Richard Armitage BBC Interview 2007

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Graziela Almeida: So the richard armitage´s army is old, I thought it started after the hobbit, sorry members of this army but I only got know about him after the peter jackson´s trilogy, like everyone here in south america that only know about artists when they appear in hollywood.

DracerLP: I you don't believe me or not. My mum was the german fan at the end. The loves Richard Armitage and gave him the massage in Budapest.

HeathDances: Sorry but it is highly unlikely Richard will respond to you here as it is most likely he will never see your comment. You can always write to his agency who sends his fan mail to him. That would be the only way a letter would get to him.

claire laliberte: Richard have you ever had a romantic interest with an actress you worked with? I love your work. You make the scenes you are in believable. I would like to be your pen pal and write you on occasion. Is that feasible? I know that many actors have other people do that type of correspondence. But I would only like it if you responded to me. I would use postal service and not the Internet to correspond. One of your greatest admirers always. Claire

HeathDances: In LA at the Captain America premiere :)

ladycplum: "My name is Richard Armitage and when God made me he was showing off".

NoSunToday: That t-shirt must be amazing. I'd like to see him with that t-shirt on XD

5cheery: you mean the hobbit...

janegael: You can't get the shirt but you can get the Mug, Mousepad, Set of postcards (package of 8), Journal (5"x8" spiral bound 160 pages) and a small Poster (11"x17") Google: cafepress. com havoc_tour

LoveOrBeHated: Watch The Hobbit. He plays the main dwarf

SarasmGetSared: "he's a different man.....well he's a different horse really" omg he is soooo cutee<3

Tracia Cho Leem: sry to disappoint you, but it's season 2 episode 2: the booby and the beast

sirguyslady: Now that I "know" you , I really think it's cool that he mentions your T-Shirt at the end of the video. How cool is that and the lovely pic you were able to get with him :-)

HeathDances: @slightlyinsaneFTW He still has the shirt! He told me when I met him back in July! :)

slightlyinsaneFTW: I...want that t-shirt.

Monica Vazquez: Ese golpe ni se vio real, él se hizo para atrás antes de que ella lo golpeara

superFrontrunner: GISBORNE!!

Jadiewady: @fe4therduster Season 1 episode 10: Peace off! : )

gorgeouss79: @AEKAskenburne DITTO!!!

annie10103: you dont need sound for this video. just need to look at his face
Richard Armitage BBC Interview 2007 5 out of 5

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Richard Armitage BBC Interview 2007