March 30, 1979 CBS Commercials

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March 30. 1979 CBS commercials
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HuskerRed: Chevy Malibu - cheap cheap cheap.

HuskerRed: The 70s was the best decade in the U.S..

mosipd: I learned how to first use a camera and develop film shooting B&W with my dad's old Canon AE-1 Program as a kid. I still have it but the shutter stopped being accurate a long time ago.

Ryan Anderson: Far out! That looks like Christopher Mayer, probably better know as his short lived time as Vance Duke when Bo and Luke were replaced on The Dukes of Hazzard, doing the "Power of the Pump" ad at 4:39. haha! Funny stuff!

Vic Morrow Chick: OJ Simpson is evil. You can see it in his eyes.

pmerk36: Can I still get that Minolta offer?

Astronómica Juarense: Great Memories from the late 79. Thanks for sharing.

Matt Pizzano: 11:30 PM EST tip-off for this game on a Friday night. I would have loved this; late-night hoops and no school the next day. 

Evan J: Yeah get used to pushing that '79 Malibu.

Frank Woetko: love commes 

Chris Lewis: Not a hockey puck to be found on the CBS Sports ending ad, haha

humbuck: What happened to the development of solar? 35 years hasn't been enough time?

Chris Aivazian: the pan am economy commercials made me sad

John Hattabaugh: buzz tarver seems so smarmy, and of course they share the "power of the pump..." God, i'm old...

Peppermint Snowdrift: "People who enjoy a useful rear door"? ROTFLOL!

Stephanie Vela Anderson: If you take two songs and spilt it by ten, you'll have seventy different sounds.

Carl Jr McCoy: U must be a young

DenshoGiallo: Abel & Associates really revolutionized visual effects. It's dated but it still looks good.

Paisley Tom: In the Chevy Malibu commercial, it looks like the long line of people trailing behind it are Pushing the Car ! 

blackeroni: The freak? Commercials were way better!!

John Hattabaugh: from protein 29 to cialis...not much changes, does it?

SniffyPoo: buzz tarver scares me

MrBastilleDay: O.J. talkin about bein a winner...

purplegurl79: Wow! I was about 3 months old at the time!

corv989: Back during O.J.'s innocent days.

Whtxombi: I wonder what percentage of Televisions were color back then. The only color one we had was in the living room. The other was a small black and white.

FranchiseSIX5: 01:50 Oh the irony. The Pete Rose Roast in Vegas.

John Duffy III: Great commercials!

pictureisup1: Robert Conrad needs a beating. I would knock that battery off his shoulder. 

TheTarheel2011: so weird that seattle won the nba title!!

Vahan Nisanian: O.J. Simpson is the perfect example of life imitating art. He made a movie called "Detour to Terror", and in it, there was a scene with his future wife, Nicole Brown as an extra.

mrkrinkle72: god the comic gold that could be if rifftrax got ahold of these!!!!

aeram87: OMG! OJ Simpson!

79tazman: I was born 28 days before this was recorded LOL!!

Logan Swanson: Sweet! You are the best gamelover1949!

79tazman: I was born March 2 1979 the same month the 3 mile island thing happen in PA

case139: Actually, that would be William Boyett, who was a regular on a number of Jack Webb's drama series (Adam-12 and Emergency!).

Davan Mani: Screw the NBA, the game belongs to us fans, first. Not you people, the owners.

The "New" Fun & Games Channel: If I find them, I'll try.

The "New" Fun & Games Channel: And that didn't include ten minutes I took out because they got too repetitious. :-D Thank you, btw.

steelersgold: wow, a box top chevy. needs some pimpin rims,lol

MarcusDude4179: Some of these commercials seem vaguely familar from my very early childhood, even though I wasn't born until 2 days after this was recorded.

The "New" Fun & Games Channel: The NBA has been cracking down hard on people, so probably not.

wnychevy09: The spokesman in the Chevy Van commercial was Tighe Andrews- who was the lieutenant on the TV series Mod Squad

The "New" Fun & Games Channel: Starting a relationship that...well, the rest is history.

Karla Sheabon: AWESOME

Jacob Hairston: i am related to happy hairston ( = " thanks a lot boys see u later"

wnychevy09: Thanks for posting these commercials , these Chevy commercials are nowhere else on the web-I've been looking for these- please post other Chevy commercials

dan cepeda: Oh man this is great. I was 9 years old and though we didn't watch a lot of sports in our house I remember an awful lot of these spots! Had to laugh at the Miller Lite ad with with Eddie 'Popeye' Egan at about the 5:50 mark. Basically, when this cop is drinking on the job he always chooses Miller Lite! HAHA! Love this stuff. Oh, and the Chevy ads are wonderful, and it so happens my dad was working at a Chevy dealership around this time, just before moving to a Dodge dealer and then to Olds.
March 30, 1979 CBS commercials 4.9 out of 5

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March 30, 1979 CBS commercials