10-Foot C-47 Indoor RC Model

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10枝春夏粉底評比+試色   10 FOUNDATION REVIEWS   cheerS beauty 【中字】
10枝春夏粉底評比+試色 10 FOUNDATION REVIEWS cheerS beauty 【中字】
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10 Reviews in 10 minutes 10 Ashens

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AirShow RC Suppliers - AirShowRC dotcom: What materials were used? Did you publish a build thread?

sr71afan: Tsavah, I used a program called "Tile Print" to enlarge the plans. The lines on the large plans were huge so I had to guess at the middle of all the lines. It was very tedious work, but heck, if was easy, everyone would be doing it. 8-)

Watt Waster: enlarged for a FW 190 and it cost more than $14 for a color version. The result made a small park flyer in thin foam possible. Needless to say, if the wing span was going to be anywhere near 10 foot, I would need to enlarge sections of the fuselage more than a few times, and in black and white to keep the cost down. Most folks would probably not go through this much trouble and expense. There are drafting tools that make the enlarging process cheaper after the tools are bought. A DIY deal.

Watt Waster: You might want to say a bit about how small the Fiddlers Green . net plans are and how you made them large enough for this project. I am also a paid member of FG and have been for more than a few years. The site offers paper airplane, tank, building, and more plans, which make it possible to glue together some card stock for dust collectors in small scales. Their "large" sized plans are generally in the 1/48 scale size for airplanes. Tonight I had one of the "large" paper airplane plans ...

sr71afan: Oops sorry... plands from fiddlers green dot net not com.

sr71afan: Plans are available from Fiddlers Green Dot com.

npulsipher: Beautiful! Would you be able to share a link to the plans? I'd love to make one, and I'm sure others would too.

sr71afan: Yep; some radial sounds would be nice. Thanks!

jfan4reva: A touch floaty, but pretty realistic flying so slowly. Now if you could just lower the pitch of the motors about 3 - 4 octaves...BRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOWWWWWWW. LOL! Nice plane! Nice flying!

sr71afan: Rider, It uses rudder and ailerons for directional control.

441rider: Is that vector steering?

Eugenio Guarente: I realy need the plane to build one..

Rookiesteam: amazing dud....... simply amazing

sajtoscsoda: man, this is impressing enough to make me soubsctibe to your chanel

sr71afan: It is no trick. The model is very light, and flies slowly.

Szabó Gabi: Hi! I do not understand why you do not need more speed for takeoff. there is a trick? This plane is so easy to use, or the routine? Congratulations, you're doing very well.

sr71afan: @mreid08 There has been MUCH discussion about a glider! 8-)

mreid08: where's the glider???????

sr71afan: Thanks! I guess now I need to do some detail work.

RaceEagle89: sr71afan, Fantastic! What a beauty! This has got to be the biggest indoor flying plane of all time.
10-Foot C-47 Indoor RC Model 5 out of 5

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10-Foot C-47 Indoor RC Model