Belt CP V2 More 3D Practice

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mazdog90: haaaaaaaaaaaahaha sooo funny great sense of humor. i can see the next alan szabo coming. or what eva that dudes name is

alishanmao: hehehe. Well said. That shovel was a good idea though :)

blackhawk438: ur pretty good with rc stuff and always say the negative and positive sides of things unlike the guy who does bananahobby ( rc hobby store) who is all about how perfect their products are.

alishanmao: well this is life of RC Heli Pilot. Don't give up. fix it again and one day you will not be crashing it but having fun with it :D

alishanmao: nops, HH gyro is great on this one.

alishanmao: yup thats right

Jonathan .N: hey no mods right this is stock right

alishanmao: Sure my man. will keep it safe. if this one is crashed, I will buy you a new one from my own pocket mate. this one is used. will bring ya a new one :D

userrocking: that's a pretty cool heli man. i'm looking to buy one from hobby-estore too, they got a lot of selection. i just purchased a mini one, and its too small. looking forward to upgrade!

alishanmao: yes no mods, it totally stock, just the battery is different.

horizonflyer9: you make the best intros ever! that was hilarious! grat heli by the way. i just might get one

alishanmao: thanks will post more vids. yesterday I went Realflight G3.5 On this heli hehehe and flew it like I use to fly in Simulator, but this heli did great.

alishanmao: working hard on them hehehe. :) later they will not be professional, they will just be videos :) cuz I am getting packed with this job now ;D

538457142: Is this heli str8 out of the box. Can it do all those 3D things you did coming str8 out of the box

alishanmao: sure, get it from hobby-estore and when checking out scroll down to discount coupon code box, type "Ali" n get 5% discount. Pssssst, if you email me, I can give you a special discount code for more discount as I know you for a while now dear :D

Yvonne Zwiers van Meerten: Ha, ha, haaaa NICE video!

steeeven1: haha great intro, theres only one way when it comes to getting an uncontrollable helicopter out of the air, and that is to hit it with a shovel! oh yeah, and nice flying too, you definately gettin better

startazz: Great start mate that made for a nice change lol,now Ali make sure you are real carefull with that heli of mine would you please my man lol,just joking my friend and you soon picked it up again the flying that is ha ha,5*

dave jones: videos are getting very profesional!

Dieu M: was that an stock heli right out the box

alishanmao: I wish I could fly like him. With 10 to 15 years practice I can be there :D Alan n Danny Szabo are great pilots :)

alishanmao: yup there is difference between Sim and this heli. Sim helis are perfectly tuned on pitch. this one has mild pitch changes so you will need a good full up and down to control heli on 3D. :) practice more

alishanmao: yup. I usually carry this shovel with me in car ;D lol. who knows when a nitro heli decides to dive at ya ;D

Luca Radeschnig: lol

3255959: So it came with HH gyro? can you explain difference in Gyro' this heli good first heli to learn from?

Jonathan .N: lol nice intro

parkfly27: Nice flying! I have had my belt CP V2 for about a month now. Getting gtood at forward flight, but crashed attempting 3D. I went for a backflip nice and high (in idle up mode of course) and crashed it pretty good. All i need is new blades and a main gear. Anyways, i fly 3D on the sim, and it felt like the heli was on low rates. Also, it seemed like i didn't have enough power while inverted. I wonder why this is. I ordered some stronger CF blades so maybe that will help.

alishanmao: never my man. Just repaired the heli and its back in action. tomorrow if weather is good, I am taking it out for flights. Honey bee king 3 is ready too :D

startazz: You don't have to do that mate i was only joking lol, fly well and stay safe my man.

Brian vanderheyden: funny intro btw :'D

alishanmao: you needed to set the trims well before letting it hover. We intermediate n experienced pilots can hover the heli first n set trims later. for beginners they should not hover. throttle up till you see heli is light on training gear n start moving in different directions. at that moment you can set trims n then let it hover. Well i am sure you can fix it soon ;)

imy2k07: haha love the bit at the beggining (Y) with the showel LOL, nice flying, well they do say practice makes perfect :)

alishanmao: yes sir. no modifications

razgriz2424: does this heli have any tail kick? just wonderin how the HH gyro holds up

chiavernwei: did u have any problems with the esc?

alishanmao: Yes sir. I do not want to tell people that the products we sell are perfect. I want to tell hobby people the truth so they can buy good stuff only. and make right decisions. recently I did promo videos for RedCat Racing vehicles. people thought they are super perfect. but then I brought them Lets Break RedCats series to clearly truly show what breaks easily :)

pete72xx: Very nice Flight!! I had belt cpv2 too and I dry next weekend also 3d Flighting. Send more good videos!!

alishanmao: if you like indoor, go for Honey Bee King 3. but if you wanna have full satisfaction of 3D heli that can fly and do aerobatics in windy days and is very affordable, flies 3D right outside box, go for Belt CP V2. if you get it from hobby estore. you will have full tech support from me. alishanmao at gmail com is my contact :) plus when checking out, make sure to type "Ali' in discount coupon code box n you get 5% Discount on the purchase
Belt CP V2 More 3D Practice 4.4 out of 5

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Belt CP V2 More 3D Practice