Industrial Firefighter Simulator 2014 Exclusive Preview

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withered chica: when I install plant firefighter simulator I cant play because I don't know the serial key to it

Williapm Tennyson: U got a great game

Felix Baxter: it wont let me change the language on the sim

JustCalledMAFA: how do you refill you fire estingiser? (thing in de back of Florian 1)

Bay Area Buggs: It looks good Alex, my only question, does spraying water around the fire keep it from spreading? Also I love the smoke effects!

TheNorthernAlex: Just a few more days,Monday there will be a one hour Special, the final Episode of the Airport Fire Department Sim...with ....THE PANTHERS!! exciting missions for sure and then we will start the new Lets Play Series!

XanderBash Gaming: Y was the screej always turning upside down?

Reuben McDowell: Can't wait till you start the lets play of this:)

TheNorthernAlex: The let's play for this game will start next Monday, when the Airport Fire Department Lets Play ends.

kurtis watson: With the special operations truck

Tyso Hug: do you know how much it will be also with your airport firefighter let's play after you have finished you can pick any vehicle for the shift that you have already driven

Colton Blumhagen: Excited for your lets play Alex.

alexander svensson: can my computer run this game ? 4 gb ram Intel(R) HD Graphics Family

TheNorthernAlex: You will just have to wait until Monday =)

JnRxTakedown: Do need a very good computer to run this game?

JnRxTakedown: hey buggs. Alex nice video, Keep it up.

kurtis watson: It was in airport firefighter simulator lets play you did e

Games with Avsg1rl: This looks awesome and I love that it is now in English. Question: Do you have the opportunity to use any other fire fighting agents like foam to keep chemical fires contained?

Casper Weimar Hjort andersen: make a let´s play

s4mis4mi: sick voice.

TheNorthernAlex: If you are not planning on recording and just playing the game, a Mid level PC will handle it easily and if I would have to give it a rating I would give it 7,5 out of 10.

TheNorthernAlex: I got this version from the Developers themself, as the game is not released yet, thats why my name is in the version on the lower left corner. The game will be released in August and you can get it on

TheNorthernAlex: No foam as of yet, but in later levels you have the Zikun Turbo Extinguisher, which is a Truck that injects water into two jet turbines to make for an wall out of water, up to 2000 gal/min What I also forgot to mention, you can radio in for Assistance if needed, Additional Engines as well as EMS are just a keystroke away.

TheNorthernAlex: Yes it will cool down the surrounding area and slow the spreading down, however if there is something big burning it will not slow it down for very long.

Carl Danman: 2 things: 1. Do you need a good computer to play this game? 2. What would you give it as a rating out of 10?

Tyso Hug: where did you get this game?
Industrial Firefighter Simulator 2014 Exclusive Preview 4.6 out of 5

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Industrial Firefighter Simulator 2014 Exclusive Preview