Do Your Own Body Wrap (Before And After)

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It Works Body Wrap Before & After! Honest Review!!!!
It Works Body Wrap Before & After! Honest Review!!!!
Beauty Hack or Wack? DIY Body Wrap
Beauty Hack or Wack? DIY Body Wrap
Review Will this BODY WRAP give you a flatter stomach
Review Will this BODY WRAP give you a flatter stomach
BODY WRAP: Before & After - REVIEW!!!
BODY WRAP: Before & After - REVIEW!!!
lose weight without working out!!!! DIY weightloss body wrap
lose weight without working out!!!! DIY weightloss body wrap

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Woo WOO: ACTUALLY,The only reason your belly looks smaller in the morning is because all your food has digested and you didn't eat anything.Scientific fact. Look it up if you think I'm wrong.

Jazzy J: You're actually sooooooo beautiful and have the perfect body, I'm envious of your figure and smooth flawless skin!

FANCYGIRLZ XO: For how long is it?

Venuka M: how many times ur using this in a weak pls pls rply me am waiting for

Kitty Kaydence: Do you have to use vitamin e oil

Girlyrobloxplayer 01: Can you use Vaseline?

Lucy Bailey: omg i'm soo in love with your voice! :-)

Caseygblake: You are very cute.  You also have a very sexy stomach AND a very sexy navel!  I like your glasses too.  :  )

Damond Williams: you are beautiful

Liz Garcia: How Long do the results last?

Golemo Brate: Heya, The best fat loss that I have ever had was with Marks magic method (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most incredible diet that I have ever tried.

AshlynMidget: Can you use regular salt?? (By regular I mean like sea salt that comes in larger bottles.)

ALICE lee: Love much talk about weight loss diets is very important to take care of the body and keep fit. After the pregnancy of my daughter Alice who is now seven years I never managed to lose weight. I went on several diets but always lost weight little or no weight. But now in 2016 I found an excellent fast weight loss program. I'm having great results. I lost a lot of belly fat and lost weight 22 pounds. My friend Justin also made diet and managed to lose 21 pounds. I thought all this site here

morland: Musta been freezing on the left side of the room

Michelle Thomas: ok so i have a lil secret lol not really safslim did work for me when i used it....about 3 years ago i was also doing either turbo fire not much though and i was drinking slimfast. So heres alil mix I believe that will work. women only: internally take tonalin cla (fat loss) borage oil, evening primrose oil,flax seed( you do not need all three but the tonalin is a must) Intermittent fasting (cant stress this enough either)
externally: oil of your choice as long ( olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin oil or glycerin) sugar or epsom salt, ( i dont recommend regular salt, i just dont)if you have dry skin use a bit more oil you are about to cover it anyhow so its ultra moisturizing. you can use a dry brush or your hands to rub the mixture on. saran wrap and if you can buy a sauna suit do it!!
WORKOUT: interval training only!! i swear by it enough I have gain and lost enough to know that works.

Now ladies know what supplements works for you. sometimes you may need to take more than what the next woman takes. I know for sure for sure the supplements worked for me I got lazy. Being lazy is a no no. You must absolutely know your body well. Again I cannot stress that enough. Its trial and error. lastly be patient and love yourself...not in a narcissistic kind of way.

Azalia Love: Hi! Thank you for this video. I saw the original as well; is there any reason you switched form the "Farewell Cellulite" to using the Epsom salt?

Purple Mariposa: You've got BEAUTIFUL brown eyes <3

Farida ch: Babe Does It really work?

Pamela Jordan: If you are a beginner, you would like to start losing weight but you don't know how can you do can check out this program. just search Google "kisel body building program"

D'ya Francois: Is it OK to workout with this wrap?
Do Your Own Body Wrap (Before and After) 5 out of 5

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Do Your Own Body Wrap (Before and After)