Indoors Small Scale Tilapia Aquaculture Farm

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Indoors Small Scale Tilapia Aquaculture Farm
Indoors Small Scale Tilapia Aquaculture Farm
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alan spurlock: 500 lbs of fish in a 100 gallons of water, lol

Chris John Aragrev: This i a very expensive way in farming an indoor tilapia. You should consider that tilapias are very hardy fish and can survive in very low DO levels. You don't have to put a very strong aeration system and heaters are not very necessary (unless during winter). As for your bio-filtration, the system looks so sophisticated. Mine, I use plastic scrubbers and some pebbles. Everything is also fine. Your system is good in achieving the best conditions, however not the most practical way in raising a hardy tilapia fish.

My Dearest Tilapia: Raising and farming Tilapia at your home would never be impossible!

metempsychosis696: think about aquaponics...

darthvader5300: Made unnecessarily complex and sophisticated. Professor John Todd's solar fish ponds are self-feeding using tilapia and algae. Improvements added are water hyacinths to prevent water eutrophication and azolla to fix nitrogen for the algae feed and provide more varied fish food. A bottom bed of porous minerals like diatomaceous earth, zeolite, or cleaned osyter shells creates a habitat for recycling bacteria that converts fish wastes into nitrogen for the feeding algae that feeds the fish.

daniel3484: @rickyeon this is a old video, i dont think he is growing anymore

cubaniton74: For heating the water, you can use flexible black tubing and turn it into a spiral shape where sun rays will heat it up while water is runing thru it, it will only work during the day, but will help lower the electric bill. Your main pump can have a T connection which can send some water to run thru the flexible black tubing.

Vhading farmer: well this is great now in my house in the philippines dont have this equipment to produce a 3 months 3 tilapia fish(1 kilo combined ) that i managed to grow inside the house beside the kitchen i use 1 blue plastic barrel, small reliable water pump that sucks water to another plastic container layered and filled with sand,thick wool foam (from the inards of the discarded furniture) that house the bacteria to clean the water. I feed my fish with pellets,vermcomposting worms.


PabloAlonzo48: Update?

Subvert1024: Aquaponics.

Nolan hurtado: where do you get the tilapia?

TheNewMediaoftheDawn: Put 1 or 2 1000w metal halide lamps over it and float rafts of greens, chard, lettuce, etc. then you won't have to due water changes as the plants will suck that nutrients, plus tons of greens... Nice system:)

cwjolly69: what do u feed em

Michael George: Heating Suggestion - You're most likely losing most heat through the floor where the pool sits on your concrete floor. You're losing much less heat to the air. To minimize this heat sink, buy a few sheets of rigit insulation to lay beneath the pool next time you drain and refill the tank. You may also consider wrapping the pool and some kind of permeable cover that can sit a little above the water.

davicoolio: Hi. Very nice setup. How many hours per day should you have to run your water pumps?

ObiWanShinobi1: I thought that was what I was watching until I realized he was filtering all those good nutrients out.

TheChairman: That's what I do

wildoxidizer: get a fountain in the middle for oxygen levels and you'll use less power....and you could start raising plants and clean the water at same time...

scubadrew9292: The higher the temperature of the water is the lower the dissolved oxygen

Syazwan S: @rickyeon wont take 18months for the fish to grow to a 300-350g weight, takes at least 6months. feeding at a rate of 3time a day. I have tried it out on my Aquaculture farm.

cubaniton74: Take a look at this title in YouTube : diy koi fish pond mega oxygen,aeration,circulation (how to make)

Amie A: do you have trouble with humidity or are you using a dehumidifier, I only have 2 55's and 2 35 gallons and am having trouble with humidity? How are you dealing with it? Was going to buy a bigger tank 100 gallon but hubby is worried about the humidity and mold in the basement...

gregg stephens: @cubaniton74 nice idea

Njoy My TV: To actually see that any random person can "farm" fish and sell it for consumption is enough to make me demand wild caught fish every time. Yikes!

blacks2011: Hi Can you email me at i want to start to raise tilapia using the swimming pool and i need a few pointers so can you email me or give me your email address and i'll tell you what i have

Pedro Rondón: Where can we buy all the equipment to start a small scale fish farming business like this one..?

Tim Thomas: Im sorry Tilapia Farming is not illegal in the US, the Arizona Prison (all pink inmate wearing apparal) Farms tilapia to help feed the inmates, Wisconson Started a Tilaipa farm, useing the warm water from the Electric plant to keep the tilapia warm with grants from the government, Southern Clifornia has a larg Tilapia Farm, most need permits avg cost (depends on the state ) 500$ evasive species permit.

cwjolly69: what do u feed em

heetel64: Sorry not pie should read pipe.

Aquaponic Gardens: cover the tank to conserve heat and try aquaponics to filter the water...

RockinCrawler: if you put you air pump inside a box with a 5 micro home a/c filter over it taped wher needed it would help stone keep bubbling, also if you put a hose in the intake of sand filter it would take air in and send it out clean water port

MrRob8254: Thats the test

cubaniton74: As for aeration or introducing oxigen into the water, if your water pump is powerful enough, you can drill a hole just before the water intake of the impeller on the pump, and attach a flexible tubing so the pump will not only suck on water, but will also pull some air in along with the water, you can put a valve at the end of the plastic tubing to control the amount of bubbles it will release, thus avoid the use of extra air pumps.

flybuyfilms: @cubaniton74 I understand the heating you are trying to do, but it gets up in temp. in Florida. This sounds like it would have to also have a thermostat and a variable valve and some sort of controller to make sure that the temp. does not get to high.

cubaniton74: If you want to clean the water, do the following, buy a big 3 drawer plastic box from walmart, cut a hole in the top so water can be enter in and also cut the bottom of each one of the drawers and replace the bottom of the drawers with stainless steel wire mesh or plastic mesh, the top one should be 1000 micron, the second drawer should be 500 micron and the final and third drawer should be 100 micron. Every day pull out the drawers and hose them off gently in opposite direction, from the bottom

Jr Johnston: I wonder if this tool also demands his chicken nuggets be made with wild caught chickens.

JuGgala22: @cwjolly69 those are cichlids! so pretty much all cichlids food

padorschs: If you spray the output from your filters into the surface of the pool, you'd get a boost in aeration.

Franklin Booher: I would us a flapper to break the water to air rate air bubbles dos not air rate the water the barking of the water surface as the bubble brake the water is how air enters the water so using a paddle wheel on top of the water is the best air ratter for power rate you can use and for heating I would us passive solar hot water heater system with a thermal switch on a pump and Large river rock to store the heat for night time maybe a few dehumidifier help with mold hope this help

Gabriel S.: You must love Tilapia.

cubaniton74: Do you sell or could you tell me where I could buy Tilapia like yours, Red Tilapia. I have access to wild Tilapia here in Florida, but the Red Tilapia is more attractive to eat because of it's color, I will appreciate any help given, thanks.

Tim Thomas: And best of luck to you on your Venture, i too and testing different methods for water cleaning, and Amonia removal for more dense tilapia populations.

Isaac Adusei: wat type of food fo u use n where can i buy it at?

crackparty: mmmmmmm, nothing tastes quite as good as pellet fed fish


gregg stephens: take your air disc and put in CLR to clean it out,, rinse it throughly before placing it back

David Kovach: if you have a side pond of duckweed you can feed your fish with that significantly reducing your costs

alan30189: Thanks for sharing. Perhaps check out a solar water heater for your pool there and save big bucks on electricity. Scrape the algae off of that bubble stone and it will go back to full capacity.

darthvader5300: These solar ponds are topped with floating caged water hyacinths and azolla to prevent water eutrophication and to fix nitrogen into the water while acting as biological filter and as additional fish food. I wonder why people go all the trouble of making things necessarily complex and sophisticated when they could have used simpler and more dependable and reliable failure-proof methods? Pumps? Filters? Changing water periodically? Period fish food feeding? And others? Unnecessary expenses!
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Indoors Small Scale Tilapia Aquaculture Farm