Lg Optimus 2.2.1 Update

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Lg optimus 2.2.1 update
Lg optimus 2.2.1 update
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brian loewe: Dose it matter if your phone is a cricket instead a metro pc

KyraRomero: i have a lg optimus one and the platform is 2.0 can i use this??

MrELPERRODIABLO: @oscarv1234 yes it has 3g now update to 2.2.2

Carlitos Lopez: Nice vid man love it!!!

Leonel Benjamin Ramirez: hello i have the lg mobile update program and when i install my phone to it i cant update it can u please help

Arvind Behera: can u plz tell me which version of lg pc siute u r uzing bcoz i hav lg pc suite iv and it doesn't support my phone at all. plz help me or send me a link where i can dwnld the pc suite

theCAlebSwaggg: When it updates, will it only update the Android operating system the phone has or will it continue to update into newer versions like 2.3? And if it doesn't, will Android continue to make updates for 2.2 or no??

theCAlebSwaggg: Is this update actually worth it?? I mean, WOW! Look, the icons look different! But is that all it does????? Cause I really don't want to waste my time updating the phone if that's all that changes...

Bolzau4Life: @shesafreak1191 you just scroll from tha top of your phone and it should pull down a notifications bar thing

YahhhTrixYahhh: Hey I bought the phone a few days ago and so far its great and yes you can multitask I'm on the phone right now and writing this on youtube

Julio Gonzalez: also, the trash when u choose to delete your icons on the homepage changed, check it out

shesafreak1191: does anyone know if you can multi task on this phone? lets say im using the internet or on facebook or in the middle of something and i get a text, can i leave what im doing to answer my text and go right back to what im doing without restarting it again?

YahhhTrixYahhh: Hey @knk4eva01 why'd u stop makin videos? And did u ever figure out what the update was for?

liljokerofficialpage: @jessicalanina did you do it rite

rsbutz1: @jsphmuckey how do u root this phone

kakashi30554: can someone give me a link to download driver software for this tupid ass phone..i cant do crap on the computer ntill i download it

oscar vasquez: i have qustion about this phone pepole said it can go to 2x speed but i don t know how to change it form 1x to 2x . can it even go to 2x speed and if you can . can you show me how plz .....

oscar vasquez: i have a qustion i got that phone they said it goes 2x speed put i don t know how do put it in 2x can u even put it in 2x speed and if u can then can u help ,me find out how

Joseph Muckey: dumbasses if you update ur phone to this it patches it therefore you cant root the LG Optimus M anymore lol I updated then couldnt root my phone using z4root enabling me to be superuser and do cool stuff on my phone. Update dont do crap then patch yo phone I downgraded and now I'm rooted f u LG mobile phone update it dont give u 2.3 dumbasses

r2stik: MetroPCS Coverage is Not Available In Your Area At This Time lame
Lg optimus 2.2.1 update 5 out of 5

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Lg optimus 2.2.1 update