Low Budget Manual Pick And Place (HD)

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willysnowman: Excellent idea! Very simple, adaptable, and useful.

AJ: Super coooooool !

Eric Marrom: good job bro but
friend does not weld together

Matthew Richardson: I use tweezers just fine with 603's.

Chahat Sajwan: where these equipment s are available in Delhi?

Aditya Mulay: if I want to buy one where I would get ? and how much will it cost .

vishnu vishnu n v: price????

tron eee: Hi, very clever SMD placer. So clever that I am collecting parts to replicate yours (and I love the music selection too!! Thanks.) However, I looked all over the place and I have not found an e-mail address to contact you regarding a problem I have in downloading the DXF file from your website: "The plans are here in .dxf format (right click - Save As)". Each time I try to download the dxf file, the file downloads as a different size and all are either too short (truncated) or are otherwise damaged in some manner. The typical sizes that I have downloaded range from: 209,393; 209,344; 209,358 and the last one (one more try tonight) was 209,570. I do not know what is happening? Can you zip the file (maybe its something screwy that my ISP is doing?) and upload it to the website or howabout posting it as a posting it as renamed jpg. That way we could download it directly from your website as a 'save-as' and the ISP won't prevent it being downloaded.

Of course, if I don't get a copy of your drawings, its obviously not the end of the world or the project build....heh heh, I'll just have to use more of my brain!

And, where did you find those needle bearings? I've looked around and have not been able to find any thing that resembles those that you have in your placer.

In any case, thanks for sharing your neato project with us Netizens.

LA, Ca, United States of Mexico

Robert Laughlin: I wish someone would offer a machine like this for sale

ваня поле: нормально...
лучше сделать большое колесо сверху ручки пипетки, для поворотов более точных

francisco gerardo hernandez rivera: Building one as a christmas present, great job! Respect!

Miguel Torres: Excelente forma de colocar componentes SMD

xFuaZe: Why not automate it? :D

vladstrulev: thank you very much this is a greatest idea for manual component placement. I've seen your other projects and I'm impressed by all of them. I'm starting to look/buy parts for the project right now

Mohamed Sofi: Where to buy these parts? Are they available on eBay or Amazon?

hitesh chhokra: Hi i got to know about this machine i actully want this machine can you please help me out i can even buy this machine

TecBOT Maranhao: very wonderfullll

Federico Rodriguez: Thanks much for this awesome creation. Is it for sale? Also, could you tell us which needles to use for picking the 0402 components? Thanks much!

Mohammed Fazlul Haq Amin: thank for the vdo.

Aison Aison: и для чего все это? бесполезная хрень... ЧПУ бы уж тогда делал
Low Budget Manual Pick and Place (HD) 5 out of 5

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Low Budget Manual Pick and Place (HD)