Hungarian AMD-65 AK47 AKM Variant FEG By TGI

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Oscar Delta: This is another rifle that you cannot buy anymore. the ones they are selling now are have an American made receiver and barrel. The TGI AMD-65's have the original FEG receiver and barrel and its an all matching numbers rifle...they CANNOT be bought anymore...

I have one of these still in the box back in the safe, I bought back in 2008 just after dinglebarry became the prez...

Otto Rocha: that a steal just change that butt stock

Damn Son: you can use them without grease but take care of it for the love of god. they are great rifles

Kakyoin Noriaki: It's 500 bucks for this or the 63, i'm debating which one, i like them both

Michael Clements: Awesome video man thanks! Fps at the end was badass haha

Zoltan Csikos: The reason the gun kept stopping was because it ran out of ammo and wasn't because of a jam, right? And what did you mean by the grease part? LoL

ObamaBinLaden: im prob gunna buy one from my rommate for 650, its in great shape

rainb0wsquid: +TheNewYork Reload The original Hungarian one is great too.

Herceg Bosna 90: Hungarian AK-47 are one of the quality AK-47

TheNewYork Reload: You chose wisely.

Tom K: I have the same gun

Buda Sardi: It is a Hungarian made Livenced AK clone! We use it here at the Hungarian prison dept. too. I like it! Too bad I can not buy one due our stupid law!!! But the amies, they can ! Pity!

TheNewYork Reload: The only places I've seen them lately are at gun shows or gunbrokerDOTcom.

TheNewYork Reload: Yeah, it's not the best stock. It's a little short for me since I have long arms. But, I got used to it and can shoot it pretty good. It definitely fulfills the purpose of a paratrooper/mechanic AK47 variant like it was designed for. It's lightweight, collapsible, and very maneuverable.

colddrake80: That stock looks really uncomfortable. Does it allow you get a decent site picture?

TheNewYork Reload: Nice!! Yeah, those days are gone. I was just at a gun show... $1400-1800 for this AMD65 now. More than the Arsenals and even a used Polytech that I saw. Thanks for the comment!!

ondoneson: I bought my TGI AMD65 for 399 a few years ago. THOSE DAYS ARE GONE! Love your videos.

TheNewYork Reload: NICE!! It's such a beast. I think I paid around that same price. I wish I bought more too.

Romelus69: I got one of these for $460 a month before Sandy they are going for $1200...I should have gotten a few!!!!! This rifle is a BEAST!!!! I tried to tell my friends to get one when I they are sold out or people are giving me offers for

TheNewYork Reload: I think it's ridiculous. I haven't read up on it to the fullest, but the 7 round limit is a joke. I know a lot of people in upstate NY who have lots of guns and hunt. I think it's unfair for those who live upstate in the woods. NY city should have different laws than the rural parts of NY. Thanks for stopping by.
Hungarian AMD-65 AK47 AKM variant FEG by TGI 5 out of 5

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Hungarian AMD-65 AK47 AKM variant FEG by TGI