How To Build A Homemade Moonshine Still

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Anthony Pitcock: It’s flammable but he’s holding a lighter

Swisha85: this looks so good man, very simple and well thought out. you said the first 2 ounces that come out are acetone and should NOT be drank. is there a way to determine when thee acetone or the mix produced is starting to become edible and safe? if its running clear like that are we good to go? as for your final product i myself have no problem drinking it straight, but what are some things you would recommend to add for flavoring. cinnamon sticks, cherries, and fruits. Thank you!

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Crobular I: I used a Prestige pressure cooker. A Coleman stove, A 5 gall oil drum and small bore copper CH pipe 10T over 12" X 5" Dia. Coil. Rocket fuel . Then when stilled put a cheap bottle of Vodka or Polish spirit and still again. WOW !!. Mix the mash with some citrus fruit and let it go green !!. Stack Me !!. Take a spoonful and light it. If it burns dry you are there Big Time. 100%.

Dirt 117: So if you still it off three times do you still have tastes/flavors from the mash... like corn and rye or whatever you use? Or does it start too loose that and just take on alcohol flavor being stilled off 3 times?

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Dan Burch: Good job. But consider your altitude. The boiling point of water drops by 2F for every 1000 ft of altitude. If you're in Denver distilling wine, the water boils at 202F. If you want to keep water out of your distillate, take this into consideration. You want to keep the temperature above 172F (boiling point of alcohol at sea level), but below the boiling point of water at your altitude. Between 180F - 195F will work in most places.

Robert Rivera: hahahAhah you drank too much but good job !!!!!

Yavor Alexandroff: Here in Bulgaria we use the same technology, but our product is called rakia. :D

Donnie Brown: i just finally got a 5 quart pressure cooker,i already have the copper tubing n fittings...and i know that i need to clean my tubing by running white vinegar then water thru the coil before cooking shine... my question is ; if i am running 4 quarts of 20% alcohol mash, how many ounces do i thro away at the beginning?(the head)...also, is there any other safety measures that i should take,?as i plan to share with friends n loved ones,i dont want to kill anyone...thnx mann

samitha Hewawasam: some body pls tell me ....what is the mixing proportion for spirits with water

Kilo LIANG: dude, I bet it's not the right way.
How to build a homemade moonshine still 5 out of 5

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How to build a homemade moonshine still