Sony DSC-HX300 -test Video Photo Sample HD

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Carl Hondjera: where do i change the apeture and exposure of this camera?.....

dawid klosek: Stalem się dzisiaj szcześliwym posiadaczem cena w holandii w Media Markt 280 euro.

Maikel Habib: How can I remove the time stamp on videos?

Yellave Oceans: thanks amazing test xd

Alex L: can you use a mic on this camera?

SirBlack: Not impressed with the video Quality of this Sony bridge camera, i will get the Panasonic,they have the best bridge camera. Sony rule the high End of compact cameras.Panasonic rule Bridge cameras, nothing beats FZ200 .

MsNoveau: I know this video is a few years ago but the quality is impressive for a budget friendly camera. Thanks for sharing.

Brandi Johnson: Really great video. I just purchased a Sony a6000 and I don't like it, so this was one I was looking at. The color effect that you have shown in your video, does it also have that option while shooting pictures? How well does it work at night? Thank you!

Kola Aesthetics: best camera review handsdown..

Tolis Iliopoulos: in 1:09 which f you use

Carlos issa: A minha quando vou tirar foto com flex demora D+ sair

Série Opiniões: when im recording with this camera the videos break apart like 10 minutes later. is this normal? can i turn off this option?

Dookiebassplayer7: Can this camera film in 60fps?

Maiquel Gomes: very nice. I want buy this that

Charly Jimer: donde puedo llevar a que me Revisen mi cámara Sony ya no prende

Dionisis kougiou: can you take fotos while video recordnig??
and which are the diferences from hx400....exept the price!!!

stl314tube: was the black & white video footage with the blue sky from the camera or edited like that later?

Den Boe: "Sony DSC HX300". I am here to diss. I like the Camera but the Lens Cap spring failed due to poor design. I called Sony, they dissed me by promising to call back and did not, referred to me to their web site to buy one that will just fail again. I called again and they did not return that call either. Went to Best Buy and guess what?...... They were out of the 55 mm model because everyone is replacing the one that failed too. I have a lot of Sony stuff around the house including the first two 5 MP camera models they put out. Poor customer relations too late on an item that should not fail and I need the cap to keep dust and stuff outta there. Camera OK, lens cap crap.

Вячеслав Налимов: Сильный качественный зум. Фотки видео - ВСЁ КЛАСС! Кто скажет, что этот фотик фуфло, тот дурак, или просто не умеет пользоваться функциями. Желаю SONY взойти на вершину фототехники, оставив всех позади, как когда то и в видео-аудео аппаратах.

Nádia M: is this a good camera for filming youtube videos?
Sony DSC-HX300 -test video photo sample HD 5 out of 5

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Sony DSC-HX300 -test video photo sample HD