)

SEALTEAM7bm: thumbs up for suffragette city

Kavin Davenport: wow hes so small hes like one of thoughs remoter control bikes with the person on it lol

jaze dubois: #19 !!! you'll give Eli Tomac a run for his money

Chazza Beast: i cud ride an mx bike and a biicycle at that age, i was same as this kid

BikeMeAustin: Hi is spankin!!

TeamPopTartGaming: That is so cute look at his bootys

Daly Fogarty: Hes pretty good for his age but hes only on a pw 50 so that doesnt go very fast

tomolander: 50 sx ;)

Throat Yogurt: Oh Rockband 1

Matt Craig: he is really fast for how little he is

brandeezy108: that looks FUN!

The show People: great for his age!!!!!!!

clutchitclothing: hahah this kids awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Harty426: 3 people ride quads

56dreyke56: this kid is awesome.!!!

Clinton McQuillan: this little fella is awsome, ive just bought my son a honda qr50. did this lil guy start on training wheels or did u drop him in the deep end? my boy is pretty good on his balance bike so wondering if i should skip training wheels and go straight to it.....what are your thoughts?

marvinthefatty396: HE POWND THE KID ON THE KTM!! at 2:47
3 Year Old Motocross Phenom 4.7 out of 5

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3 Year Old Motocross Phenom