BMW E46 FSR / FSU Repair

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450SX S13 COUPE: My battery has been slowly draining over night..I found out it was something with the AC..I took out the AC fuses 28,62,63...but it still drained..input the fuses back but the AC don't get power now...
No hot or cold or any lights on the scene...please let me know if the FSR replacement will help!?!?

Martino Socci: Hi,I want to do the same test you do at the beginning of your video. I have an analog ohm tester but I don't know how understand if the part is gone or not. Please could you answer how to proceed for testing? best regards.

arsenio ovs: i have 1999 323i and there is air coming but No Hot air. should I replace that part?

dragosn69: Thank you verry much for your time and effort. :) i just wanted to say that the heating engine gave me signs runing with variable ups and downs turations at every. second until one day stoped and drain my battery. im going to apply your strategy and i will let you know. Thanks again

Andrew Parrish: Great video! Because of it, I was able o fix my 330ci. Had a hell of a time with the HvAC cover though. Overall, took about an hour. ;-)

BJM1931: i replaced the FSU easily. But can't replace the hvac tunnel. You seemed to cut away here. Any ideas?

KB GAN: Good job.  I was able to replaced my FSR by following your presentation. I did it in an hour. Thanks!

BMW 3 Series: most likely the fsr, but you can try measure the battery voltage first

Wolfgang Ezeh: My e46 blows on start up of the car for a few seconds and erratically in between. The car had been left standing for over one year. Is it the FSU/FSR or do I need a new battery?

BMW 3 Series: May well be the FSR. It has an electronic circuit inside and is powered all the time. So a fail in the FSR can cause a battery drain....and have en fan running a life on it's own

Albert Marquez: hello, i have an issue with this repair if you can please advise. i did this, just as you show here, though i dont have a thermal cam (lol). once replaced, and the FSR installed, i tested the fan speed controls and Auto AC functions again. This time, it worked like a charm. low speed, high speed and auto all performed well. however, going to turn the car off and pack everything up, the fan did not shut off. this remained on after i turned the AC off, turned the car off etc.

Albert Marquez: this will not shut off. i finally disconnected the FSD connector for the mean while just so this wouldn't drain my battery. any ideas what this might be?

Dimitrios K: You totally saved me, I was on line for a month now trying to find someone who knows what he is talking about, half an hour later my a/c is working again, thank you very much for the video,

BMW 3 Series: A failing FSU/FSR can cause the fan to not spin at all, spin with its own life (up and down) or just not possible to adjust the speed on. Just because it was changed once, does not mean that it can't fail again. This part is poorly designed and is likely to fail

alaturqua: Hi. I have got exact same problem like you.. Could you find the reason? If yes. Please post it here..

alaturqua: Hi, do you live in Flensburg? If yes, I wanted to ask you to help me replace my fsr at my bmw e46. Greetings from Flensburg.

Doug Zbikowski: LOL- I'm nursing those same scratches. There's a lot of metal tabs in there that's like sticking your hand into barbed wire :)

BMW 3 Series: Yup, I scratched my hand as you can see in the video :(

Doug Zbikowski: Just a warning: You pretty much have to be Gumby to get this part out/in :D It's not in a very convenient place.

Diego Franco: Good video i have a 330ci 2001 and last day the controls works fine but do not blowing, i have to drive the car with out heat, but today after my second intent it works good and still working. Should i replace it?
BMW E46 FSR / FSU Repair 5 out of 5

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BMW E46 FSR / FSU Repair