How To Brew Compost Tea In A 5 Gallon Bucket To Enrich Your Garden

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Adam Aquatic: Just wanted to say that harnessing nature to grow food IS using science! Science isn't about poison, it's about knowledge.

Brokanglass115: is this good on watermelons? and honey dews?

Tpinz: old video i know but question am i screwed if i cant use filtered water. is it pointless to make compost tea with normal tap water

wolco003: Dont plug the pump!!! Each side is its own pump! Run them into each side of those stones...they have to inlets to be daisy chained together.

Bud Phillips: How long after the tea brewing is complete can it stand without using before it is no longer good where all the microbes have died?

Unique Fashion Jewelry Boutique: Hi, thanks for your tutorial. I always watch your videos once you upload them, very useful great info. I tried to make warm-cast tea couple of times but I think it failed. What I basically did, I made sure to use water w/o Chlorine in 5 bucket gallon, I added 1/4 cup molasses, used aeration system to creat bubble, which is for introducing oxygen into the water. Then I added warm casting that I bought from good source. I left it with continuous arearion and stirring like 4 times throughout the whole process. My understanding for susccesful brewing / fermentation is to see a lots of gas on top of the bucket ( in 24-48 hrs) which sign of bacterial growth, which release that gas. But the two times that I tried I did not see any gas on top of the bucket. So please advise as you get a chance. Thanks. Vanessa

Marcy RP: OMG.... AGAIN, came to refresh my mind... making sure I'm hooking up the stuff right with two bubbler stones and see my comment from 2 years ago, so I guess I really DON'T remember stuff as well as I'd like! Still wonder if you kept Stitch! LOL

Melanated Neanderthal: Where's the food source for the fungi and bacteria? How are they going to multiply without food

Alex Henry: "Instead of harnessing the power of science". You do realize that science is the reason we know that this is beneficial, right? Don't bash science if you don't understand it.

pinkie24: wonder how much he got paid to promote boogie brew

marc davies: These dual air pumps actually have two pumps inside. So to max. your output, you could have used a Y connector to have both outlets going into one stone. And the same on the other pump. I have them for the aquarium, and have replaced the plungers inside. I can't wait to try this out in my own garden

drdelta24: Add a little beer or liquor in there:-)

Christina Furlow: How frequently do you need to give compost tea to your plants? Does it depend on the species or type of plant in your garden?

ZebbiBibi: no molasses?

Jake Dornbos: Keep up the videos John!! I have learned so much from your videos and I love the open source theme that you and Josh follow. I feel the shift in consciousness that you and many others are a part of and it is this type of sustainable organic knowledge that we need to keep spreading. Keep making videos and obviously keep growing those greens!!!!!!

Tank Nickles: so rock dust so does lime work?

Nad Kudo: "instead of harnessing the power of science" you know without 'the power of science' you wouldn't even know about all the microbes and fungus you're talking about, right?

"with chemicals" everything you're using is a chemical... from the water to the compost and so on... stop using "chemicals" as if it were poison or somthing...

Daniel G: why plug up one of the air pump outlets instead of just having a bunch of stones bubbling...

p3tr0l: "... instead of harnessing the power of science..." 

You can use the power of science to understand the power of nature. No reason for them to be separate. 

Prophis: I hear people often recommend brewing for 24-48 hours. Some others have said 36, and you mention 4 hours can do in a pinch. At most, how long could you leave a brew brewing? 3 days, 5 days? Is there a "window" , or could you keep a perpetual brew?
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How to Brew Compost Tea in a 5 Gallon Bucket to Enrich Your Garden