Toyota Corona Takes On Motorkhana, Hamilton, New Zealand

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LittleAussieTechGuy: Yeah.... mine is a 75 Mark 2 (four door) - body roll is it's specialty lol

joh2: Now that'd be a rare car in itself!!!

Werevixen: I got a four door 1972 Corona, four door. I found it outside on private terrain where it stood still for nearly a year, and was only touched by plants and spiders- rust had not gotten onto it, only the paint's peeled. So I bought it for a nothing, and found it to have a mere 85000 kilometers on it.

gianttomato1: I have an MX23 with a 2JZ - great have pics of yours somewhere?

fiatracer: yep - quite a few sedans and wagons in australia, but never seen another coupe here in NZ!

st0nervisi0n: mad driving... its heaps harder than it looks. i set up a similar track in my back yard and ended up rippin up the lawn bad and stuffing up the front of my 83 corona.

tommyau2006: @luvtohateabos do you want a nose bleed or a limp?

corollafrenzy: You sure thats not a mini-challenger from the early 70s? lol j/k Super sicc! Its hard to hear non-turbo inline 6 sounds from a supra engine, you know? I swore it was a 4cyl, but the dropping revs told otherwise. Looks like a load of fun!

luvtohateabos: @tommyau2006 what state then HERO, I will make you crap your teeth for weeks cunt

wally2g: man that things got a crapload of body roll. just like my 78 corona :) unlike my corona though, yours has a crapload of power :(

Bryan G: Nice,That's a 1975 model right?I had one just like that,4 speed with the 4M. :(

boeingt: @tdog2929 wo.w for real? wish i could get one. i will though, but in like a year and half from frend of mine. it has a v6 engine.

Rinmax: I like your choice of weapon and some good driving there too. :)

mostwanteddirkyboy: i've got an '89 corona... id give anything for it to run like this one

fiatracer: yep,think it's a 6M

fiatracer: why did you bother?

tommyau2006: @luvtohateabos go suck on a turd you rotten piece of maggot crap

luvtohateabos: @tommyau2006 your a freak wit go eat out your old mans arse maggot

fiatracer: the car in the vid is 3 litre Supra powered, is/or will be for sale shortly if anyone is interested. Located near Hamilton NZ

tunerman1990: awesome. drop a 2jzgte in there and it'll be blasting anything away.

ikeadave: Hey, I had one also, 1973 Corona Mark II it was. 4 door sedan:) Very Nice Cars :D Go Like No TOmorrow :D I names it Eleanor HAHAHA cause it had the same personality :D

OzzInter: Good to see a Motorkhana event on YouTube. What test was he attempting, "Figure 8" or something else? Thanks for sharing!

tommyau2006: why bother?

PhiKK: ooo this is a nice vid! I got a 74 Corona Mark II with a SR20 DET engine in it.. would love to make it drift but the parts are so hard to come by.!

luvtohateabos: @tommyau2006 dude you are a FULL BLOWN rooster HEAD and you probably already know that anyway stop replying with weak ass come back comments WEAK BITCH

serchmarc: -nice hard top chek my channel
Toyota Corona takes on motorkhana, Hamilton, New Zealand 4.8 out of 5

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Toyota Corona takes on motorkhana, Hamilton, New Zealand