Ford Focus MK1 & 2 _ 2din Radio (Street King X3)

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Ford Focus MK1 & 2 _  2din radio (Street king X3)
Ford Focus MK1 & 2 _ 2din radio (Street king X3)
00-04 Ford Focus Double Din Install
00-04 Ford Focus Double Din Install
Kenwood DDX5026(2 din)+rearcamera  in FOCUS mk1&2
Kenwood DDX5026(2 din)+rearcamera in FOCUS mk1&2
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Chinese 2 din radio
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juan pablo chemes: apology 'm writing a translator because I do not drive the English , got installed backwards stereo adapters , the left is right and right to left, looks good vertices ...

orfi1990: hello my friend. i want ask something. i want change my mp3 player in my focus mk1 and i dont know something.
Am'i must change radio dash to put a dim 2 mp3 player? sorry for my english...

ShinyShadowZ: I'v got the Same, look my Video :P

PALLISSSSIMA: Look in ebay auction..... :)

PALLISSSSIMA: OK steerin wheel control ( but in my car I don't have, not test by me )

PALLISSSSIMA: when refit centre consol NOT put in the screws, don't worry the consol work same without screws :)

lamborgini8: that bit is easy but how do you refit the center console? if you use the metra kit then they cover the 4 screw holes making it impossible to refit properly...

PALLISSSSIMA: Hallo, dont worry is EASY !! yes need to remove center console; you need to take out old radio from your car; then you remove 4 screws ( you can see all 4) then pull the consol; don't worry; i'm girl and do this in 10 minuts !! :) hope you fin easy like me...bye!

lamborgini8: how easy was it to fit this radio? i heard you need to remove the centre console fascia to fit the radio with this kit? trouble is, the screws to remove the fascia are only accessible through the hole where the radio would have been.

PALLISSSSIMA: original in my car ;)

dj Royal Tee: Where did you get the actual Bezel?

PALLISSSSIMA: @Reaper6BR Hi; sorry for delay ;) Yes I have GHIA. soon will post video of my friend ghia, same as mine, but he install new Kenwood 5026+BT...Bye.

PALLISSSSIMA: @freeeaaazzzz WORKS WITH ALL 2 din model !!! :)

PALLISSSSIMA: @Reaper6BR little cutting inside, very easy to do :)

PALLISSSSIMA: radio model is: street king x3...if you want I SELL it; 290 euro +ship .. everywhere !!

Nuno.Borgas: radio model please?

PALLISSSSIMA: SEE: 00-04 Ford Focus Double Din Install video :)

PALLISSSSIMA: Warning: this install will not allow you screw your bezel into place. If you require the bezel to be screwed in, you must modify the bezels face for the radio to slide in from the front rather than the back.

PALLISSSSIMA: Hi, first important thig is remove the central shield (is very simple 4 screws then pull) then I had to trim a little inside of a car (over+under+bottom left corner), and the central shield only a little over and under no sides, the stereo in the video was China 2 din, but' will fit OK any 2 din standard. Bye, Silvia.

The DJ Book: Did you have to do any extra mods to get it to fix? Also, what strereo did you use?
Ford Focus MK1 & 2 _ 2din radio (Street king X3) 5 out of 5

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Ford Focus MK1 & 2 _  2din radio (Street king X3)