Best Flash For Your Fuji X Pro 1 Or X100

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Best flash for your Fuji X Pro 1 or X100
Best flash for your Fuji X Pro 1 or X100
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Rashad Ujaimi: how about the Nissin I40FJ Flash for Fuji compared to EF-42 ?

Carsten Prüser: You really should have included the EF-20 in your review. Way cheaper than the X, and better features.

Tony Martin: Almost at the stage of getting one but worried about red eye since this flash doesn't swivel

C Martin: I absolutely love my X-Pro1, it feels like an old friend.  I just use old flashes from my film cameras.  They have to be used in fully manual mode though as the flash menu can't be accessed without using a 3rd party flash.

uscg: Thanks for the great review as always.. mate..  Did you get yourself one of those Xt1's yet Mr. Matt?  I liked your review of the mirrorless cameras. too.  I'm thinking about caching in m Canon DSLR's.. Just have to give it a try first. 

Christopher Dunn: I use a nikon sb 800 or 900 off camera with a hama wireless control costing £50 , works great..

Christopher: Hi Matt. Any advice on using a Canon TTL cord with either a Canon or Fuji flash? I know the Canon would only work manually but is it safe for he XPro to use it this way? Also could you use the Canon TTL cord and either Fuji flashes you covered and have them work TTL ?

Michael Archambault: Great video and very helpful. Thanks, Matt!

deswalk: Good review, thanks Matt.

matthew giobbi: Great review. Thank you.

Miguel Fuentes: I doubt Matt Granger reads the comments posted a year and a half later, but I was wondering if anyone new how to create single light portraits with the Fuji X-E1. With only 3 flash guns dedicated to the Fuji X-Series (EF-X20 / 20 & EF-42), I've read that there are complications / limitations when trying to shoot single light portraits. Can anyone help or direct me?

jiebin zhong: sure

Lawrence Lai: Can I use x20 for the x20??

Thanh Binh Nguyen: Can I use the x20 for the x100 ?

Bill Furlong: Where can I get the jumper you're wearing?

BYRDO C: yooooo whats that grip you got on your xpro 1?? and where do i get it

Victor Consaga: I would like to see Fujifilm incorporate some LEDs into the flash unit for shooting video

MrTwistyface: Nice film, would have liked a few words about potential for red-eye with the X flash, also to see example images.

einfussganger: Great comparison. Pity Fuji didn't put a little flash into the XPro1 like they did the X100. That's a nifty little fill in flash that can also trigger my SB700 when in slave mode. I have tried using the Nikon speedlight with the XPro1 and it works great, but there's no TTL. Unless you're shooting something (like an event) where time is of the essence, it's really no big deal to guess, chimp, adjust and reshoot. The speedlight does look a little silly though, but I like that I can still bounce.

iZekeTV: Couldn't find any question about this, Can the X20 flash be used with any standard hotshoe camera? Thanks!
Best flash for your Fuji X Pro 1 or X100 5 out of 5

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Best flash for your Fuji X Pro 1 or X100