Cordless / Battery Powered Electric Snowblower

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da man: did you have to run an dc-to ac, inverter?

itchynackers: Rocketgsx,  I have an almost identical situation to yours.  I'm from the electric bike background (first bike up Pikes Peak 2012) running a 25s setup.  I'd like to use my bike battery on my corded SJ625E snowblower.  Other than connecting the battery leads to the snowblower cord, did you do anything else (install a controller, throttle, etc..)?Thanks,Adam

Rin Rio-Oki: Hey, enjoyed your video.  I have an electric Snow Joe Max (120V 13.5A Model SJM988) that I want to convert to DC too.  Please explain your battery setup as if you were explaining it to a younger sister who knows the basics of electronics but the finer details need explaining. (What the hell does "25s2p" mean?)  So, yea!  Would like to join this révolution électrique, and get my Lithium-ion Polymer battery conversion ON! 

Ann Woods: snow joe ion

GuruMN: You could probably just screw an appropriate sized C-clamp on there to keep that button squeezed the whole time and then all you need to do is pull back the power arm thing to turn it on. That would probably be a buck or two from the hardware store if you don't already have one and wouldn't require you to modify the unit as long as it doesn't have an interlock that prevents it from powering back up if it is held down the whole time.

Abhi Singh: Awesome. Can't wait to try with my brand new MTD electric.

chet3larson: Like everyone else here I would love to see additional video of putting the battery pack together, charging mechanism, and overall how you put the thing together. Looks awesome and I would love to do this also

Daniel Goodwin: This is very cool! Forgive me but I'm not very technically/mechanically inclined. Could this be configured to run on a 36v battery pack like the one used in the Stihl Kombi system? Or would that not be sufficient to power it?

jeremie laflamme: I had this unit for 2 years... electric and not battery powered. The gears inside are plastic and break over time. also the switch broke also. I tried so many times to fix it and finally the motor burnt out. But I still love what you did.

Karen Lydick: This looks like an awesome conversion. . . . especially if you live in a 3rd story apartment like I do. I would definitely be interested in a how to video . . . especially if it were done in nontechnical lingo so a novice could understand and follow the instructions. I see that all this was posted a year ago and it's almost time for snow again. Any possibility of getting something up so we can put something together in time for this year's snows?

bostonfx: Hey there, I've been looking for a cordless battery-run snow blower. I think the only one being sold on the market is the Amp 24 which is way too expensive. Any idea who else makes one for cheaper?

rocketgsx: @vivitar45 I'm guessing you live somewhere in the far far south and have never had to shovel before. I'm in my mid-20's and in pretty good shape and if there is more than an inch or two of powder on the ground, there is no comparison. The video is a little deceiving because I am ramming through old snowpack and ice just to demonstrate. The electric motor easily outperforms and <$300 gas snowblower I have ever tried (and I got it for a song and already had the batteries).

vivitar45: snow shovel be about the same time and easyer to store and dosent need to be recharged

Chris Carter: @rocketgsx Hi, I'm interested in how you built this battery snowblower. Did you ever get round to putting up a tutorial video?

Andrew Jones: we dont have a Snow Blower but last year we got 4 ft of snow some areas in my yard had up to 7 ft... it was ridiculous! lol

don shield: I would love to see that electrical conversion to battery on the snow Joe 6221 cord machine. However, I know somebody out there has a simple conversion to bypass that safety button you have to push before pulling back on the throttle. Please help me out. I'm afraid to screw it up for fear that it wouldn't work when I got done altering the button.

don shield: Somebody please show me a good way to get around that safety button on the side that you have to push before pulling the trigger. What a pain. This is on the snow joe SJ621.

don shield: Like to see how you converted that as I have a snow joe 13 amp, 18 inch, which I assume this is. It looks just like it. Please put out a video to change this to battery plus there must be some conversion to get around that safety button on the side. That is a real pain in the butt.

sambar: Thats awesome, it'd be great to see a how to video on the battery and its applications. Must applaud you on your efforts, looking forward to some DIY's.

rocketgsx: @itlldoktm Yeah, I didn't even realize I was sending it over the fence until watching the video back. I guess they can't be too pissed because I just finished clearing their sidewalk though!
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