Dark Souls: Drake Sword Guide

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MoonOvIce: I only started this game not too long ago (well, 2 years ago but didn't have a PC for about 1 and a half so the playthrough was only on level 26 and a few hours in), I'm at level 32, got to the depths, already killed the capra demon and all the other bosses before this (never bothered with the hellkite dragon though) and I'm at the gaping dragon...

What I don't understand though is that pretty much anyone I see, even at lower levels has waaay better equipment than me, I even been to the darkroot garden and part of the basin, but I only have standard equipment like a halberd (upgraded to max), a knight shield, balder armor (chest, hands and boots) and a gargoyle helmet, all of them upgraded mid or max, I also have a great axe (which I never use, too slow and heavy), I just got the soul arrows and heavy soul arrows, and even bought a couple of crystal swords which I haven't used yet...

Pretty much everywhere, people with warriors have some snazzy equipment at lower levels than me, and some say the drake sword would not be necessary at all when you get to the depths...I didn't even get it in the first place!

So there are things about the game I dont' understand yet for sure, but I'm pretty decent at it and have good health and stamina, but cannot for the life of me create or find these crazy pieces of armor and weapons that everyone seems to have on their first playthroughs...

Grapefruit Simmons: drake sword vs great scythe?

Null: I'm not sure if I should get the Drake sword. I'm at the Bell Gargoyles and I've upgraded my mace about 4 times; killed by them at least 5 times so I went around and grinded a bit. Now I'm seeing that while it would be nice to have this sword, killing the Bell Gargoyles with it would make it less of a challenge. However, I don't have a decent blade at this point, which I'll need to chop the gargoyle's tail off.

Virtual Cancer: A.K.A. "Anti-fun Sword"

Wolt: "But I did found a way", gg IGN...

KasPer Shudas: I'm at bells gargoyle and never got a bow as drop.. Where do I get bow and arrows?

how to kill gio: you used to send me messages on scrolls with your falcon

Afflicted Beggar: I never realised you had to use arrows with a bow. Good tip.

Rian JP: With 11 DEX i use 90 arrows...

Chuva Rova: 300 arrows and still nothing. I don't get it

Woods Running Experience WREP: hey find the grave lord sword

Margie Cruz: The Black Knight Halberd does more damage (without upgrading) than the Drake Word but it's more work getting the BKH

Machinator: Protip: Be sure to buy a bow and not a crossbow if you plan to do this. You can't manually aim crossbows.

Demospammer9987: Um... why did mine require at least 30? Was it hitbox issues, or...?

lewis Jackson: I GOT IT! :D
thx and good Guide

lewis Jackson: what type of arrows u use?
eny because i just used the normal ones

iiCaninezii: the drakesword is very op bro i'm loving it so far :D

Freddy Santana: The ranged attack doesnt work for me for some reason. The blast just goes in a random direction, can anyone help?

Spinico: "To equip the bow and arrow, you need to go into your inventory and equip the bow and arrow."

Faraz Arshad: If people think that using the Drake Sword early on in the game is cheating then what'll you guys say about the Black Knight Sword which has an attack Stat of 220
Dark Souls: Drake Sword Guide 5 out of 5

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Dark Souls: Drake Sword Guide