March 30, 1979 CBS Commercials

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XBOXRULES: BEFORE jap crap clogged up our roads.

kirk1968: A time when companies and advertising were actually pro-America. Imagine that.

jimmy gardner: O.J Simpson cant do no T.V jobs anymore because hes a murderer.

Bob Billings: What today's companys commercials have got away from is brand recognition through jingles. I used to watch these back in the day willingly and the older brands jingles is still what is in my head today but all today's current boring commercials I fast forward my dvr thru them all. I actually willingly watch these old commercials on YouTube. Sad. Even commercials were better "back in the good ol days" on top of many other things.

YouToobin: "Come on... it's better when you share" @ 4:43

LincolnTek: OJ Simpson looked like a normal happy guy before he became a murderer and now he looks grizzled and evil.

Tom Morrow: American car enginering at its worst!

Mardoche Makaya: for television commercials exxon and Schoolhouse Rock!

Matt Yust: I was born 21 days after this originally aired!

evhvariac2: Very enjoyable

Keith Leeuwen: Kool !

mgtowfish73: After i murder my wife and her friend, i go to hertz and rent a white ford bronco!

MRSAUCEDOG: I was in 2nd grade in 1979 ... this really brought back some memories.

OG BOSS: Who else thinks that the old commercials are better than the new modern ones?

JimJim CG72: "The Chevy Malibu" the car people from Malibu wouldn't be caught dead in.

thumblister: This is see BS

Kevin Olesik: 9:07 slasher / double murderer OJ Simpson

Bohemia: this was on my moms 6th birthday lol

Herman Schwartz: ...And a Pete Rose Roast! If only he had known what was to come! These videos are absolutely awesome. At 21, I was working and going out with my girlfriend and my friends more than staying home and watching TV, but most of these commercials do jog the old memory!! Thanks so much and I will be swallowing up as many of these as I can!!! Memories...
March 30, 1979 CBS commercials 5 out of 5

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March 30, 1979 CBS commercials