Luffy Vs. Bellamy Uncensored In Japanese (English/ German Subs)

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Horest Gump: get rekt

Rin Kookie: epic!

MrFrisMich: I just love this 1hit kill/ko <3

LegendaryDestroyer: @KaboomKrusader2 Um... Actually, its... "Do you know the style of punching, you said?" *owned* Punch no Kata, craperu datte? Kata-Style craperu-know Datte-u said (in this fight) Though, the way you said it was a direct quote from another sub group that just westernized that line. "You want to know if i can fight, huh" is another westernization of the line. Both are indirect translations though, but both has the same emphasis.

aggizmo64: epic, one piece punch scene, EVER

sageky: at 0:58. the bellamy climax.

majorD01: He actually survives. You see him with a bandage next time though

mark cubbison: luffy walking away: oh yea that was for stealing my food

Grand DunkMastah: What episode?

maistero: thats exactly what i shouted when i saw this scene.

Vee Pee: @xAznSkyxx why do you need a japnese dub if it's already in japanese???

Nami M.: he still lost on the collosseum fight of group B


AceCIips: one of the most satisfying moments i have ever felt in an anime!


worg3: This isn't even a fight ....

MsKkk1992: What a victory...with one punch! Luffy kicks ass! :D

Areayx LakersforLife: @pleasefanmenot 151 episode

Fajjani: Bellamy's ability seems to be very dependant on the surrounding given he bounces back and forth from hitting various buildings or objects.

destroyer9987: That was the most epic punch i have ever seen.. you can see luffy's arm shake with force after that punch. Definitely shut Bellamy up... that prick lol. What he gets for insulting the Masira Pirates, Norland and everything Luffy stands for.

shadowlarkmoon: @longnhardstuff What? Luffy could easily see him at his current speed. Not only that he hit dude so hard all the built up force got deflected dead into the ground... if not canceled out completely. I am sure current Luffy could of kept up with Bellamy. This fight just goes to show you how weak Bellamy and his crew were. Luffy could see the guy, he knew where he was the whole time, knew his attack wasn't a threat.... but the guys crew couldn't even keep with it. He didn't even us a gum attack!!!!

practiceyourart: Which episode is this from?

Radiance: PWNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lunix Gamer X: spriiing hooooopahhhh ahahaha lol

Sungjun Yi: @jeffhardyultimte thx for spoiler, to others i mean and i kno, i read manga

JyMaster1: HE GOT KNOCKED THE freak OUTT lol


Buyinos: God i know, after all that bullcrap i just wanted luffy to beat his ass!

dimastrength: Wonder if Luffy punch with gear Third.

aku no hana: one hit delete

Ruldolphmaker: when talking to luffy and you see that face at 0:20 TAKE IT BACK, APOLOGIZE OR RUNNNNNN cause you will have a mark on your face more permanent than a tattoo

rapslayer7: THIS IS HAKI!

Abdul.: Monkey D. Luffy...i bow to you *___*

EggDevilKing94: @Quadraxis didnt donflamingo kill him?

Katie Cook: luffy is just bad ass

Bugzeejr2003: I though they didn't allow rape on youtube.

Tony Chan: Yo Bellamy, I'm really happy for you and Ima let you finish, but Luffy is the best pirate of all time! OF ALL TIME!

Rhtrucking9: You got knocked f*** out

0MaxK0: that much force on a single point.... at that speed.... i'm pretty sure his head would have exploded... yes that sucker is dead. very dead

Timmy Thissen: wow and he has a 55 million berry bounty!

Nackols: You want to know if I can throw a punch huh?*

Allen Xu: @shadowlarkmoon Not that he even needed his Akuma no Mi for a loser like him xD

darkheronate: this has actually made me want to watch the sky piea arc again.....only a little

Frank Kraemer: The same punch in gear second would have blown his head away completely!

Lumiadli: @thefunnyguyx3 150 or 151

Kenneth Higham: that wasnt a fight. That was luffy saying "BITCH know your place!"

Alex Hzk: " Do I know how to throw a punch ? " HELLL YEAHH .

Sungjun Yi: @SUPERBOY6 well luffy is about 6times stronger than bellamy bounty of luffy = 300million bellamy = 55million

Neftolis Zulander: @ThorAxeTheThunder freak the haters. xP

TheTsugnawmi2010: There's a slap, then there's the bitchslap, then there's the pimpslap, then there's THAT; what Luffy likes to call his "BITCH PLEASE" slap
Luffy vs. Bellamy uncensored in japanese (English/ German subs) 4.8 out of 5

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Luffy vs. Bellamy uncensored in japanese (English/ German subs)