How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking

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Milly Silva: I would never do that procedure to my dog

Dede Vaughn: That's worse than declawing a cat!! My dog goes outside and barks! She won't stop. I tried one of those ultrasonic sound things, but it didn't work at all!! She was one of 21 pit bulls living in a condemned house. She was almost feral when I got her. She'd not been socialized at all!! When she goes outside through the doggie door she barks A lot, but it's not too bad during the day it's once it starts getting dark and at night. When she starts barking in the middle of the night I go quickly to the back door and just slide the doggie door in, as soon as she hears that she comes to the door and I open it and she runs in because she's worried she's going to get stuck outside. I don't ever say a word. But is that effective? One thing I really had to work on recall. If she gets out she just runs and she will not come back to me. I can't go in the house and a few minutes later open the door and she'll be sitting there and running in. But, when we are outside and I call her she will come to me but not get within arm's length. Sometimes I take her to my mom's because she has 20 acres that she can just run and run and run on. She'll come inside and go outside the whole time we're there until I'm ready to leave. She absolutely will not come in the house because she knows we're going to leave and she is so suspicious. If she gets up on the deck I'll go open the door and she'll run. If we've just been there a little while she'll come right in because she knows we're not leaving yet. If I go out to get the leash from the car, I have to absolutely hide it under my shirt or something. I also have to put the leash on her in the house and walk her to the car. I've had her for 3 years and I've never one time been able to put a leash on her while she's outside. I have a fenced-in yard and it's not real big, and she will come to me in the fenced yard. She is very skittish and always has been, but one day, 3 years ago, I left her outside because it was a beautiful day and I had some errands to run. At that time I did not have the doggie door installed. We had a freak storm blow in, poor rain, and dissipate. She had a dog house and a table with an umbrella she could have got under but instead she clawed the door trying to get in. Ever since then she will not go out the door before me! She is too afraid that I will shut the door behind her. If I go out first she'll come flying out, because she knows I'm not going to shut her out there. I don't know how to break this because I have not shut her out for three years! I bought a shock collar, or as they said a bark collar, but I can't bring myself to put it on her even though my neighbors called Animal Control because she woke them up in the middle of the night one time barking. I know why she's barking. There are dogs a block away North and South and they are always barking. She's barking at them, and we have feral cats and rabbits and I'm sure they come out more after dark then during the day. She's a terrier she's a critter gitter and she's going to try to get them. Any suggestions on my issues? I would love to adopt another pitbull because they're not safe in a shelter, but with her issues, I don't want her influencing another dog. Maybe another dog what influenced her once I got him trained.

Motivation Minute: my 10 month old Maltese bark at the door when she hears the neighbors close their door.

Alek Chakravarty: Dean Ambrose is a vet doctor now

Macy Maxwell: I have a problem, if someone could help me, I would really appreciate it.

My family prays before meals. While we do this, the dog walks circles around the table and cries. What can I do to stop this?

Naomi Gutierrez: When I am standing and I call my dog's name, she doesn't come, but if I kneel down and call her name, she come running right at me and starts licking me all over.

Fredia Hale: My dog is very scared of storms and rain. He was abused. I rescued him. He's part dashhound. I do every thing I can. It didn't bother change. He s like in labor. How I would say it. From my mama dog. I don't want something that works good. Because he gets really up set. I would love a good name of good product. Thank you. It helps alot.

Ed Zeppelin: Yeah, I'll ask this cVnt if she'll stick no-bark JOLT/charge collars on her 3 (HIDEOUS!) Basset hounds. Yeah, that'll happen.

Ed Zeppelin: I need to keep my IDIOT NEIGHBORS' DOGS FROM CONSTANT BARKING! THere are 7 dogs within 3 houses of mine. I hate these people, not the dogs.

FORDGTFANATIC: rocket science to some 😂

flashpace: Hello, I want bring my dog together in my mountain bike rides, how could I teach her to go straight side the bike all the time, without make me down when she see a bunny?

Blucky Reiki: My dog barks a lot just as soon as i wKe up. My other 2 dosgz jump and get really hAppy when i wake up but she starts barking so mjch that itgets me really mad. Any piece of advice??

Apollyon Lasky: I need help because my sister got a lab mix German Shepherd and everytime I go outside with him and like does not stop barking at me even though he knows who I am and I don't know how to make them stop barking

Diana Garcia: It's different when your trying to make them stop barking when nobody is there and when you have visitors. My dogs wont stop barking at people who don't visit me often. I can try to talk to them, take treats and try to make them do tricks so they can be distracted but nothing works when people are actually here is like they cant focus on anything other than the "strangers".

brunettesweetie21: My dog has become obsessed with barking obsessively when we go to someone elses house.. how can I stop this? I feel he does it for attention but its super annoying!

disgirlinda: This is alright when your dog is already trained so he responds when you call him! Can you please try this with a dog that has NO training at all??? That way I can see how is done. Thanks

Tom Guilleaume: Spelling and grammar Nazi here to save the day!

0:40 - " keep visitors OF your property..."
You forgot an F, friend! And capital letters at the beginning of your bullet-point fragments :P

Sarah Blanken: How do you stop my dog s from barking when they are just barking for no reason.and they will not leassion to me and I am at the point where I am yell at them to stop and when I go spank them light to stop ,then some of my dogs are starting to get agresseve with me such as trying to bite me. And I will not get there barking box removed and I will not use any kind of shock collar or anything that will hurt my dog s. I really love and care for them all, but they are all making me have some time taken off and went somewhere else and left them all at home by them selves.but I don't like to do that due to they have that separate exciety problem being with out me there with them and I don't want to make them feel scared and get worse.and think that I have left them. For they do nothing but houl and cry for me all the time that I am gone away from them and it doesn't matter if it's is 5 minutes or 2 hour s or longer.. please help. I do give them treats all the time when they are being a good dog and I love and pet on them all the time. I feel that I have spoiled my dogs to much this time around and not evenly been ferm with them all. And some of my dogs out of the total of 6 that I have now are getting more agresseve with not only me when I disapliene them but also when they are sleeping and the other dogs are playing around but not running in to them.and they will wake up and go and attack them from across the room. Please help I don't know what to do. I have also put them in the kennel for a little time out..

Ian M: When the video first started, I swore I thought I heard him say "on today's edition of NRA secrets..."

I mean, yeah... That works too, I guess...

How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking 5 out of 5

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