Mercedes S350 TD Top Speed

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Justus H: if you treat that car right and booze up the engine cooling, this engine will be as reliable as any other mercedes engine

GarageSTALKER: Дохдый он у вас.Наш быстрее ехал

yyoU8s: I agree. I have one with 350000 km, original engine and it is still perfect. Some of this cars had problems but mostly in US due to the low quality diesel used there (that can lead to bent rods)..

guitigefilmpjes: Don't forget that this is an old diesel engine, and when it was new it has been registered with a topspeed of 180km/h (so 200km/h it will never reach for sure;) ) But it seems that after years of hard work it does not even reach that speed anymore.

tpvalley: driving at top speed while filming?!!

Justus H: what's your RPM level at 25 / 45 / 65 / 85 mph?

oskarbergqvist: @guitigefilmpjes I have an s 350dt and if you compete 147 diesel hp with and s600 with 426 hp and 6 more pistons you proabably should try find some help...

s600v12: this is flat out? keep it on the floor ...for sure will reach 200+ km/h ...take a look at my movies...with S600 V12 ...

Justus H: no dude i think you cannot chip it, at least it wont do anything to the top speed. Pretty high rpm, is that normal?

Jordan Chua: what is this...

cfmatias: I love that car, but the same does not apply to the engine... It's not even reliable...

guitigefilmpjes: The year was 1995

luxuskarossen: @guitigefilmpjes Mit meinem 420er ging dieses jahr auch noch 230 :D Ich glaube 250hätte ich auch noch rausholen können , aber dafür ist er auf dauer zu schade ;)

yyoU8s: Mine: 85 mph: about 3200 rpm 65 mph: 2200 rpm But I will confirm; I am not sure...

compu85: There's no computer to chip, it's mechanical fuel injection

Nikolai Loskov: Just give it a little more time and the car will go over 180KMH without any problems. Nice machine, take care of it and will run forever.

TrAs1993: @luxuskarossen 230 reicht auch völlig^^

bryan spinner: what year is??

yyoU8s: I can afford it if it is a diesel:P Autogas is a good option, too. I agree. But I think that buying an S500 or S600 and converting it to gpl (autogas) is not the best option.... Those engines are better original. Probably a S320 would be better to convert. But I still prefer the diesels (of course that if the consumption wasn't a problem I would prefer much more a powerful S500 or 600) Best regards

yyoU8s: And the consumptions?? The advantage of the diesel engine aren't the performances but the consumption that is almost half of an S600 V12
Mercedes S350 TD Top Speed 3.6 out of 5

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Mercedes S350 TD Top Speed