Pokemon X & Y Strategy - Mega Aerodactyl OP! Metagame For Mega Aerodactyl

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Skazzy CFC: How can you IV train an Aerodactyl?

Caiden Wiseman: It didnt have lots of play, but it does now xD A+ ranked in UU as well

Vile Slanders: Hey, Verlisify. Thought I'd share another crazy VGC style team. With Mega-Aerodactyl as the star. This is... a crazy design that seems gimmicky at first glance, though in practice... it's freaking incredible. What I'm about to suggest is a WHOLE TEAM, so do be aware that this has been thoroughly pioneered. Without further ado, My "Sky Drop Team."


Mega-Aerodactyl; Adamant Nat, EVs: 252 Speed, 252 Attack, 4 HP

Hone Claws
Sky Drop
Rock Slide

The bread and butter set for Mega-Aerodactyl, doubles design. Roost is obviously for recovery, but with his insane Speed stat, can be used to thwart super-effective Ice, Rock, and Electric attacks before they have the chance to hit. Hone Claws is sadly, they only Attack buffing move that can be learned by Aerodactyl, but given Rock Slide's less than reliable accuracy, it's not a complete waste. Rock Slide is for the AOE, as well as a high-speed, STAB-backed, 30% chance of flinching both targets. And finally, the meat of the design: Sky Drop.

Sturdy Skarmory; Careful Nat, EVs: 252 HP, 252 Special Defense, 4 Defense
Item: Rocky Helmet

Agility/ Tailwind/ Whirlwind
Sky Drop

The polar opposite of Aerodactyl's sweeper setup, Skarmory is designed to Stall. The first move is completely up to your discretion. Tailwind is great for support, but due to the "slower" methods of obliteration utilized, Skarmory tends to favor Agility. Whirlwind can be used to force switch outs, so its utility cannot be understated. Toxic, Roost, and Sky Drop all come together to make a wicked stall combo. Simply put, just because your opponent is stuck in the air, doesn't mean that they can't take escalating amounts of Toxic damage.


The second group on this team seems a little odd, but trust me, they work. I'll explain now. No Guard. It will allow you to strike an opponent caught in Sky Drop, and given that the movepools of two of such wielders include Earthquake and Rock Slide, you effectively can turn a double battle into a 2 on 1. Not to mention, having Skarmory or Aerodactyl Sky Drop the faster opponent, and then arrange a Dynamic Punch for them while they are caught in Sky Drop. Not only do they take huge amounts of damage, but by the time they hit the ground, they'll be struggling to get past the confusion of how they were affected by an Fist or an Earthquake at 20,000 feet altitude.

No Guard Machamp; Adamant Nat, EVs: 252 HP, 252 Attack 4 Def
Item: Assault Vest

Bullet Punch
Knock Off
Dynamic Punch

Just about the most universal setup I could think of. Everything should be self explanatory.

No Guard Golurk; Adamant Nat, EVs: 252 HP, 252 Attack, 4 Def
Item: Life Orb

Drain Punch
Rock Slide
Dynamic Punch

Finally, I can use Golurk! This guy is one of my favorite mon, so yeah... Happy. Anyways, the setup speaks for itself. You can swap the Life Orb for Machamp's Assualt Vest, but I leave that up to you. Also, if you want to go crazy, you can make a speed design and swap out Drain Punch for Rock Polish. I just prefer the tankiness though.

No Guard Doublade; Brave Nat, EVs: 252 HP, 252 Attack, 4 Special Defense
Special Note: 0 Speed IV
Item: Eviolite

Swords Dance
Sacred Sword
Shadow Sneak
Gyro Ball

Again, this set is fairly obvious. Another reason why I like this team is because of Doublade. I actually prefer his aesthetics over Aegislash's. Either way, he is the defensive wall, complete with Wall Breaking techniques, Priority, and the rather useful Gyro Ball. Have Aerodactyl run off with (Sky Drop) your opponent's Mega-Gengar, then let Doublade one shot the speed  freak with Gyro Ball while he's helpless in the air. God, I laugh so hard when this happens. But yeah, he can be used to do cataclysmic damage to your opponent's speed mon without having to worry about getting hit, courtesy of Sky Drop.

Golurk and Machamp pair well with both Aerodactyl's speedy Sky Drops, and of course, Skarmory's Toxic, (The Classic Toxic/Confusion, brought to you by Sky Drop-Dynamic Punch!) and the ability to selectively engage, divide, and destroy your opponent enters a whole new level of cheapness. Try it. It appeals to the strategically minded. Of course, the only other mon to get No Guard is Karrablast or Mega Pidgeot, neither of which are viable, unless you want to use a Regular Aerodactyl, but then you would miss out on the cheapest trick of them all...

The "RAGE QUIT!" Soloist

Magic Guard Clefable; Bold Nat, EVs: 252 Hp, 128 Defense, 128 Special Defense
Item: Leftovers

Cosmic Power
Stored Power
Follow Me

This is so broken. The strategy follows:

Round 1: Aerodactyl Sky Drops the biggest threat, Clefable uses Cosmic Power.

Round 2: Aerodactyl releases opponent, Clefable uses Follow Me.

Round 3: Aerodactyl Sky Drops the biggest threat, Clefable uses Cosmic Power/Moonlight.

Round 4: Aerodactyl releases opponent, Clefable uses Follow Me.

Round 5: Aerodactyl Sky Drops the biggest threat, Clefable uses Cosmic Power/Moonlight...

Round 6: Aerodactyl releases opponent, Clefable uses Follow Me...

...I think you get it. Broken as crap. Fun as hell. NOBODY SEES IT COMING. I doubt my "Sky Drop Team" is an original design, but I do feel like a pioneer in this field. Give it a whirl, or please... expand on it. This is too viable not to explore new boundaries.

I hope you enjoyed this Strategy, I'll keep trying to come up with new and terrifying ones for your testing pleasure.

TheKingNekro: Singles set-up sweeper:

252 attack, 252 speed Adamant

Hone Claws
Fly/Aerial Ace
Aqua Tail/Earthquake
Stone Edge

The only Pokemon in the game that resists these moves is Empoleon. You can switch Fly for Arial Ace if you fear Chesnaught Spiky Shield, but I like Fly because it hits so much harder and with this moveset pretty much anything that switches in to take a Fly is going to take a huge hit even resisted, then is going to get hit by something else powerful that's unresisted. It does work. I know Fly isn't commonly used in competitive play, but base 90 + Hone Claws + STAB + Tough Claws is serious damage. Also Aqua Tail can be switched for Earthquake to hit grounded Steel types harder, but keep in mind it's not Tough Claws boosted and doesn't hit as hard.

You can run Jolly if you want, but with Adamant you're already going to outspeed the vast majority of the non-scarfed threats who might take on Mega Aero anyways so I often just run Adamant.

Neko™: i have a mega beedrill with max speed 427 it outspeeds a adament mega aerodactyl but since it has 5 less base speed it will be slower than a jolly mega aerodactyl, is most mega aerodactyls jolly or adament? i need to know

Paul Winston: It also gets stone edge which is another big bonus.

Chaos Kuzuri: What's the best ability for it?..

Pieshop97: Mega Aerodactyl and Cloyster is OP ;3

Clovis Totenkopf: Sky drop doesn't work anymore on heavy targets.

I use aerial ace instead.

Clovis Totenkopf: Sky drop doesn't work anymore on heavy targets.

I use aerial ace instead.

Frank Chen: you know why mega aerodactyl is barely used?  cuz barely any of its STAB moves make use of its ability

Bulfwyne09: I watch your vids and the other dude with the long black hair and scrubby facial hair, by the way he should go with the Tony Stark Gotee lol, Anyways I subed you and will like your vids deff, but I was wondering on this build cause I've noticed a lot of people have been asking me for a Unburden Arodactyl, not mega, just wondered for all practical purposes is it better to run the Mega ?? cause peeps are saying the mega stats don't kick in the same turn your poke turns Mega ??

NitoSky: Sky Drop works suprisingly well with Toxic/Burn since it adds +1 turn of damage, won several games with my stall team like this...

Cleveland Brown: I play this Get this at Pokemonshowdown.com u can play online

Press Kevin To Continue: Meowstic w Quick Guard and Aerodactly are made for each other

Gintoki Azuma: ferrothorn baton pass

AcciorraOfficial: Mega Scizor w/ Bullet Punch says Hi c:

Salvatore Schembi: I love your videos, youre a very good player And i had learned a lot with you. I have a problem and i hope you can help me. Should i pick mega aereodactyl or mega gengar? I love the both, but i dont know which one is the strongest in battle. Thank you And keep the great job

Poke Riachi: what an idiot, Fire fang for ferrothorns?. you take the iron barbs damage, he survives with the good defense and because it's not stab and he will end up killing you with a gyro ball at full power. not to mention that some ferrothorns carry a rocky helmet

OpticalArxenal: Might be worth noting that with Sandstorm it can take an Ice Beam of pretty decent damage and live. Tested with my normal Aerodactyl vs a Mewtwo, I don't know about it's nature or EV's, but it could be good to know.
Pokemon X & Y Strategy - Mega Aerodactyl OP! Metagame for Mega Aerodactyl 5 out of 5

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