Winchester 1300, Savage 320 Field Strip & Bolt Disassembly

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Jacob H: Would you happen to know what size screw for the ejector is needed for the Stevens 320 pump? Mine fell out

Don Martin: Grate video thank u.

Jeff Neumann: thanks for the video, dissassembly and assembly went great. Very easy to foloow your advice.

Mid-day_ Light: Alex is correct
some1200 s are prevented from removing bolt with slide rails at least without first removing screw mentioned.

Jas. Strong-Oak: "Then you snap it together like this"  off camera Wow.  Gee, thanks.

Alex Povolotski: 3 mins into your video, you're critiquing the other video where a chap is giving instructions on removing guide rails from the bolt, removing ejector, etc. to get the bolt out.

I saw that video also. He was disassembling an older model than yours. His model has a screw protruding from the bottom of the bolt assembly that prevents it from being removed together with the guide rails. So, the instructions he provided were correct for his gun version.

druisteen: SO the two guns are similar ?

Oscar P: Went to the range today and started off with 3 mis-fires. After much frustration, I found it will fire it I hold the grip all the way forward but if I let it come back that 1/8" it will not... that little movement is not allowing the firing pin to strike the primer...any ideas?

benjamin dover: Will a winchester mag extension fit the savage 320?

charles dodson: thanks for the video that helped a lot to get the bolt back together. 

zackabilly: Great video ! Thanks alot for the info , I like the 4 am rant! Cheers from Canada

Cecil Hardin: where did you get the mag tube extension?

Matt KnowsThat: Thanks. I did figure it out but it took me a while. Every video shows just sliding it in the hole, but I knew there was something else. Great video though.

DoubleTapShooting: The rail clips(Not sure if that's their real name), push them in up thru the loading port.

Matt KnowsThat: I'm having trouble getting the bolt back in. I did not remove the trigger guard, but just removed the barrel, racked the slide and the bolt came out. Now I can't seem to get it back in. I can rest it on the slide arms but it hits something. The bolt will go in by itself, and so will the slide, but not when they're together. It came apart without pulling out the trigger so it seems like it should go back in. Any thoughts?

DoubleTapShooting: I would have to see pictures of your bolt.

jdinky3: Ive got a 1300 that will cycle perfectly but once you fire a round the bolt an slide go back about an inch an jams up, ive heard about this ejector pin an mine doesnt have it an nothings broke off, any help would be great

DoubleTapShooting: Thanks!

Gordon Stevenson: I should mention my old one is a 1982 and the newer one a 1991

Gordon Stevenson: Good Review. I thought I should tell you the difference between the original 1300 and later models. The bottom plate has a screw in it and must be removed first in order to pull out with the action bars. Also the guide spring is just set in over a pin at the rear of the action instead of held in with a small screw at the front and a spring at the back. I have both, tiss how I know. Anyways, good review.
Winchester 1300, Savage 320 Field Strip & Bolt Disassembly 5 out of 5

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Winchester 1300, Savage 320 Field Strip & Bolt Disassembly