How To Fix An Onkyo Receiver - TX-SR606 - By Ed

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How to fix an Onkyo receiver - TX-SR606 - By Ed
How to fix an Onkyo receiver - TX-SR606 - By Ed
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dina Mac: Hi there, do you think this is the action I need to take for my receiver? It lightly fell from the tv stand (receiver was still on the stand when it fell). The stand detached from the back when adding weight to the stand and it caused it to fall along with receiver. The cable was still connected to the port and it may have damaged something in the port because the video color is off and it flickers. Everything else is working fine. Any tips, thoughts? I really want to try and fix it myself before spending $$$$$

Sam Crotty (SephirothAnima): Replaced the 5 capacitors with 16v on my SR606

Before: HDMI inputs would take up to 20 minutes before they started working

After: HDMI inputs work immediately

Dev R: I have a onkyo tx-sr606 and my issue is the video will randomly cut out for a second or two (audio still works) the it comes back. It intermittently happens Do you think this would fix my issue aswell?

largegorilla: Used 16V high temp capacitors from fry's. $1.06 each.
Before: Receiver started to take forever to perform HDMI handshake and eventually wouldn't work with HDMI input at all. OSD didn't work. Audio via optical worked perfectly.

After: All good, OSD works, HDMI inputs work at various resolutions. No trouble found.

wederwoord: Onkyo repair service asked 284 euro to repair it outside of gurarantee. +250 000 views, so basicly EVERY single one of them broke down after 2 years. In-freaking-credible! Isn't there something we all can do to sue them? Any lawyers on here?

Esteban M: Please!! i need help. My reciever HT-R391 have the same problem with hdmi signal.
which capacitor should I replace?

mcjunkiek: can i do the same by the onkyo txsr 608 ?

barnomoy: Thanks for the video! It worked for me! :) However, now that the HDMI output is working, it does not show colors correctly. There is a pink hue all over the display. The setup menu, though, shows fine. Its only when I try to output an HDMI IN (CBL/SAT, DVD, GAME/TV etc) does this discoloration occur. Any advice?

swrzesinski: Good job for that "pseudo" repair. Guy from vid don't know what smd soldering is. And way too much solder for that tiny cap.

Curt Briley: before:hdmi 1 only worked, hdmi 2 when it wanted to, hdmi 3&4 not at all.
osd not at all.

after: everything works flawless

thanks for the info.

deedeedaydee: A quarter of a million views, that tells you how badly made these Amps were.

lenildo leite: I have a friend Receiver Onkyo TX-SR606 .. My doubt is when he give defective HDMI adapter affects the FM DVD SV etc. because my unit turns more I see that in many defective in HDMI and I wonder if the HDMI board affect device sound even in FM

lenildo leite: amigo eu tenho um Receiver Onkyo Tx-sr606   .. minha duvida é quando ele dar defeito na placa de HDMI afeta o FM DVD SV etc pois meu aparelho liga mais vejo que em muitos apresenta defeito no HDMI e gostaria de saber se a placa do HDMI afeta o som do aparelho mesmo no FM

bsc285: Had the same problem with my TX-SR706. I replaced all 100uf 4V capacitors with radial 100uf 25v. there were 15 on my HDMI board top and bottom. Now receiver works great. I was going to spend $90.00 @ an electronics place ($1.89/capacitor + $60.00 for labor. I decided to do it myself, went to Ebay and got 20 capacitors for $8.00, and soldered them myself. Thanks for the tutorial!!!

lito mabansag: good job tnx for the input....

Ashish Solanki: Hi...I have Onkyo TX-SR 875 AV Receiver. Recently It has strange issue. When I turn on the receiver the Headphone logo shows on its display screen even i didn't attached any headphone with it physically. Because of this there is no sound coming from any speakers attached with this receiver, even headphone also not given any kind of sound. I tried to reset the factory mode several times but didn't got any success. I also tried to insert headphone physically and pull back its jack but nothing happen. So please help me solve this issue. If possible upload repair video of this issue.

LAZARO ROMERO: Lazaro Romero
Hi Ed, I think your video is great and I Am looking forward to fix my HT-R680 receiver, the problem is I don't know exactly which capacitors I need to pull out. Could you help me with that?

Peter Hamel: Yay! It worked! Thousand thanks!

Shifted: I know this is a little off topic but what speakers are you using?  I very much like the size of them.  My wife wants me to get rid of the large floor speakers I am using...

As for the receiver, I have noticed the OSD doesn't work and on all HDMI ports except one I get static so I have not been using them.  I would be very happy knowing this is the issue.  I think for less than $10 I will give it a try.

I had to fix faulty capacitors on my Samsung TV and now I have to fix them on an Onkyo receiver.  I thought by spending more money I would be avoiding issues like this.  My $100 Sony receiver is over 20 years old and has no issues...
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How to fix an Onkyo receiver - TX-SR606 - By Ed