Vectra C Heater And Blower Common Faults

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john kennesion: And if this don't work check the blue fuse to your left as I replaced both items and both failed to work replaced the blue fuse everything works now

gsg: thanks pal just what i needed

Ciprian Iancu: I took everything apart but i can not find the resistor... help please

Andy Namse: very helpful , thank you.

skicaeve: Thanks - brilliant. Fan speed sorted in five minutes

CMcKGaming: Whats the name of the thing with the red stuff on it? Think I might have to replace that.

Timmy Tight Pants: can anyone help. my hvac (05 vectra elite) is drawing 70 amps. killing the battery and the whole car. are their any known faults that will do this?

BESTICANDODUDE: Thanks for this! RP on order...waiting for it to arrive...not really a car diy guy...but I'll have a go, any tips anyone?

Kanak Hirani: can some body help me behind the pollen filter there a flap there and its stuck open and the water pisses in side very bad what can i do

Derek Dalek: Thanks so much for posting this. I got a replacement the resistor pack on eBay for £7, had it fitted in under 10 minutes and everything works fine. I had no idea it was so easy! Thanks again.

danny whittle: bag of crap car never buying a vauxhal again!!

Ian Skatonic: Hi, I have a 1.6 basic Zafira (53 plate), the heater works but the blower is very poor, it does increase slightly from 1 to 2, 2 to 3 and so on, but even on 4 it is very poor. Do i need to replace the resistor pack thingmy too ? !! taaaa

steve gooding: i have an issue with mine heater only works on number four so i replaced the resistor and was working for a bout an hour then stopped again  then started car again today and working again ?  also fan a bit noisey so im now thinking is it the blower motor or the  HEATER CONTROL PANEL UNIT ??

Neil Molloy: Thanks for the video, it helped me and ive replaced the resiter pack and now fan works on all speed settings

newface1362: Thank you very much. That was very helpful

Jason Jardine: HEY GUYS! NEED YOUR URGENT HELP! CAN OBJECTS FALL DOWN THERE FROM THE GLOVE BOX AND IF SO WILL THEY BE HARMED!???? My tablet was in there and, well, now isn't, i know that it is likely it has fallen down there but is it possible it could have fallen out the car. It's a 2004 vectra by the way (Mk2). 

Wildgeese73: I have a clattering sound for about 2 seconds when I set the temperature to full, same thing when I turn it down to coolest setting. It's ok in the middle, just fully on or off. Any ideas?

Valhalla: Does anyone know on mine the fan is on full all the time even when I take out the ignition keys the fan is still blowing so I have removed the fuse could my fault still be the RP thank you

Futures Bright: My god I love the internet.  I've just replaced both of these parts.  Off eBay, the rheostat was £7 and a used flap actuator was £10.  An hour of tinkering around and everything's working!  A word of warning - watch your head with the corner that's left after taking the glove box out!  At the same time I managed to get the window switches working again  just by cleaning the contacts (read from another forum).  The garage was quoting £95 for the rheostat replacement alone! 

Goals1951: I replaced the resistor pack (RP) ok, thanks. (£3:65 on Ebay from China - no problem)
For anybody else visiting this, you only have to remove the glove compartment for the RP.
The RP is tricky to find. It is up in the top right hand corner of the foot well just above the carpet line, so you have to get your head down and look up. You can see the back of the white plastic wire connector. This plugs into the resistor pack which is hidden away in a hole.
This was on a 2007 Vectra C
Vectra c heater and blower common faults 5 out of 5

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Vectra c heater and blower common faults