Age Of Wonders III - Dwarf Theocrat - Part 3

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Fredrik Dunge: They are evil penguins seems a little redundant... they are penguins.

Lance Elliott: "We'll put in a cut here at the end of this turn"
checks the time of the video

I'm guessing that doesn't happen :p

Justin White: Your goblins are a lot squishier than your dwarves.  All those battles where you just barely scrapped by and saved your unit?  Goblins would have been toast in the same situation. 

JonathanDorikt: I really like the way Eqlan the Putrid looks as well as his name and skills, I think he is a good character to have overall.

qwertyui66771: You guys know what a dire penguin is. It's like a penguin but it's dire. 

Andrew Meche: Its pronounced more-al

Tristan Hayes: The reason Dwarves suck is because you arent putting them to full potential the Priest / Religious characters aren't good for Dwarves. Dwarves are only good from what I can see with Dreadnought so you can have tanks and cannons, and world war one rifle men basically.  

Midnight: Evil vampire penguins...lmao I'm so getting this game whenever it comes out

vesmo lol: What the heck is master of magic? Does he mean heroes of might and magic?

Notsospicy1: Quill theres a reason why commanders dont tank with ranged units : ) 

ckhawk00: Backing up to let them come to you is an option

ckhawk00: Why do you keep building crappy units?

Aoderic: This video was almost an hour, and I wasn't bored for a second. Thumbs up to the Game devs. and Quill18.

Schuyler Roskam: Please do a full let's play of this game! You are my favorite civ strategist and I fell like you will be equally awesome playing/commentating Warlock 2.

Xerberus86: sorry post but a little tip regarding research. sometimes you have to research a bunch of cheap spells you might not have immediate use for in order to unlock their following spell research option (at least it was so in AoW:SM and it also seems to be in this entry of the series).

in age of wonders shadow magic the spells you get are randomized and each time you research a spell, a new one takes the spot in the research ledger. so if you research blessing then another spell from one of your specializations should pop up in its place.

Xerberus86: the map is actually on medium (i checed again the start of this random map scenario). which might be a little too big for you quill18, but for every 4x fanatic, a huge map which actually is huge is a godsend! i personally hate when i play a 4x game that the maximum map size is practically only medium at best. remember, there is still a smaller option to choose from!

huge maps mean longer playsessions with more AI factions, more goody huts, more independent armies / cities with more quests and more exploration (for me the most fun part of every 4x game).

so your comment about the size of the map made me smile, can't wait until monday to finally sink into the age of wonders universe (again).

thanks for creating this videos and shorten the time until the release.

solouroboros: So, do you want to be a hero? :)

yigit unan: 39:22 they will probably change it in the final version so damaged units will do less damage. AOW 2 was like that as well. actually any TBS where you got multiple creatures in a unit has to play that way.... so, i assume its a mistake.

yigit unan: these vids make me realize how great a storytelling material gaming can actually be... great job, quill18. 

Danjal Veskandar: The devs must've been having a great day the Dire Penguins were being produced...
Age of Wonders III - Dwarf Theocrat - Part 3 5 out of 5

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Age of Wonders III - Dwarf Theocrat - Part 3