Zastava M88a

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theworldisastage 2112: say "um" all you like if someone don't like it who cares

Chris Cameron: Anyone know if the m70a mags will fit or the norinco 213? Just picked one up on Buds

Marcus Wrightmann: But does it feel good in your hand..?

Just bought 3. $200 cash at Buds as of this post.

sysjls75: Zastava makes some great handguns and rifles. I own four of their rim fire rifles and they equal the performance of my CZ's at 100 yards. The sights need to be changed out. The pistol is supplied with the standard high post military rear sight. I would not hesitate in recommending this pistol to anyone.

Carlito Lara: This gun is crap I returned to the factory twice 

Groovaholic: Nice gun, I have Zastava m70a 9mm it's little snappy but it's the most reliable gun in my collection. So far I've shot 2000+ rounds with no issues, it's accurate but I've had to learn how to properly use the sights without white dots.
 Overall good gun for the money you pay.

Zoran Skrbic: hutt wiglej samo napred meni nesmeta hm .video je odlican i dosta sam naucio iz tvoje price. ne obazirise na one sto se prave pametni.


HunterSlayer1984: What type of ammo do owners of this gun prefer for accuracy and home safety?

spystyle: You say "um" in between each sentence as if to say "now loading next sentence". Try to avoid saying "um" every time you are thinking. Learn to think silently :) All these "ums" are distracting.

Reef Raf: i'd rather get the chinese tokarev than this one... don't like the rod below the barrel. but good for the price

Josh Jordan: And, $212 at bud's right now.

Josh Jordan: Just take some women's (or men I suppose) fingernail paint and color the front sight. :) 

mrouterrim: I have seen these guns going up in price as well as guns from turkey. And if I have to pay almost 500 I will just buy American !!!! Im tired of the greed !!!!!!!!!!

Politically Incorrect: I'm thinking about the M70A but the M88a looks like it is also a nice handgun.

Ammo Man: I just picked up the 70A from buds. Looks like i'm going to have to get one of these suns-a-bitches too. I hope zastava starts making the makarov!

M88....$236.00 cash price @ bud's gun shop as of 06-07-2014

Ammo Man: A gun shooting low is not a problem, shooting high is.
shoot @ 21 ft. using your favorite cheap ammo like tula 9mm steel case. use a steel file to file down the front sight blade until you are on the bullseye. polish the top edge of the front sight blade till smooth and take a bluing pen and blue it. make sure you wipe with wet water rag to stop the bluing (corrosive) process. you are now good to go.

tom bats: Just got mine. I will try it tomorrow along with a Bersa Thunder ultra compact 40w&w. Paid 660.00 for both new. 

Glenn Buskirk: On sale at Cabela's for $249 this week.  I may pick one up.  10-lb trigger pull is pretty heavy for single-action.  You said the rear sight was high because of the hammer, but the sight would not be obstructed when the gun is roostered.  How are you liking the gun lately?

racedog19: Thank You.
Zastava M88a 5 out of 5

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Zastava M88a