Cleaning A Flintlock

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1994CPK: same with the brown bess?

Brett Duffy: how much did that replica cost you where did you buy it

Brett Duffy: I was told you do not have to remove the lock plate to clean it all the time

Isaac Carranza: The thing on the other side is it for to hold it on ur pants like a cellphone case that has a click to hold on to ur pants ???? Return 😊

James McPherson: you should blue your barrel it will make it look better and help keep anway rust.

AlagomSwede: I've currently got my eyes on a neat little pocket boxlock flintlock, but the seller tells me that it hasn't been cleaned in many years. From the looks of it, it seems to be a bit more difficult dissembling one of those compared to your's. You don't happen to know how it's done with such a flintlock, do you?

Mr. Mars Experience: alright thanks man!! i subscribed to you, and ya i have a flintlock kentucky rifle myself and boy i love my black powder guns more than my other guns lol not that i dont love all my babies, i just think black powder is a lot more fun to shoot!! my kentucky gun is almost as tall as me lol im 5'6'' you can imagine how fun that is reaching way up to put the ram rod back in lol but ya im def gonna get guns from that sight, baby dragoon, sea service 9" and the scotish highland

Omega52: I haven't had any problems with it personally, and I have a few other videos shooting this exact one (watch?v=vx2fBB_82zg in particular) It's built well if you just want something to shoot and it's not too expensive. As long as the touch hole is in the right position and you use the right amount of(fine) priming powder it'll work just fine. There is a bit of a learning curve to it but that's the fun of it!

Mr. Mars Experience: ha! thanks very much well i live in the US and according to the NFA black powder guns even new ones arent considered firearms so even if the touch hole was there i can order them online no DROS or wait period!! ill def take a look cuz i love the look and shape of that one ! i love military guns from the 1700s all the way to 1945 ha ha they just look so much better, especially the flintlocks and cap locks !! how is this one though? iv heard this company isnt very good

Omega52: Thanks for commenting, I'm not particularly interested in selling mine, however I can show you where I bought it from. They are $350 and can be delivered straight to your door from militaryheritage . com / muskets . htm The reason they can be delivered to your door is because they technically aren't firearms without the touch-hole, so you can either take it to a gun shop or drill the hole your self(which I did) and you're good as gold! Best luck to you!

Mr. Mars Experience: great video thanks !! would you be interested in selling that flintlock ? im only asking because its the exact one im looking for lol

vettelover2009: CLP is the worst thing to put down that barrel...any remnants of that will foul your main charge...use bore butter in your barrel...does not react with black powder

Jose Rios: great video. i would really like to see how to remove the barrel just so i know how to do it. so if you ever have any free time i would really appreciate it.

Omega52: haha, I have another video about this specific gun(and one more about another) that is purely descriptive of the history and mechanics of it if it interests you! There is also no political message I assure you lol!

longchenpath: Thanks. Great video....and nice to see a gun related video that doesn't stray into editorial/political commentary. Thanks again!

Omega52: The only difficult firearm to clean is one that's difficult to take apart, or one that has been neglected. As long as you are in the habit of cleaning your weapons when you come back from the shooting and not just throwing them in a box you should never have a problem!

forge52100: Nice to see a video that shows how easy black powder is to clean. I hate hearing "but it's too hard to clean" from smokeless shooters

Hi: Better go grab my flintlock and clean it.

Omega52: @MrDcsemperfi If it's rifled it's going to be pretty much the same, but you are going to want to be sure to use something like a bore mop, something thick that will get in the rifling to clear and dry it. You might also want to consider looking into some solvents(esp if you are using synthetic powder). Basically the same exact thing, but mind the rifling!

tom: Does this work with flintlock rifles too?
Cleaning a Flintlock 5 out of 5

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Cleaning a Flintlock