How To Fix An Onkyo Receiver - TX-SR606 - By Ed

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How To Fix the Onkyo TX SR606 & SR607 HDMI Input Problem
How To Fix the Onkyo TX SR606 & SR607 HDMI Input Problem

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lee v: Suggset take the board to a shop with parts if you are all thumbs like me.

TM HO: Hi Ed, thanks for the video.  I have the same receiver and the same problem.  Also, I have the display very dim.  Pressing the dimmer switch just will cycle through the different level of brightness but not brightest level.  Do you have any idea on this problem?

Ayan Ansari: nice this picture

Ayan Ansari: nice this picture

Paulo Lima Soares: great tip. i am a electronic technician and i have this onkyo receiver here in Brazil whit same issue. I replaced the hdmi ICs with no success. no i know how to fix that. Tks

Todor Stavrev: Hi Ed Kern, can you give me some instructions how to setup this receiver (Onkyo TX SR606) with my laptop and TV. Essentially I want to play music and video from my laptop (the picture from the laptop must be visualized on the TV) and I want to connect the onkyo receiver to my Tannoy Mercury MX2 spreakers (hi-fi speakers). The audio from the laptop must come out from the Tannoy speakers via the Onkyo receiver.All must be connected with HDMI cables

Wil Badillo: Easiest fix don't buy Onkyo !

Drew Miller: I resurrected my Onkyo TX-NR607 with the help of your video. Thank you!

Alfonso Vasquez: I changed all 5 with 100uf 6v and still can't view anything from HDMI any help wwouldbe appreciated..

Gregory Chang: Have TX-SR605 with the same HDMI problem, is this the fix?

Chris van Rooij: From The Netherlands; Many thanks Ed!

Lizzie Tennant: I've got an Onkyo TX SR608 and the HDMI feeds do not produce a picture to the projector. The AUX on the front works fine but the main sockets on the back do not seem to work. Can you tell me what could be causing this? I am happy to do the sort of soldering that you appear to be doing on this video.
Thank you.

Negus I: My onkyo tx nr 5000e die! Show me "update utility, push setup", How can i make firmware update?

Conufan: I bought a new receiver after my Onkyo receiver HDMI stopped detecting ...BUT I'm going to try changing the capacitor just for fun. Thanks for the video.

jldude84: Does anyone know if this particular fix applies to all Onkyo receivers experiencing loss of HDMI input? Or is it limited to these specific models and others may have a whole different fix?

William Hadikin: all try this mine doing the same

Genadi Vasilev: thank you very much Ed for this support-you are great

John ONeil: Hey Ed. I know this video is old, but I wanted to say thanks. I was about to dump a lot of money down the drain on a comparable new unit when I saw this and decided to go for it. I followed the steps here and viola! It's as good as new.

If I ever see you, I am buying you a beer.

Mikael Sandberg: Hello. I have no problems with hdmi input but I do have problems with non working on-screen display when entering Setup, also I have no working VGA inputs. Will the capacitor replacements as in your video fix my issues?

Thanks in advance

Srinivas Murty: The expert who showed this video obviously has tons of experience soldering. After my clumsy attempt at soldering the new capacitors. Took me quite an effort with 5 capacitors all sitting at odd angles, certainly not the clean SMT that the original components had. And a slightly burnt carpet as I accidentally let the soldering iron roll off the metal stand!

I ended up with none of the HDMI inputs working, as opposed to before when at least one of them did! I was trying to pull out the board again to recheck the soldering. Lo and behold, although the ribbon cable was easily pulled off, the other cable got stuck and as I tugged and tugged, I ended up with part of the cable's leads left stuck in the socket. Have I totalled everything now? I currently have the receiver sitting around mainly as decoration, as are my 5.1 speakers! Any suggestions or advice would be very welcome.
How to fix an Onkyo receiver - TX-SR606 - By Ed 5 out of 5

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How to fix an Onkyo receiver - TX-SR606 - By Ed