Review ::: Makulu Linux

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William Houser: I thought Nero Linux was depricated. I used it on Windows as well. Now I use Imgburn on Windows, and k3b on Linux.

Jacque Montague Raymer: Makululinux xfce 4.4 is now live, lots of new goodies :)

iAdoreeTutorialz: Question instead of installing fonts lne by one. How can i gwt it to where i can install them all with simply just right clicking like i can with windows. Hellpppp

gepetto336: Very nice. But how can be installed the KDE Oxygen theme on this XFCE distro ?

Hazim El missnid: Debian is the dady its super ,
i love debian and its package instaler.

Georgi Georgiev: Thanks for the answer. :)

Spatry: Check out the Noobslab website! They have lots of tutorials you may find useful! They are also having a drawing/contest to get an Ebook on Ubuntu... Drawing will be held on November 10th! Sign up and win!

Georgi Georgiev: Hey Spatry, do you know any free source (for example book) from where I can learn some more commands at the terminal (in debian based distros to be correct)? Thanks in advance.

Jacque Montague Raymer: Thank you for the review Spatry. I would like however to point out this is not a final build, hence the theme's and some other stuff seem less polished. nonetheless, its still a solid build that can be used without problems. 4.3 is the polished final build, but it is not yet ready for public, so may want to keep an eye out for that release, the release notes for it is on the makululinux website. Again, thnx for taking time and interest in the project, ive been a long time fan of your channel :)

bmanzana13: no worries i got wine reinstaled and things started to make alot more sence. i just got off work and am pretty tired so i wasnt thinking clearly lol. once i got wine reinstalled it was just a matter of over writing the old directory and i got the program i wanted to run, up and running. thanks alot for your quick responce some times some one whos not so close to the problem sees the little thing you just dont think about lol. thank again for every thing you rock!

Spatry: See the videos in my WINE playlist... Those should help get you started.

bmanzana13: ok wel thats probably why its not working i looked for some direction on the site but couldnt find any detailed documentation regaurding this package ill get wine re installed and try it again thanks man!

Spatry: Extract to your home directory. Wine must be installed to use it. The folder is hidden. CTRL+H shows your hidden files. The directory is called .wine

bmanzana13: hey so i was wanting to see about installing that wine complete pakage you talked about but cant seem to get it working im sure im just missing somthing stupid but could you offer any sugestions im running ubuntu 12.04 lts if that helps at all. if your to busy or what ever thats cool too just thought id see if you had any ideas. any way thanks for all the videos you rock either way. keep up the good work.

Spatry: See my gaming section... Presently I my budget does not allow me to purchase games and review them. That may change if I can get more supporters for this show.

wwwShadow7: Jessie is SID. One level higher than testing. SID being still in development. Which is one step below experimental. I really haven't kept up but my /etc/issue shows Jessie/Sid, and it is recently up to date. Ever think of doing game reviews? bzflag, armagetronad, etracer, and many other been around a while 3D games.

Laoch111: Very promising distro - akin to SolydX. I think 'Makulu' means 'Big' in Zulu. The theme + icons look terrible but that can easily be remedied.

Spatry: Thanks for watching and commenting!

CF-105 Games: I never even thought of that. Gee, where is my brain? Keep up the good work, I always watch your videos as soon as they are out.

Spatry: submit that as a feature request!
Review ::: Makulu Linux 5 out of 5

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Review ::: Makulu Linux