Mohu Leaf TV Antenna Review (Toronto)

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Mohu Leaf TV Antenna Review (Toronto)
Mohu Leaf TV Antenna Review (Toronto)
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Angel Uriel: I pay $80.00 a month with Rogers full channels 12 bad channels for free ummmmm

Charles Martel: Your apartment is probably too close to the CN Tower to get good reception. Broadcast antennas are designed and optimized for longer distances, not for up-close users. Also your apartment's orientation and position within the building obviously plays a role. That's why you're getting crappy reception and your friend's is so much better. I'm in Montreal, about 6 km from Mont-Royal, where most TV broadcast antennas are situated and I'm getting 9 channels with a really compact antenna. But some channet breakup sometimes. Installing an aluminum foil reflector behind my antenna really improved reception. And I'll soon be getting a much larger antenna, that should improve reception even more.

Justin Melanson: can you do a leaf ultimate video?

mahmoud emara: how match t v toronto in canda

Kel T: live on queen street west, 6th floor near Dovercourt, facing west, just hooked up the 50 mile range amplified indoor HDTV antenna, beautiful picture for 12 stations.
cbc, ctv, chch, tvo, wnlo, bounce, cbl, global, two french stations, and city tv.

Kel T: great review, Im going to buy the ultimate Antenna , do you use Android TV or some other product with Kodi?

BAWBAG JONES: wud up...i live in markham and i get 34 channels and my building faces away from city. i use a piece of junk 25 dollar antenna from canadian tire . i wrapped the antenna in foil and old metal coat hangers looks like a pile of metal but i do not care and put it on my balcony. on 15th floor. i get channels such as fox,abc,cbs some channels cut in an out.

JoeSzilagy/ aka: Joe Slant: Hi Luke, I'm in Streetsville (as you likely know is near Toronto), and I plugged in my ancient 'saucer-shaped' indoor/outdoor antenna to my HDTV which I had hooked up in my apartment from mucho years ago. It works, and I get like 24 stations from Toronto to Buffalo, but most get that pixelation/breakup thing happening frequently. Does the Moho ever get that problem, or is that inherent with any type of antenna? Thanks.

Blake.TV: Regardless of whether in the US or Canada, broadcast TV will always look better than cable or satellite, because it is not compressed nearly as much.

Clint Lovendahl: Great video! Thank you!

cornish chris: I don't have over the air but in Kelowna, BC, where I live there is only 2 channels, both Global, no CTV, CBC, City, etc. I still use Cable

scooby660816: Thx for a very comprehensive review.  I live in Scarborough and had experimented with something similar to the Mohu Leaf, but wasn't happy with the results.  I ended up with a $40 wire type antenna from a discount computer/electronics place, and I get 12-15 channels.  All of the usual local stations, CBC, City, Global, CFTO etc. but also get some U.S. stations from Buffalo.  Keep in mind that I'm in the outskirts of the city, so I'm happy with what I can watch.  It's relatively large, but that's a small inconvenience.  I'm curious to see if you tried the same experiment with a larger 2 or 4 bay unit, how many more stations you would receive.  Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.

#sprint: Does it work in Edmonton, AB?

AAMD11: Great review. I'm definitely buying one now that the xbox one supports tv tuners, mohu seems like the ideal antenna to pair with it. Also, LOL I watched this thinking, hey I don't live in Toronto but whatever close enough, then you said you used it in Ottawa where I am! What are the chances eh

armel1945: Hi
I live in Kanata On, I cut Rogers a few weeks ago and got the Mohu Leaf antenna. Which I hooked up to 5 TV using the cable wires splitters that where left behind by Rogers . I only got 10 channels on the two tv upstairs near the antenna , and the other 3 tv where in the basement which I used another splitter and only got 8 channels. So I got a Electroline 4 port drop amp/splitter which boosted the signal thru the cable wires and got all 14 channels in the Ottawa area on all 5 tvs.

hoypinoymonkeyboy: Great Video thanks man! Also I am assuming that you cant view any sports channels? Either way still a good deal.

freestylegreek: Basically the Mohu Leaf is a POS device especially if you live right across the CN Tower. BTW my friend lives in an area where they have many condos all over the place. He has a TERK antenna and he gets 23 channels so its not your apartment its the device your using probably.

BTW I have a jailbroken APPLE TV 2 and I still have cable but if i miss any tv shows I just catch up on what I missed there. 

Steve Turton: I bought a simple, RCA Rabbit Ear antenna.....cost $15.  I live in Brampton.  I have it in a window facing towards the CN Tower, but can;t see the Tower.  I am getting 9 HD channels....and 2 of those are from Buffalo.  I was paying Rogers $55/ this is a huge savings for me.  I also have Netflex, $8/month.... and a jail broken Apple TV Box for streaming just about every movie and TV show ever  If you are on a budget, try simple,cheap rabbit ears.

Darren Bishop: Using the links provided (as well as from another article about this product) and my web browser in unable to find the site. Used Safari as well as Firefox. Did you have any trouble connecting to the site (I'm guessing not)?
Mohu Leaf TV Antenna Review (Toronto) 5 out of 5

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Mohu Leaf TV Antenna Review (Toronto)