Bumper Crack Video By Smart Auto Repairs

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Bumper Crack Video By Smart Auto Repairs
Bumper Crack Video By Smart Auto Repairs
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Ricky Savell: Nice job buddy.

Kamal Thakur: Well...that's really a smart piece of work

Doug Johnson: Great information. Thanks.

hunkydude322: some of the best body and paint guys are out here doin this on their own, haveing their own businees's cause they know the Shops are ripp offs, they charge for crap that isnt on the invoice.

hunkydude322: if that customer wold have taken his or her car to the shop , the shop would have screwed him or her in the assss big timeeee.

hunkydude322: youtube is a safe haven for Trolls.

hunkydude322: these folks in here that leave negative comments dont know a thing about auto body repair and painting, they always open thier mouth with out thinkin. and plus some of them still driniking that hateraid.

Erin Averyt: will this work with my bumper that has an hole in it

Gigine Ahmad: now go through slightly hard bump, bang bumper come off again xD

k n.a: Nice Job. good to see someone kicking out quality smarts with repair techniques that will last and for those talking about bracing or welding the back. Those staples are excellent for providing strength. That will last and also smart repairs a skilled genuine repair technique however they wouldnt exsist in any form if you remove and refit the bumper........thats the idea. Good repairs....lower cost...... S.M.A.R.T small to medium area repair techniques. Good Job

Adam D: The painting will crack very soon, because the only help for those type of cracks is plastic welding. After one jump of car, crack will appear...

Tripnotyst: I clipped me neighbours car the other day :( I really hope they can get it fixed like this instead of having to replace the whole bumper cover.

eminalovesbosnia: I just recently bought my first lowered sports car 3 weeks ago... and since i have been used to
driving a Tahoe i went over a pot hole i didn't see and cracked my lower bumper chipped the paint and scratched the whole bottom on the right side... I am pretty depressed ahhaah.

Авто Пласт: Why not solder on a normal crack, that iron is long to keep will not

Gerald Van Buren: What are the hot staples your using called? Where do I get the gun and supplies?

Adam Slater: take the mask off lol
wrong mask for solvents only airborne dust.

Gary T: exelent job well done, something tells me he's done that before?.. :-)

BerdyevCreations: What was that white-yellow thing you put on to cover the cracks? How is it called?

Robbert van der Eem: Bumper is still broken looking at the last shots after painting or is there a reason it is out of shape?

SarchriS: The bumper returns as before as if nothing had happened :)
Bumper Crack Video By Smart Auto Repairs 5 out of 5

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Bumper Crack Video By Smart Auto Repairs