How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking

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How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking
How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking
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ARMORED BATTLE CHICKEN: You hit'em with a stick it works great

Jane Clermont: i have a question can u tell me how to help my dog breathe problem he is a pekinese so it is main from allergies

homer8711: Will this work with teaching my dog to not bark at others during his walk ?

Tom Hal: 1) Stop yelling at your dog to be quiet because the dog will associate the attention it gets with its barking. --> Dogs left alone outside all day/night continue barking without stop despite no one interacting with the dog. (Yes, "boredom" and other barking motivators. But I'm not convinced that yelling at a dog reinforces its barking.)

2) Removing vocal cords is unethical. That may be, but so is subjecting neighbors to incessant barking. Irresponsible owners won't listen to reason and are usually unwilling to work with neighbors. Just as bad, animal control and local police are overworked so consider barking complaints as "low priority."

These suggestions seem like good ideas, but unfortunately people are free NOT to train their dogs (many of us barely train our own children, let alone our dogs), but we ARE free to buy multiple animals we can't or don't have the time to care for.

It should be far, far harder to acquire animals. You should have to prove you have the competence and resources--including available time and a healthy environment--to train and care for the animals, and should be required to sign a binding contract with the municipality (transferable on moving, like registering a car in a new state) to learn about and abide by local ordinances.

The problem isn't the people able and willing to learn how to care for their animals; it's those who don't care about the problems they and their animals create. These aren't going to follow these suggestions.

Miss Mellycat: what would you suggest when it comes to dogs only barking at other dogs? i have a small pug/beagle who only ever barks at big dogs, I've tried most things to try and stop it but with no success, i worry because sometimes she gets right up in their face and barks non-stop i am thinking one day another dog will react badly and a fight will break out! it's not an aggressive bark as she never growls or shows her teeth however sometimes the hair on her back stands up and i know that can be through aggression or fear! is there anything else i can do to help her with whatever problem she has with large dogs ?

Theodora Paz: What kind of treats do you recommend? dog has skin allergies.
how do I stop him from barking at people running,children skipping,skateboarders,bikers,busses, the mailman..once he starts it's tough to make him stop..his previous owner never disciplined him or properly trained him..

Mia Schuler: My parents do not know how to train a dog and so they bought a shock collar and invisible fence because my dog would like to wonder around the neighborhood. So my dog was in the yard doing her business and she decided that she wanted to take a walk. She started walking up to the invisible fence and she walked right past it withstanding the shock not even caring😂 we got rid of the collar because apparently it did nothing

Mr. Hymn: My dog always barking for an attention for some reason but I am always leaving him barking until she stop because I am so busy to play with her sometimes. It's quite annoying that sometimes she's barking for 6-8 hours continuously without getting any attention from human because I am working at home and I have a meeting at my house. My life may not suitable to raise a dog. She's old now because I raised her when I was young and I can't treat her badly like hitting her or throwing her away elsewhere. When I am available I have no problem with that at all. When she's asking for attention she just want to stay with me than leaving her to another room.

アルハマルザイナブ: How to act when someone else's dog comes to you or starts barking??

Sheruza TheLoser: How to stop a dog doing anything bad: Interrupt bad behaviour, replace it by working on a good behaviour, prevent bad behaviours from happening.

Apply that to barking at door problem:
- Remove them from the area until they are able to sit and be calm when the door is knocked to interrupt the bad behaviour.
- Get them to learn that if they are quiet during: knocking, people outside, door sounds, door opening, strange people inside, strange people talking - they get rewarded.
- Don't push your dog to barking during training, and try to anticipate when people will be coming so you can work from a stage you and your dog are comfortable with

Salvo Farina: get a vespa anr rev it when jobless neighbour is watching trisha, scumbags

Jeremy Majors: You should not be teaching people how to train their dog. Leave that to the trainers.

Sandra Hinde: What were the drops you were giving the dog at end of video?

B. Walker: I realize you didn't cover this, but if you know of any essential oils that can be dermally applied that will help with stress that are ok for dogs I would appreciate your input.   We have crazy scary thunderstorms.  I have to hold this rescue pup tight to help him through them/truth is he helps me too!  I look forward to trying the ear massage and the oral dropper From Bach Rescue Remedy as you suggested.  Do you use the human version for all your kids?  Or do you buy the pet version for the wet nosed kids?  This sweet boy hates car rides.  We have only gotten to the end our driveway with him-only after constantly treating and praising.  But the stress level is off the charts.  Quivers in fear, drooling and panting.  Any insight into that?  I will try the drops and load him up for a ride.  That will be a true test.  Thanks and I adore you my new virtual vet!

RHYS PEREGRINE: Step 1: Kick it. Hard.
If barking persists, repeat step one.

DavoSchTv: What if I don't want to let the dog inside the house ?

Queen Cupcake: OMG You remind me so much of Dean Ambrose!

Scott Leikam: I got my my a family a 1 year shih tsu/ dachshund mix from a rescue shelter. She is great with everyone in the family except me. I have given her treats, had her on my lap and stroking her head and talking to her in a gentle like voice. When I am with her at home alone, she cowers under the furniture and runs away from me. She is eager to see my wife and kids and wants to sit with them and play. As soon as I get up to walk, she is barking at me and nipping at my pants leg. It has been almost a month since I brought her home, any ideas?

Frank Hobbs: You said you shouldn't say "stop barking!" or "no!" immediately when they start because they find negative attention better than no attention at all. But then how is giving them POSITIVE ATTENTION immediately when they start barking going to help at all? I mean I get it supposed to be a distraction. But isn't that basic classical conditioning? Won't your dog learn that when he/she barks, they get called/praised and are given a treat more often?

thebigdipper: My dog recognizes my wife's car engine and starts barking and WILL NOT STOP until I open the door or my wife comes it. Any suggestions? She already comes and will stay beside me and you can see she is trying to stop but the barks keep slipping out.
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How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking