How To Build A Homemade Moonshine Still

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c3nar1us: Sounds like mr. Mackay. Alcohol is bad M'kay!

Colin Odom: Cool vid Jake. I'm on my way to getting just as hammered as you. I have a very large canner that was my grandmothers and after I finish canning my peppers and eggs I'll be runnin some cider and mash with brown sugar. Grow in the heat and brew when it's cool.

David Cabrera: Thanks for the video. Would it work better with 1/2 in. Copper tube??

Cody Lenigar: What proof is this?

Joe Stidham: Don't ever drink the first part coming off. Never, never, never! If you are running a 5 gallon still it's around the first 200 ml's. The taste and smell will change. Now when I say taste I mean tiny drop on the tounge and spit out.

william mcleod: I dont have any, for you BUD! . your a lot like my ex in a lot of ways lmfao , :-)bye

william mcleod: Obviously ,obviously... obviously! ( it's obvious he likes the word "obviously") I mean it's only obvious that it's the obvious word to ovulate what is being dejected from his mouth in a nonchalant obvious manner . Okay well I have a bunch of English teachers undergrads and professors on both sides of my family as well as the woman who I am going to marry my fiance is mother is a English teacher at a local high school so where to the wise and I quote«~" "intellectual people have a more intelligent way of expressing oneself other than happening upon the obvious... you use the word so much that it is now offensive and could be considered conjecture it's of black education too much white alcohol to be truthful where I come from could be considered just as Bad Manners ,distasteful display of mannerism . May you have a pleasant day and keep in mind that quote it will change your life as well as make you look more intelligent than what you look at us now

Mark Enriquez: This guy sounds like he's three sheets to the wind!

Garren Manges: wrong

Brandon Horseman: What size tubing and compression fitting??? I have the same pressure cooker

Joseph Gunter: LOVE the setup. Soooo Cooool. Thanks for the knowledge!!!!!

Justin B. (MrRasberryJamm): will the wine in the cooker still retain alcohol that is drinkable after the run?? how do you know when to stop running

Eric White: and your an idiot if you think you gotta dump the first 4 "shots" . its all ethanol. why moonshiners dump the 4 shots is for luck. don't toss any of your brew.

Eric White: 180 is the temp at which alcohol turns to a vapor so no higher then 190 195

Paul Winstanley:

Terryblount: Nothing wrong with aluminum.  Half our food is cooked in aluminum pots and all our soft drinks are sold in aluminum cans. (and soda is HIGHLY corrosive)  Danka Vodka is sold in aluminum containers and it's 80% alcohol.You setup needs about 2 ft of half inch stainless steel pipe on top of the pressure cooker to function as a reflux chamber.  The water vapor will condense and run back into the pot while the alcohol vapor goes into the worm and condenses.You don't want to get over 200 since alcohol vaporizes at 173.  The hotter the more water vapor will end up in  your shine.You don't need ice. A bucket of cold water won't even warm up when you are cooking a couple gallons.

Mika Ross: do you know the wattage of your hotplate? and what is the setting you keep it at while running

mikey mendoza: actually water boils at 212 degrees at sea level but in a pressure cooker its up to 257 degrees, alcohol boiling point changes too

Blip Blap: And @ShRiMp that sounds fitting. Shrimp. What a joke!

Blip Blap: I hate idiots outside the US trying to dictate how things should be! Go courtesy to your Queen!
How to build a homemade moonshine still 5 out of 5

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How to build a homemade moonshine still