How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking

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How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking
How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking
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Jet Smith: Useless

Sundaydish1: Oh! I thought you were gonna say a swift kick in the happy sacks.

MineDatBudder: How did i get here?

Warrior Sloth: I find a swift punch to the face usually stops my dog from barking

Sebanator Xath: Good info, But he seemed very uncertain.

xpoohx105: Something really important that I found your video did not focus on is alarm barking. If you have a breed like a GSD or other "guard" dogs often when they bark they are letting you know that they have noticed something or are uncomfortable. Both my GSD crosses let me know when someone is at the door. I think that trying to train your dog not to alarm is sort of like training a Labrador not to swim in water or a Whippet not to chase rabbits. You are battling a genetic behaviour. As with all dogs a little reading before you head to the pet store/breeder will help you avoid "problem" behaviours. Great video :D

Honkey Magoo: Thankth you for the tipth and for thaying "come" and "thtroke" tho much

SerenityFL: Actually, tommiepreid, he is right about calling your dogs to you. I have done this with my dogs long before I ever found this video. It stops their barking instantly. Maybe you should try it before you trash on someone.

emma udo: ok, so u want us to do surgery on our dogs? this vet thing was boring, didn't work, and I watched 2 min. of it \

Katie Dubbs: My dog only barks when we are out for walks or out in public and another dog walks close to us. But she goes "red zone". Like zero to sixty in 0.5 seconds. I believe it is anxiety related and she doesn't hear anything during that time. I often lay her on her side but she won't calm down until the dog leaves. Luckily, she is only 4lbs so nobody cares or is fearful of her. Mostly, it's just laughable to them I guess. But it drives me nuts. I've never had a dog I was out of options with in training before. I would never give her up or send her away, ever but it's embarrassing and frustrating. No one seems to be able to help her. Other than that, she is the perfect dog. She's extremely well trained and obedient. She loves people and is the biggest sweetheart. Somewhere along the lines, she developed this fear of strange dogs though.

studentinlearning: Yes, the Rescue Spray is excellent. I keep it in my purse (can buy it health food store).l use it before clipping my dog's nails, thunderstorms, earthquake tremors, and general predicted anxiety (vet visits). And, yes, I use it for myself as well. Great tip.

SeriousGamerBB: Someone help me! My dog won't stop. He is getting many complaints but he won't stop. Many Neighbours say that they might get the council. Please help me! I don't want him taken away!

danielle frank: HOW do I get the dog to stop barking? I'm not going to uninstall the doorbell, and I'm not going to rub his ears to stop. Wrong video I guess. 

Amy Draves: Dr. Jones, I have 2 questions considering my dog. She is a 7 month old Chihuahua Pug mix and was usually sweet with everyone. That is until she started barking at my nephew when he got near her. And also when my older sister brang home a 2 month old Chihuahua. So my 2 questions are: 1. How do I get her to like my nephew again? 2. How do I get her to play and like the Chihuahua puppy? Thanks, Amy Draves

fasteddie4145: if you have a black lab you can do that but my dogs Mutt and Jeff are as dumb as a brick and an anchor.....

John Dunn: The avoidance technique. I don't "have" a dog. Dogs have out lasted their ancient usefullness and become a problem and a nuisance, biting, mauling, and killing children and wildlife. Pet "owners" substitute them for real human interaction, and foist their pets on the rest of society inappropriately. Did you really put that shirt on just to make this video? Also, you can try sound cannons which work really well for the majority of dog owners - you know the irresponsible idiots who can't, won't, or didn't train their "pet".

Chauncey Fortune: how to stop your dog from barking.... keep your dog away from places where he barks hahahaha...... why don't I just give the dog away? 

Greg Salazar: All dogs do is bark and its obvious you can't control your dogs either as you knock on the wall this was no help and the shock collar is the only thing that works all my neighbors have dogs and I think I need to hand some out...... F dogs 

Robin Hardy: My neighbor's dog starts barking first thing in the morning and goes well into the night. They leave her outside and have a smaller dog inside. If that wasn't problem enough, she barks at my dog whenever he goes out to pee or play and they bark back and forth until I make him come back inside. Then he gets up in the windows to bark. So I move him to the back of the house until he has calmed down. I feel like I can't enjoy being outside with my dog because my neighbor's dog initiates the behavior every time and it distracts him from whatever we are doing. I've asked my neighbor to keep her dog inside but she says the dog is too big and too playful for indoors. So how do I get my dog to ignore other dogs?

Barry OSheene: My golden retriever swears at the neighbours in chinese and farts when my mother in law comes around , laughs then blames it on me what can i do to stop him doing this, Ive tried to talk to him but he justs woofs and tells me to feck off

420blkwitch: So your saying give the dog LOTS OF TREATS and make him/her fat. you sir give out complete useless info.

Mick Brownson: The fastest way to stop a dog barking is to buy a dog that a does not bark. Basenji's are listed as one of the only dogs that are barkless.

Victoria Bray: I would like the book that you talked about in this video. Please contact me regarding this.

Jeff foster: drug your dog. not. I am a dog whisperer and best way to stop dog from barking is 1st let the bark is ok to alert you. then after you know it's a friendly at the door or out a window, go it front of dog and walk into the dog using legs if won't move but gentle and say back. you want your dog back 10 to 15 feet from your door or window. also make a sound like tsst. it doesn't have to be a word. also dogs dont understand sentences so just use 1 word or 1 sound. after learning the sound you wont have to get up and go in front of your dog. you get say the sound and dog know to stop. but 1st thing at door is tell the person wait while you take care of dog so they dont keep knocking on the door.

Arch Stanton: By the tone of your voice you must say Cum a LOT! Maybe to your boyfriend?

DEPROGRAMMER: I have owned and trained 3 dogs and the best way to have them not bark is with proper basic training. Walking your dog correctly, letting him know you're the leader. Socialization with people and other dogs. Daily exercise, and if I give him a treat he has to work for it. I cut a tennis ball in half and place the treat inside so Parker has to think and work for his treats. Most dogs bark because they never get outside, are never walked and never socialized properly. Don't hit your dog, that's stupid, just keep them active and occupied and not caged inside.

James Isly: I'll try. Thank you!

Sonny Playtaten: Or you could just buy yourself some Ear Muffs

Scotty Bee: hey, is the first step "getting back to the dog training basics....learning how to come when called?" lol

reddog418: Alright. How do you stop your NEIGHBOR'S dog from barking all damn day when they leave them outside for 7 hours?

alah huakbar: feed it with chocolate

benny rosado: Nice thanks!

Yoshi boss: Thx man you legend 

DarthSniper Mike Massetti: I had a Great Pyrenees that would NEVER EVER stop barking. Miss him, but omg.

AIRNATION1: its unfortunate to see so many dum comments. I really appreciate your video. Thank you. I wanted to watch this video again my dog started to bark hearing your dogs.

Anna Morris: My border collie knows the command "NO!" and if you teach your puppy what NO means then they will listen when you say NO! DON'T BARK. Tell your dog NO! first and then if he barks again bring him in and crate him. He will soon learn when barking is appropriate.

Catherine O' Donnell: Bach;s rescue remedy has alcohol in it.... Im pretty sure giving alcohol to a dog is a seriously BAD idea!!! 

Bash Sultan: Not useful info

Maghan Flores: Well I hope it works! :-) can't hurt to try. 

Yima liam: How to do a tellington touch in chihuahua ears?

Alberto Sandrini: my dog started barking from the beginning of the video! :) 

Selena Whittaker: This was amazing! Thank you so so so much! 

PurdyBear1: Teaching the speak command followed by the quiet command works for my two rescues who were 4 and 8 when they came to us.

shiva pendli: Nice and use ful

Wanda Stivison: I have a dog that is not treat motivated. It sure makes things difficult trying to get him to come. 

Glen Smith: One of the lamest dog training video I've seen! I have had dogs all my life. I trained everyone of them. They MUST be trained outside, never inside. If you train a dog inside, he won't listen to you outside! If you train them outside, they will listen to you inside or outside! Most people don't train their dogs, so many of them become a PITA! My dogs listen to me PERIOD because if they don't, they know there will be "correction". Once a dog understands they must obey all of the time, correction moments disappear, for the rest of their life! I walk my dog ALL THE TIME with no leash. Can you do that with your dog? I can do this because my dog obeys my commands no matter what is around him! Here is the standard you need to apply in order to know if your dog is trained! If your dog does what he's commanded to do, WHEN HE DOESN'T WANT TO DO IT, your dog is trained. 99% of dogs I see will fail this simple test. Most dog owners are wishy-washy with their dogs and treat them as though they are children, a big, big mistake! The very best book on training a dog to obey ALL OF THE TIME, is "The Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training" by William Koehler. It's two books in one. The first half is about choosing and training a guard dogs. The second half is about obedience training. I have no use for a guard dog. If you put your dog through the training regiment in the second half of the book, you will have a dog that listens 100% of the time! There is no better way to keep a dog! My dog is wonderful. He listens ALL OF THE TIME, has full run of my home, doesn't chew, is hard-core house-broken, stops barking immediately when told to do so. I can take him ANYWHERE and I know he'll behave. 99% of dog owners NEVER reach this level of obedience with their dogs. The main reason is because they don't know that a dog can be trained to such a high level of obedience and they are lazy and don't want to put in the time. Such owners don't need to have a dog!

rick miller: Bunch of crap! You're actually quite an idiot

DEPROGRAMMER: I have never used treats for training as it gives them expectations for food that they don't need. Praise, play and attention is all that Parker, my poodle, needs. He never barks, unless necessary, because he knows who the master is. Proper walking is key. NEVER let them walk you because you want your dog to be waiting on you with full attention. I don't cage for house training, as a puppy I praised him when going outside and scolded him if he erred inside. Exercise, lots of play and making him work for his treats like hiding them or placing them in a ball has kept him a quiet and obedient dog.

Camilla Maria Nielsen: This is a nice, straightforward video I think. My problem is, however, that my gorgeous German Shepherd - who is very well-exercised - barks, when I'm not at home, which is of course a nuisance to my neighbours. Any tips on how to handle this would be greatly appreciated. 

MrRyan2315: In the last ten seconds of the video, did he say his book is "how to kill your pets at home?" I'm pretty sure I heard it wrong, because that's just not right for a vet to say, but I replayed that part four times and couldn't figure out what he said.
How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking 4.1 out of 5

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How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking