How To Fix An Onkyo Receiver - TX-SR606 - By Ed

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How to fix an Onkyo receiver - TX-SR606 - By Ed
How to fix an Onkyo receiver - TX-SR606 - By Ed
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lito mabansag: good job tnx for the input....

Ashish Solanki: Hi...I have Onkyo TX-SR 875 AV Receiver. Recently It has strange issue. When I turn on the receiver the Headphone logo shows on its display screen even i didn't attached any headphone with it physically. Because of this there is no sound coming from any speakers attached with this receiver, even headphone also not given any kind of sound. I tried to reset the factory mode several times but didn't got any success. I also tried to insert headphone physically and pull back its jack but nothing happen. So please help me solve this issue. If possible upload repair video of this issue.

LAZARO ROMERO: Lazaro Romero
Hi Ed, I think your video is great and I Am looking forward to fix my HT-R680 receiver, the problem is I don't know exactly which capacitors I need to pull out. Could you help me with that?

Peter Hamel: Yay! It worked! Thousand thanks!

Shifted: I know this is a little off topic but what speakers are you using?  I very much like the size of them.  My wife wants me to get rid of the large floor speakers I am using...

As for the receiver, I have noticed the OSD doesn't work and on all HDMI ports except one I get static so I have not been using them.  I would be very happy knowing this is the issue.  I think for less than $10 I will give it a try.

I had to fix faulty capacitors on my Samsung TV and now I have to fix them on an Onkyo receiver.  I thought by spending more money I would be avoiding issues like this.  My $100 Sony receiver is over 20 years old and has no issues...

Braulio Ortiz Vazquez: That issue cause some sound problems related? I mean, I have my receiver 606 only for stereo sound (No TV connected) and I starting to have some problems. When I playing music it stop sound and few minutes later start again and stop. I test all the inputs (RCA, HDMI) and the problem still the same. I want to know if this fix is only for video out or include sound issues?

latreche34: I have the same symptoms on my HT-R960 in addition I have no 1080p, Do you think replacing all capacitors fix the problem? 

Manoj Illangakoon: Same problem on my TX-SR875 ,, i am thinking to replace all capacitors on HDMI board.

werdna12348: Hello, I have a onkyo TX-SR876 with the same issue, I've looked at the HDMI board and it's slightly different. Any idea which capacitors I would need to replace please? 

Dave Molberg: Dan P, I was a click away from ordering a new receiver (and not an Onyko) until I saw your comment.  Entered my info as per the link provided, my receiver (TX NR709 purchased Dec 2011) qualifies for the special warranty.  Renewed my faith in Onkyo for correcting a known problem. 

Best AV Receiver: Great video man, Thanks for your time

Ernie Lopez: Thanks for posting, with you video and that of patpatpat999, I was able to successfully fix my receiver, using the Radio Shack capacitors.

voxygenprime: Many thanks for posting this video. I have the HT-R960 and before the fix it was behaving exactly as you describe, taking longer and longer to recognise Sky HD box / Apple TV / PS3. I carried out the fix using 10V, 100uf capacitors from Maplins as in the UK. Now its back to its original state and immediately recognises HDMI signals. Not bad for £2.50.

Jan Ivar Aas: Hmm, I took out the card, use contact spray on all connectors, and connected it again. Before, 5-10 min startup time. After, 1-2 sec. Try that first. (I have bought capacitors just in case.....) 

Žiga P. Škraba: You say the capacitors should be at least 4V. Is there an upper limit? The 100uF I can buy are all ranging from at least 16V to 35V.

RADHAD1: Hi Ed ! 

should this fix also the audio problem ?
I got audio problem when the dolby d logo coming up. after 20 mintus my audio falls away for a less than second and comes up and this happens a lot of times this problem is not happening on analog audio from the receiver

its look like some things get hot ?

Marcel Lauwerijssen: Excellent video, I never soldered before, but now I have a fully functional tx-sr606 again.

Dan P: This should fall under the known defect that is covered under a special warranty until December 31, 2018 for some receivers manufactured between 2009-2012 with certain serial numbers.  If you ordered an HTIB your serial number may be to long to enter and may have to remove a letter at the end (I had to remove the letter "K").
See the following page and click the plus sign next to "8/19/2014 -  Loss of Audio/Network Connection Customer Care Program" -

Paul's Trains: I replaced the 5 100 uf caps and that fixed the HDMI switching that was previously taking 5 minutes before.  Now it switches instantly, but it did not fix the OSD menu not appearing nor the non hdmi (component video) from working.  I guess the next thing to try is replacing the remaining 100 uf caps on the board...

Danny McNeal: Thanks, Ed, for the very informative video...gave me the confidence to attempt my very first solder job too.  My comments are for an ONKYO TX-SR806 with 13 100uf / 4v capacitors:

BEFORE:  Over time, my receiver gradually degraded to the point that even after hours of "warming up," video would not display from a Blu ray source through any HDMI input.  However, the Apple TV could play fine through any HDMI input.  Odd?  The OSD continued to work, however.

There is an additional set screw that holds this HDMI board in place (not found on the SR606 model).  Looking from the rear of the unit, it is on the left side, and it goes through the upright circuit board from the outside.  You'll see it next to the three white connectors on the left side of this HDMI board.  Just remove it and set it aside with the other screws.

I replaced all 13 100uf / 4v capacitors with five 16v and and eight 25v NTE "high temperature" (105C / 221F) electrolytic capacitors (what the electronics store had on hand). Also, these were not "surface mount" I did not need to work around the plastic base as with the original style...simply cut leads to length and bend ends at 90-degree angles.  Plus, since these were larger than the original ones, they were easier to work with.  The additional height of these capacitors do not come into contact with anything above or below the HDMI board, so no issues there.

USED:  60-watt pencil tip soldering iron, solder wick (to wick up a couple of stray solder balls).  22 gauge, Sn60/Pb40, RA Flux solder from MG Chemicals.  A damp rag sitting inside a shallow glass bowl for cleaning soldering iron tip from time to time.

AFTER:  HDMI handshake works perfectly...connects after a couple of seconds.  No issues!  I have no component video sources connected, so I cannot comment on that.

VALUABLE LESSON LEARNED:  When removing the black cable, the flat one with the five bare leads connected to the white connector, depress the middle of the connector with a flat-head screwdriver while pulling out the black cable.  The spring mechanism holds the bare wires in place, and will not release them unless the middle of the plastic component is being pressed down. I broke off a small corner piece of that connector trying to figure out how to release the wires.  Had I only known.

As this was my VERY FIRST soldering job AND working on ANY circuit board, I practiced my soldering technique on a piece of metal before attempting on my receiver.  Highly recommended.

Total cost:  $43, including 60-watt pencil-tip soldering iron, solder (with flux in the center), solder wick, 16 capacitors (3 for spare).

THANKS AGAIN, ED!!  You saved me hundred of dollars.
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