Ariens Snow Blower In Action Review

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Ariens Snow blower in action Review
Ariens Snow blower in action Review
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Joe Briggs: Wow that is a nice machine.

trainman071: Ariens has always have been the best i own a 1973 model 910995 7 hp Tecumseh h70 this thing still kicks ass after 42 years of service

Kevin Aylward: I have the exact same model, but mine came with the 11.5hp/318cc Tecumseh Snow King engine. Seems they are in such strong demand, that they have had to use a few different engines, and brands to meet the demand. I've also seen this same model with a Briggs and Stratton engine on a different site years ago.

sissy rahrah: Could you please give me advice on my Ariens snowblower , There was a chunk of ice that prevented the impeller from rotating ,I kept squeezing the handle on the handle lever then smoke came out of the side, I stopped cleared all the ice out now the impeller doesnt move at all, the engine runs fine and the the tires rotate good as well, I can only use it as a plow,, could you please tell me what I broke? Thank you

Paul Graham: Ariens is the best. The chute and impeller is all metal. Ice and rocks won't hurt it. I've seen them last forever with heavy use throwing all sorts of ice and gravel

dave piercy: ariens  is the best

The Insufferable Tool: Great vid man, thank you!

doublej118jc: Light, dry snow, I'm not impressed. Lets see how it does here in the east with 24" of heavy wet snow and with the 5' pile the plow leaves at the end of my driveway.

safarigoo: Be fun as hell snowblowing a small paved driveway like that

METALfanUSMC: Give it back to the clouds!

Michael Dodd: Is that good? Honey let me go inside this is silly

Rattler068: Have a Deluxe 28+ 921934 with 305cc B&S engine,love it.

sledhead780: Busted out my ariens today, 1332le model, We only got a few inches of heavy snow overnight but it was still throwing it about 30-40ft away. Very nice machine.

ilikejor ed: i feel sorry for ur neighbers lmfao

hazzard1111111111111: I make these ariens snowblowers in brillion wi

tpetty34: Thanks for the video !!! I just bought a 2008 Ariens 5524 that starts first pull. It's summer so haven't been able to really test it. I have three single drives which was way too much for my old single stage.

2krisz: HAHAHAHA what the hell is that machine ???????

kctyphoon: Reasons i say that - it cost me $800 to buy a 20 year old yamaha thrower, and both honda's and yamaha's 6 hp models, match or exceed almost every other 10 -12 hp throwers. Not saying yours isn't nice, but there is a reason some makes/models cost a few grand.

kctyphoon: For the record, im sure this is a great thrower, but making the claim "it's better than a honda" is a bit of a stretch

BarbershopHarmony: I have a 205cc that is rated at 5.5 to 6.5 HP, so the 11HP might be around the 400cc mark, give or take 50cc...
Ariens Snow blower in action Review 5 out of 5

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Ariens Snow blower in action Review