How To Build A Homemade Moonshine Still

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Paul Winstanley:

Terryblount: Nothing wrong with aluminum.  Half our food is cooked in aluminum pots and all our soft drinks are sold in aluminum cans. (and soda is HIGHLY corrosive)  Danka Vodka is sold in aluminum containers and it's 80% alcohol.You setup needs about 2 ft of half inch stainless steel pipe on top of the pressure cooker to function as a reflux chamber.  The water vapor will condense and run back into the pot while the alcohol vapor goes into the worm and condenses.You don't want to get over 200 since alcohol vaporizes at 173.  The hotter the more water vapor will end up in  your shine.You don't need ice. A bucket of cold water won't even warm up when you are cooking a couple gallons.

Mika Ross: do you know the wattage of your hotplate? and what is the setting you keep it at while running

mikey mendoza: actually water boils at 212 degrees at sea level but in a pressure cooker its up to 257 degrees, alcohol boiling point changes too

Blip Blap: And @ShRiMp that sounds fitting. Shrimp. What a joke!

Blip Blap: I hate idiots outside the US trying to dictate how things should be! Go courtesy to your Queen!

Blip Blap: Sounds like this guy made his shine the way he knew how. I think it's fine. Nice vid BTW. Now for all you out of the country idiots.. Well... Mind your own F***in business!! All you F**k h**ds outside this country want to accuse a guy of being un knowledgeable about his product can go F*ck yourselves. Thanks for the mash recipe. It was awesome, if you know what your doing!

yeeyoh: Hi, I may never make my own still but as a fan of Vodkia and a person who has enjoyed moonshine once or twice in my life I'm curious when the Methanol is separated from the ethanol. From what I understand, and I don't know much about this, when the 'mulch(?)' is boiled or raised in temperature both ethanol and methanol are evaporated. Methanol is like rubbing alcohol stuff like that and ethanol is 'the stuff you drink'.
Any clarification on this would be great... and yes I did have to look up how to spell methanol and ethanol and which is which.

Classie Scheidemantle: You can use woodprix instructions to build it yourself guys.



david mcfarland: 3/8 inch pipe is fine it will run just fine with that. Next time you make a worm wrap it around an old paint can it's the perfect size you want your worm to be, Tape is bunk man I use a compression fitting this means I can break it down fast and easy. It's great for cleaning and refilling your mash pot tightens by hand.

wingmanalive: I run a somewhat similar setup only using a 6 gallon stainless steel pot still and I use 1/2" copper lines. I distill sugar wash and when I use turbo yeast I can get 150 proof on my 1st run, crystal clear. I run mine 3 times and end up with 170-180 proof which I have my own label for when bottling. People are very interested in buying my shine but I won't sell it. (I like my house, freedom and such). I've been offered $50/750ml bottle and yes I turned it down, with regret. I simply give them away to family/friends. One tip I have is to use a container that fits inside your condenser coil to make an ice mold. Make 2-3 of them. I find using those big pretzel/cheese ball jugs works well. Or use any other jug that fits. Even milk jugs and 2 liter soda bottles. Fill them with water and freeze them. That way you just drop them inside when it's time to run and top up with water. No ice to buy. Swap them out when they melt past usefulness. Another thing, don't believe all the hype in numbers. Some will tell you 175 degrees is the magic number and others 200. Trust me, whatever temp your still begins producing at is the right number for you. Pure ethanol boils at 174 degrees, why would anyone tell you that's when your production needs to start at? If you had pure ethanol why would you be distilling it? Depending on the % of alcohol in your wash, your still design, elevation above sea level, ect, your magic number can be anywhere between 175-205 degrees. Know this though, the higher the starting temp means the less alcohol in your wash. If your still won't produce until 205 degrees then you're only getting a low % alcohol out of it and is probably not worth distilling. If it starts at 178 then you're in for a good run. I can go on and on about yeast used, the use and over use of yeast nutrients, how many people fail to use malt or enzymes in corn whiskey, ect. Been doing this for years. Got my art down to a science and can make a 750ml bottle of 170 proof white lightening at under $3 cost. That's because I produce in bulk and in 10 bottle batches. I love this crap.

Oh and another thing, I've written several articles on my experiences and advice on home distilling. Everything is a learn in progress. What you may think is gospel today may be fiction tomorrow. There are a lot of people giving bad advice and it's not their fault necessarily, they're just over anxious to spread what they think they know. I won't claim to know everything and won't bet my children's life on my own advice, but I've been around the block long enough to know I can learn from you and you from me. That's what the internet's for! Happy distilling!

thastinger345: This must be the second run, listening to your voice sounds like you drank all of the run before this one

Psychotic Rainbowz: Question: Does the condenser tube has to be made of copper? How about plastic?

Erik Buhrow: Are you planning to filter your product through carbon? Have you tried to see if it cleans up the product? just curious.

trueme1990: how much alcohol % is is then?? 40 50 60 70 80??

the coaster kid project: you blow your self up with so much pressure

vorkev1: you should not do it drunk witch you are you sler like hell. And you should not have sed anything about making money as its not legal to make in most states letalone in the states wear it is you cant sell it with out being a distiller who is licensed to make and destribuit

Dean Young: I heard the first couple of ounces is poisonous? Is that true? I don't want to kill no one.

Jon Mild: That was a good starting point for me. I dont have a garage, so looking for something I can do indoors. This looks like something I can have fun with experimenting with different mashes.
How to build a homemade moonshine still 5 out of 5

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How to build a homemade moonshine still