Adam Riemann Tests 2010 Husky Range.

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Adam Riemann tests 2010 Husky range.
Adam Riemann tests 2010 Husky range.
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Adam Riemann's TE250 Part 1
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melias67: Too bad the 2010 TC250 doesn't want to start when hot...

itstheendoftheworld: what's the song at 7:30

Connar Roberts: Where is this?

Swe.Rider: And why isnt the cr 125 with in this review????????

Matej B.: Ich liebe dieses Video 💙

100porcentotrilhas: Hello Riemann! in your opinion, what diferences between TE250 and TCX250, i use in enduro. Tanks!

Matthew Hewson: Lovin the dirt mustache at the start LOL

nickvolders: How is the WR300 compared to the ktm exc 300?

dominique5462: wow great vidéo

naldoruby: Dig the sweet dirt moustache.

dominique5462: Great vidéo

jyri takanen: what do you think about husqvarna wr 125?

KARLish33: Great video! I'm going for a 2011 TE310 in spring! Lots of upgrades on this bike for 2011. There's only 2 Husqvarna dealer in Québec, Canada...But this is only the beginning...

spakls: I own the 2009 Te 450 about a thousand miles now. It vibrates like hell. Had a water pump leak was cover under warrant. Front end still stiff , hard to dial in just right, alot of rocks around here in Pa.. Good in mud and dirt.Stalls alot. To much bike for tight stuff for sure. I would have gotten the KTM 450 exc for the suspension. Got locked out of my other you tube account tryed everthing can;t get in ( spaksl103 ) Hope this will help.

Pedro GH: There is something I dont like about these bikes, specially the ones with 4 strokes engines, and it is their exhaust pipe, it is like right between the rear tire and the rear fender, it doesnt match with the motorcicle. The husqvarna engineers should encrease these pipes angle in order to get it closer to the rear fender so the bike look much better & agressive

lastchancebev: I plan on getting one of those - nice bike. There is obviously no demand for them in Oz as they don't import them.

Petit Namteum: Very good video! Thanks for the info. Even though I'm buying a 125CR !

ARiemann1: Thanks for the feedback dfa.

dfa7559: Great video Adam! Was disappointed when you had to leave ADB as your insight with bikes and how they run is great! Really enjoy the way you write and speak about bikes. Great style. Watching this was great! You really can ride anything and FAST! Im looking into buying the 2010 TC250, so thanks for the breakdown.

ARiemann1: We only have the KTM300EXC in Australia, so I'd have no valid comment, but with its 3 power-valve spring options you can have whatever bottom-end you like with the Kato. I've written reviews on both the entire KTM and Husky enduro range so check the website if you'd like to make your own comparisons.
Adam Riemann tests 2010 Husky range. 5 out of 5

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Adam Riemann tests 2010 Husky range.