Cupidity - Kismet Diner Subtitulado - Cornetto Mxico

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Luis313: It's ironic how i found this video..She makes my day better every morning and she don't even know my name, but she smiles at me everyday at my work so that makes me happy, Thanks for reading my small story, Have a good day stranger.

Laura Iriarte: Enjoy the ride...

Jo Hanna Sings: where can I find the songs??

MasterEnex: TT_TT

Cristal Geli: It made me cry, sorry, I'm sensitive :P

Alice Leny: Wow

mona garcia: ..;)

Giby Cruz: Love Story...

Arturo hathaway: I cried! :')

María Del Mar G. Mármol: Beautiful.....

Barbara Fernandez: so sweet, omg! me encanto, super dulce

Marisol Flores: <3 <3 <3 

Happy Lola International: Being single means that suddenly and without looking, you can also find love

Miguel Miranda: :D

Laura Iriarte: Bello!!!

lline pozo: Quee lindoo

Luisa Peralta: Awww, love it!

Gabriela rojas: ... everybody wants to be loved and everybody wants to be in love...

Gerardo Esteban Hernández: Check out this video on YouTube:

noe llerandi: Enjoy the ride...

Noelia Tenorio: Who haven't loved a stranger, I do.

Luis Guerrero: Nice

Bob Sponja: Cupidity - Kismet Diner Subtitulado - Cornetto México

Ilse Higareda: I need to know all the songs... Where can I found it????

akhila sri: lovely and nice....every one have to express their love instead of keeping it inside and struggle for the love.....super love video

Felix Verbel Contreras: Whatta beautiful video...i cried so much!!!!

Ana M: "I wanna wake up next to you..."

omnymisa: ...

Aletheia1708: OMG... This makes me cry...

CHORDE72: wao yes 

Ex nihilorena: (^^)

ANA ZAMBRANO: Everyone need to be help sometimes...

Mari Tanada: Oh my gaaawd!! And I was thinking the guy was kind of a jerk at first… but that twist was unexpected! The story was very sweet!! (//∇//)

Potus ThePlant: The story is a bit too obvious..

Jhairo Flores: love it i would like to know if the songs are avilable to buy!!

Anirban Mandal: Best commercial I have seen in days

Daniel Portales Rosado: This story is not about "Love" but about physical attraction as a way to meet somebody. This may be the first step of a love story but not a love story itself.

Rakel Álvarez: AWWW HERMOSOO!! =)

Roosevelt Diaz: like 


sol natasha: Hermoso video 

David Ferreyra: Genial!!!! nice

Amandine Rai: I loved it!

Ivonne Bogenschützin: Incredibly lovable :3 :) ;)

Dok Mi: ♥♥♥

Belen Soria: ♥♥♥♥♥♥

paola santillan: :D <3 :') 

brenda davalos: me encanto me encanto :3 <3 <3

Alberto Rosero: What's the name of the first song on the video?
Cupidity - Kismet Diner Subtitulado - Cornetto México 4.9 out of 5

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Cupidity - Kismet Diner Subtitulado - Cornetto México