Replacing Bumpers On Rails

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Replacing Bumpers on Rails
Replacing Bumpers on Rails
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Andrew peakman: Great video , if you are disrespecting the guy , go make a freakin video on how to do it yourself . Even if it's not the perfect way , this will more than be satisfactory compared to a freaked up table

Mark Barnfield: WHICH "Thick glue" is best??? I've researched this until my head is spinning!! Precisely which glue was used in this video??????

EricPretzel: I need to redo all my rails... could you send me a complete list of the tools it will take to do the job Including refelting?

jonnieredder: What material is that you use for the rubber ends?

Cincinnati Cars: I use a dexter shoe repair knife. Cuts that cushion like butter. Don't pull the cushion back either. It will leave an uneven cut.

B Money: Great I have the same color pool table and felt, this was a great help. I might pay for a professional after seeing this

mvch93: why the freak are you working on the pool table?! cover it or something... americans

Andre Campbell: lose to affall music.

Jakerjkl: Can I reuse the old rubber cushions and just swap the cushion fabric?

Kevin Callahan: the cutting is fine if your out in the field and need to do a course cut.but it's faster to use super glue on the facing.

Delia DeLaCruz: Why do you use stupid music? Could not watch all because your poor choice in music

Patrick94GSR: I just got done building the rails for my son's mini 4-foot pool table for Christmas, which will have real pool table cloth and U23 bumper cushions! I've been referring to this and the rail felting video a ton to make sure I'm doing it right!

dannyny: great informative video. if you were to make the pockets smaller than standard how would you guys do it? since it's a new bumper can you leave it longer or would you still shim it? thanks!

Ryan Johnson: You can check out the next part to putting your table together with this link:

Benjamin Spears: Would love to know the specific type of glue you used here-- or the specific type you would recommend.

Janel Andersen: What kind of glue are you using to glue the bumpers on with? Thanks for the great video!

Jeff Lawrey: I looked for the refelting video but don't see it. I hope you make one or that there is one because this video is great and I now feel that I can do it on my own.

Mike C: I hope you re-felted the table? I thought I saw you wipe the glue from your hand on the table about 8 minutes in, also, nice work bench you made of the table..........

SMK: what were you spraying on to the glue?

Reginald Young: i now know why the cushion replacement is pricey..
Replacing Bumpers on Rails 5 out of 5

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Replacing Bumpers on Rails