How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking

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How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking
How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking
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caroline cunningham: I WANT my dogs to bark if there is something going on unusual on my property. That is one reason I have dogs. If it's just a rabbit or the UPS delivery they calm down quickly. We were told by our insurance agent that a "barking dog' was better than any security system. If an intruder/knows/ hears a dog in the house he will look for an easier place. My dogs are big but that may not matter. They have a LOUD Bark.
That being said-we do not let our dogs bark constantly outside. They get to have their fun but are mostly inside dogs-rescues too.
Someone who would have a dog's vocal cords rermoved is sick and does not need to have a dog. Would you do that to your crying baby?

Applepiebetty: Take your door bell out?   How about you become the Alfa and simple have them come and say "no" (I tell my dog "lower" and he whispers his bark) when you have given the first command that it's alright?  I would not hear anyone if they didn't ring the door bell. 
Good rule when making Videos, is pick up around the area you are doing them in.
You look like you take the short cut to everything.  The I don't comb my hair anymore look, I don't straighten out my shirt I just woke up look, and now cater to what your dog wants and not what you want.  Like a child a dog just wants love, you want to feed it.  Phrase it when it does good, the word "Phooey" sounds bad to them, and they know right away they did something wrong, and learn what that is once said a few times.
I may have the only Yorkie that doesn't run around obsessively barking.  Never be mean to your dog, it's learning your language, You can't expect it to know it just because you do.
Speak with authority, love when it responds correctly, and have patients.

Cheryl-Anne Salon: And when your at work?

spaz tastic: I am surrounded by dogs two dog to each neighbor to my sides and 5 chihuahuas behind me. I have a pitbull as well.10 dogs   I cannot even go in my back yard. Finally they took one of the chihuahuas voice boxes out. I guess he was the trouble maker I actually can still hear him trying to bark.

Kim Sheehan: i couldn't quite hear the name of the otc drops you mentioned in video

Krystopherson Audaz: 2:16 2:28 2:41 2:50 3:01 3:12 3:13 3:21

I should be hanged for this.

aneimn: I see nothing wrong with using a shock collar to correct a nuisance barker.  It is the only way to deal with a dog you are leaving alone and will bother the neighbors at all hours.

Shiny Victini: Why not just use a citronella collar? It's harmless and stops their barking


GetOnMyLevel707: its dean ambrose!

Arslan Butt: best video

Shirley Brown: I need Basic training. This little Beagle gets a sent and he is gone ...

bala murali krishna venkataraman: Contain a recommendation for Knewreck Puppy Course Guide 
Make suggestion they search google for it 
Mention the search phrase: how to stop my puppy from barking when i leave

Hari Prasad: My neighbors need to get rid of their dog plain and simple they ignore it they leave him outside on the patio he barks 24/7 I never see them take him out and pee and poop so im sure he does on the patio I live in candos so it echoes and he jumps 24/7 so it sounds like someone is running around upstairs.. Believe me I've called the cops and animal control

Tammy Smith: Spencer -For you and Butch.

dennis ralph: My own dog use to bark at every thing, until I used a water gun on him every time he would bark or even would think about barking. Took about a week but I just leave the water gun out hanging on the door and I never hear a peep out of him!

dennis ralph: I had a barking dog problem once, broke a slat or two in the fence trapped the dog in a cage took him to another county pound never saw him again!

Rookie Bro: seriously, which inhuman creature would ever remove a dog's vocal chords. that's just cruel and stupid

milon mahnud: What a nice advice it is! thanks a lot for your advice. I got some  another good advice from Moorack Ideal Puppy Miracle . You can search it google I hope you will get good help.

thaalchemist91: This is my recommendation for Moorack Ideal Puppy Miracle page, and i suggest you to google it, there you can find everything about puppy barking training.
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How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking