How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking

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How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking
How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking
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Jac0ber: He looks like Dean Ambrose ..lul

mompluspaynes: I have replayed the tape and cannot understand what the drops are called.  Can you let me know please?  Thanks.

George whiplemyer jr.: remove the door bell? sure. I walk my dogs 5 miles a day two and a half in the morning, and two and a half in the evening. they still bark. good video, but dogs are pack animals but do have there own personality. That being said I bought the Guardian bark collar. only had to use it for one week. problem solved. and now they don't even need that shock collar. well have a nice week. and thanks for the good video.

Ana Moreno Osuna: The problem with my dog (1 year old, adopted from the streets 2 months ago) is when he is with me or inside the house he has no barking problems , but at night when I take him out to sleep in the garden he starts barking at the gate no matter if there are passers by or not, so I've decided to confine him in to a smaller space that has no street view for him to pass the night, I don't like it because I think is cruel he stays in such a small space, and i'm also concern that he barks all morning when I leave for work and that the neighbors will complain... any ideas ? He is very energetic, and I take him out for walks daily.

Anton Teplyy: What do you think about ultrasound collars? Are they effective? For example, Bark Stop Collar.

Deborah Bower: Funny.the part about what not to do !!!.........................I likes the video tho !!:)

kirito asina: i learned so much

Kenshayla Sutton: thank you I learned so much how about dogs I want to learn some more

Cat Sigler: What do you think of the Sunbeam Sonic Egg? I have both the large size and hand held and they both work instantly. I wish I knew what kind of sound the dogs are hearing that stops their barking. I even tried recording in slo mo but of course the camera can't hear the sound either.

Tesla Nick: I just train 'speak' and 'quiet'. Once they get it, barking is under control.

mr5elfde5truct: I'm in the process of fostering a new dog with the potential of adopting him. I like him a lot but his barking is a major issue. I live in a duplex with neighbors below me and beside me. The neighbors below me have a barking dog of their own that hasn't really bothered me in the past, but the dog I have now hears it every time and joins in. The neighbors beside me have young children who play loudly and bang around, and he howls at them. At first it wasn't that often but now it seems to be getting worse. He's gone on howling every 10 minutes or so just about all evening. I did make the mistake of reacting to it and telling him to be quiet, even walking over to him several times. I don't know what to do. He does know his name and comes when called, but only on his terms. I've only had him a few days and he's still very skittish.

Stephanie Owen: Any recommendation for a Bluetick hound who seems unaffected by distraction or positive reinforcement when he stops barking (highly prey driven and we live in a very active wildlife area ranging from rabbits, deer, and raccoons to coyotes and bobcats). My Catahoula listens until the blue keeps it up then they're both unstoppable. We don't have neighbors too close by but I'm sure you can hear them a mile off.

Dorian Simmonds: e collars are not painful.... watched a yuoutube video with a man using it in a swimming pool on a 127 setting.... dogs only need a max setting of 6....

Russ Eastburn (ESP1000): What was that last one you gave the drops of I couldn't make out what you called it

Maria Teresa: My dog is deaf and partially blind, and barks incessantly. What is your recommendation? I'm thinking debarking surgery is our best option, as your methods won't work on our old dog. He is 15, and barks all day and night. He is driving us crazy...literally. Please give your best idea, as our vet said that debarking is safer than neutering and spaying. Thank you in advance!! Desperate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thyrza Segal: I enjoyed your video and learned a couple of things. I am trying to teach my dogs to bark in order to let me know that they want the door to open.

However, you lost ALL credibility the moment you gave your dog a drop of whatever benign(hopefully), but ineffectual liquid from the bottle. NONE of these "natural remedies" have gone through testing and so they can only use ingredients that are not active. They ONLY work with humans due to the placebo effect. The placebo effect will not work with animals because they are incapable of believing that it will work. I know you know this. You have been told. You are educated. That is why I find it reprehensible that you would promote products like this.

Chris Flemming: Quickest way to solve the problem of your jerk neighbor's barking dogs is by using a high pitched tone. No, not the type that bothers the dog, it's not his/her fault. I'm talking about one the jerk neighbor can hear, 24/7. I figured since my neighbor seems to have a filter in his brain that cancels out irritating sounds, that this might not bother him. I was wrong. Well maybe I was wrong, for it appears none of his friends are interesting in sitting around his fire pit and have possibly informed him as to why.

He loves the fact that his dog annoys me, the guy is a clown, but he's not to found of my version of noise, and you know what? I point the speaker out my window, doesn't bother me or my other neighbors one bit. I'm hearing less of that dog every day, and once it quits, I shut off the speaker, but not one minute sooner.

Joanne Rede: I took my puppy from a dog foster home about a year ago. I love him to bits; he has a great personality, and I feel that he loves our family so much. BUT he barks A LOT. . So, leaving home is always a challenge for us.
My husband and I were thinking about taking him to 'doggy school', but then again, it’s extremely expensive, and the nearest 'doggy school' is far away from us. Maybe you have some advice? THANK YOU!!!!

Welshwitch: Well I'm hoping ur book will help, we have a 17mth old crapzhu who when out on a walk barks at anything that moves and anyone outside! I don't know if it's aggression or if he's scared of them. I'm currently looking for training classes for us to attend.

Raphael Everest: Why am I finding myself thankful I'm not epileptic? There's a strobe light on the player!
How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking 5 out of 5

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How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking