Hungarian AMD-65 AK47 AKM Variant FEG By TGI

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popacap21: im prob gunna buy one from my rommate for 650, its in great shape

Nagy Balázs: +TheNewYork Reload The original Hungarian one is great too.

Herceg Bosna 90: Hungarian AK-47 are one of the quality AK-47

RadnessaurousRex: Awesome piece, I have one myself, paid $400 total online at budsgunshop, for the price you can't go wrong plus quality is beyond that of any century ak.

ScullyboyDX: Hey, how's the recoil on this little guy? I'm interested in getting one.

therealrrc: How do you like the muzzle break?

TheNewYork Reload: Great question. I really have no idea. You can fire it when's just a little awkward. The only reason I've found on the Internet for why it's designed like that is so you can extend the stock while the rifle is slung (on your front, right-handed shooters only).

TheNewYork Reload: To be honest... I don't know if this muzzle brake does anything besides make the rifle a legal length. The ports are directed to the sides. It might help with muzzle climb a little. I don't mind it. The brake produces awesome triangle-like muzzle flames. If I had the money and time for a tax stamp, I'd take it off and have an SBR. Total dragon.

Romelus69: I got one of these for $460 a month before Sandy they are going for $1200...I should have gotten a few!!!!! This rifle is a BEAST!!!! I tried to tell my friends to get one when I they are sold out or people are giving me offers for

number6HUN: My pleasure! :)

TheNewYork Reload: You chose wisely.

GrottyWanker69: No problem. Just figured I'd let you know. That's a sweet gun you've got.

Joseph565112: Get one, you won't be sorry. I just got mine for under $500, too...these things are only going up. I think the recoil is ridiculously low! It just rocks in your arms a little, and it's sooo loud due to the brake.

TheNewYork Reload: Yeah man, I hear ya. I'm surprised that most AK people either don't know about this rifle or look past it because it's a little ugly. It's one finely made rifle (the TGI build). It's on the verge of an SBR, as well. And, I only paid $480 out the door. I've seen them recently for $550-850. So... yeah, buy this awesome rifle while you can.

TheNewYork Reload: Yeah, it's not the best stock. It's a little short for me since I have long arms. But, I got used to it and can shoot it pretty good. It definitely fulfills the purpose of a paratrooper/mechanic AK47 variant like it was designed for. It's lightweight, collapsible, and very maneuverable.

TheNewYork Reload: The only places I've seen them lately are at gun shows or gunbrokerDOTcom.

TheNewYork Reload: LOL!! Big Burtha sounds like a deal/back breaker. The sling ring works great BUT, I had to go to Lowe's and get an allen bolt 1/8" longer. The stupid bolts they give you are too short. I had to squeeze the c-clamp (they give you) with a vice-grip to get it close enough to put the bolt through. I guarantee you will end up taking the black finish off of it try to install it. Just use Rustoleum Grill paint like they recommend.

TheNewYork Reload: LOL. Yeah... I only load 10 or so rounds every time. It's so my "shooting time" lasts longer and my wallet stays fatter. It's fun to me to load mags. Thanks for clarifying it for me, for him.

cedriccj3: $750 is still a crazy high price. The wood grips are available online... they look pretty awesome honestly. I got a pair of them with the screws/hardware for $50 on apex guns. Also original slings are available only for ~12 bucks or so, but on a different website. Love the vid - this is my first AK also. Solid, reliable gun for an entry into the AK world. Just curious, the korean mag. Is that a 40 rounder?

dudy80: Yea, i own one of these and love it, there a great AK. I think i over paid for mine a bit at 600 bucks but i like it way better then the cheap WASR Ak's.

TheNewYork Reload: Not one single problem while firing. But, I did break the tack/spot weld which holds the muzzle brake on after the very first 70 rounds. I had to get it tacked again or else it's considered and SBR. I've noticed the newest AMD65 builds have a blind-pin weld and solder. Other than that... this rifle is a beast and eats Russian ammo like a nutjob. Thanks for the view.

Will Poe: get a UTG quad rail to replace your heat shield. Its easy as crap to install. Just go by any AK installation video they are all the same. Throw a mid level reflex on it and you'll be a little happier. I originally put the tri rail dust guard on it but it isn't solid and you'll lose zero on any optic so unless you get the side mount this is a nono.

kam lau: Nice vid jus ordered mine from buds gun shop cant wait till it gets here!!

GrottyWanker69: Nice vid. But quick tip don't ride your charging handle even AK's can malfunction when you do that.

TheNewYork Reload: Indeed. Such a fine rifle for the price. And, you get muzzle flashes all day!! 399?!?! You got the deal of the year!!

TheNewYork Reload: Thanks. Yeah... easy fix. I just think TGI could do a little better with that weld. Maybe do a silver solder, too. According to the ATF, there needs to be at least 4 tack welds or 50% of the circumference welded. So, TGI is selling "illegal" builds if you consider that. Maybe that's why they discontinued these builds, so I've heard.

PhillyGunCollector: how could you no like shooting rifles

TheNewYork Reload: Thanks for the info. Yeah, those dust cover rails are whack.


TheNewYork Reload: Do it, man!! You'll love it. I've been keeping an eye on them and they're going up in price because of the demand and the election coming up. Do it!!

paper000000: Nice, I wish I had a secluded place to shoot like that. I have an amd65 on the way. Going to put a recoil buffer and cheek rest from amdtech. What do you think of the trigger? Looks like it's decent enough to do 'double tap' type shooting from your vid.

TheNewYork Reload: Thanks for your concern!! I will remember that.

TheNewYork Reload: Nice. Thanks for the info. I found what you're talking about... the Krebs adapter. Please, if you get it... let me know how it is.

TheNewYork Reload: Thanks. Got'ya.

SuperJohnnyGunz: checkout my channel for bump fire with ak 47!!! its epic! also checkout my ak 47 challenges to improve your time on the range

kam lau: Price went up on these

TheNewYork Reload: Nice... glad you like it. I need to use a mallet to get my cover back on. Just wanted to know if it was a common issue with these, and not just mine. Thanks.

TheNewYork Reload: Damn brother!! HAHA. It sounds like my cover is just as tight as yours. I seriously have to use a rubber mallet and bang it to get the damn thing on. There's no way in hell I can just use my hands to get it back on. Kind of embarrassing. Even the guy at the gun shop who was like 6'8" and 350 lbs. had trouble doing it. Other than that... she shoots like a dream.

buddman007: She is a good shooter, i can place groups with open sites on a chest sized target at 200 meters all day long. Enjoy your AMD my friend. Stay away from the AK mags that do not have the rib on the rear, I think they are some junk Asian crap.

TheNewYork Reload: I noticed. Saw one at a gun show recently for $750. But, it had original AMD wood grips (which I guess are rare??) and original sling.

TheNewYork Reload: Thanks. I love it. It's the only AK variant I've shot so I can't really judge too good. But, so far... no jams, FTFs, FTEs. All the part numbers match ( I don't know if I just lucked out). It's cheaper than a Century build and has the dimples in the receiver for reduced mag woble. But, I've found that the magazines have a lot to do with mag wobble. One thing though, the tack weld that holds the muzzle brake on, broke. So, I have to get that fixed or it's considered an SBR.

Tony2010able1: Nice vid so how do you like the AMD

ondoneson: I bought my TGI AMD65 for 399 a few years ago. THOSE DAYS ARE GONE! Love your videos.

TheNewYork Reload: Oh... one more thing. Check out ApexGunParts online. They are in Colorado and have TONS of rare gun parts for AKs and other rifles.

Tony2010able1: Really like mine too, sorry to hear about the muzzle break easy enough fix though.

Malacovics: You dare diss' an AK with MISFIRE? Worse, an AMD-65? (I'm Hungarian) I find both statements offensive.

DementeD: i have to disagree with this, i have an amd 65 and an m10 russian full stock ak and the recoil on my amd 65 is almost literally surprised me the most..had my brother shoot it and he was also blown away by the low amount of recoil this gun has vs the m10 russian ak i also have..

TheNewYork Reload: Definitely a great rifle. Yeah, Apex is a great place. $750 is way too high. The Korean mag is a 30 rounder I got at a gun show for $14. Thanks for stopping by!

number6HUN: Yes it can. Look at this (22:50): /watch?v=Bln87uLTXSw However, this hardware only produced for military use yet.

TheNewYork Reload: Awesome AK for the money, right?!?! $600 is a little high but way worth it. I've seen WASRs going for $650 in my area because of all the chaos lately.
Hungarian AMD-65 AK47 AKM variant FEG by TGI 4.7 out of 5

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Hungarian AMD-65 AK47 AKM variant FEG by TGI