Zastava EZ 9mm And 40cal Handguns (Sig Look Alike)

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Matthew Caughey: If anyone's still looking for one CAI ( century arms) imports them I think I'm planning to get ahold of one soon (as soon as I'm sure I'm not going to get fired from my job)

dennis85573: Dose the EZ 40 caliber come with a 15 round magazine as well?

Carolina Ramirez: Classic Firearms . C o m

Joey P: An awesome holster is by "Fobus" My CZ999 .40 fits in a Fobus made for the Sig 226 like a glove. Fobus paddle holster is a great holster. Midway has them on sale for like $19.99.

Александар Петковић: Incredible. I'm from Serbia and I am crazy for original Colt O1991, and most of you guys are from US and you are longing for Zastava guns. Such an irony.

BrassicaRappa: No, you don't understand. We're just terrible at cloning.

buzzsah: I'd buy one in a heart beat if I can find them. If you know where I can buy one please let me know. The only problem back in 96 was finding an holster.

JapMagnet: Best gun I've ever shot. The most accurate right out of the box. I've shot 1911's, Sigs and Glocks.

Chad Luh: Sooo since when do these come with night sights?!?! And where's the after market grips?!? I think the guy working the counter is full of bologna

Joel Sharman: I have a zastava ez 40 and if anyone has any tips or suggestion about holsters I would like to hear about em. I like my ez 40 but its bulky in my uncle mikes iwb cloth holster.

Tealk Jaffa: Zastava best, whole balkan have that gun

NovaScotiaNewfie: An alternate to the Norinco where they are not allowed to be imported to the US any longer.


mixflip: Thanks for the info.

Ace1000ks1975: That's a really nice deal. I would buy that gun even though I own a Sig 226.

JohnnyBoy501: How can you Americans always call it a "clone" when everything that is similar is the look of the slide and the general proportions. It is certainly not a clone because it works completely different. Did you call Lexuses "Mercedes clones"? No. Even though they actually were complete copies of Mercedeses.

rajvosa71000: I encourage anyone to get this gun, I got over 7k rounds through mine and it worked flawless, even while covered in dust while shooting in the desert. Now that Arsenal Imports them they might be more popular and hopfully they would be more aftermarket pars available like sight grips etc.

bigstabby: Exactly. People can't seem to find legitimate reasons to dislike this gun so it's the 1 year warranty that's the The warranty has nothing to do with the gun and everything to do with K-Var having crapty warranties. The CZ99 is one of the best battle-tested sidearms in the world. Anyone who thinks the EZ9 isn't worth the measly $400 is a fool.

ArmyStinger150: Cool vid man, I have the Zastava .40 Cal version...had it for about a year now, wonderful shooter. I like the ambi deroosterer as well, I'm a lefty.

TheTacticalShooter: wow! like the ambi deroosterer. that alone might make it worth it. I'm a lefty and can't quite work the deroosterer on the double stack sigs. My sig 220 is no problem tho
Zastava EZ 9mm and 40cal handguns (Sig look alike) 5 out of 5

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Zastava EZ 9mm and 40cal handguns (Sig look alike)