2000 Yamaha SXR 600 Triple W/ Hauck Growlers

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Matt peters: whers this "turbo" cuz i wanna see it

Stephen McConnell: nice sounding sled. them triples are wirey as freak

Jørgen Jonas: Hi i have a question i have a Yamaha SXR 600 and want a new can where get i order one am from norway and will it make the snowmobile faster or go better faster start if you know what i mean PM me

dylangagne: ok. sounds good to me. thanks for the suggestion.

dylangagne: the video heading doesn't say anything about any turbo being in the moter, or anything to do with the moter. so i don't know where all the stuff about the turbo bearings and post turbo induction is coming from.

Christian Boots: umm, seriously? How? Sorry, but I'm having a hard time understanding how a 600 can spool a turbocharger that large. What did you use to cool and/or oil the turbo bearings? What did you fabricate for post turbo induction?

dylangagne: it's in the pipe.

Christian Boots: @dylangagne "2000 Yamaha SXR 600 Triple with a Cummins Turbo Performane Exhaust" and title "Cummins Turbo Performance Snowmobile Exhaust"... Anyone reading these would immediately think that somewhere on that sled is a stock cummins turbo because there's no such thing as Performance Cummins Diesel exhaust on a 2 stoke yamaha snowmobile, hence my comment about the turbo. You might wanna rename the video something simple like just "2000 Yamaha SXR 600 idling" to avoid confusion maybe?

sam14reba13: you guys are queer. :)
2000 Yamaha SXR 600 Triple w/ hauck growlers 5 out of 5

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2000 Yamaha SXR 600 Triple w/ hauck growlers