My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters

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My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters
My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters
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Pat Savage: Very cool!

Eddie Leighton: I'm well on my way to start playing with magnetic loops !

KB2CWN: Great video Larry and nice project. I just purchased a used 1012, and I have been rattling my brain on an antenna project for extended range. This just might be doable.

johnnieace45: I'm going to make one this weekend for my 20 meter CW QRP rig

Rich W: SWR??? have you ever related the peek power out with the SWR the HT sees???

Luiz C Balista: Congratulations! Fantastic explantion and practical hints. (PY2CN)

Kim Hawtin: Was up early this morning, decided to do a bit of research on compact antenna. Specifically something I can use portable or when camping. I see lots of discussion about loops. Lots of not very technical discussion. Also lots of positive practical discussion. I think I will try one. This video has a nice description with design and build commentary; My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters

Steven C: But still a great video illustrating this antenna

KB4QAA: Wonderful video. Production quality is so great that it is a pleasure to watch. The dedicated mic really improves things. You do a great job of explaining the principles. Thanks, bill

imprepped: Exellent presentation I just recently got into the 10 meter and was think I might try to build one of these loop antennas for my self 73's matt

RadioHamGuy: @8592291613 sounds great!

RadioHamGuy: @kcscarecrow thanks!

RadioHamGuy: Thanks!

Ram kholiya: hello friend. how i can make an external antenna and a receiver which can give signal of mobile phone network without connect with mobile phone. because no signals available in my room

RadioHamGuy: Yes it can be used for CB radio, great for limited space or portable use. You would probably have to tweak the tuning to cover top to bottom of the band but if you just hang out on certain channels you could just mount it and leave it in one spot if you wanted.

IZ3SVI: Remember about the high voltage who stand on the variable capacitor. Safety is a must :) '73 de iz3svi

Steven C: Also as a reminder since the antenna power handling capability is limited as the cap has to handle the high voltage.

namdogtag: Nice video! I Just got a Magnum 1012 radio last week with accessories ..... I went to HRO afterwards and got the MFJ 1810T telescoping antenna (this antenna was actually made for the Yaesu FT 817) for 10 meters......the 10 meter band hasn't been open since I got the rig and antenna to really test her out....that loop antenna looks very interesting!....Do you have any feedback regarding the MFJ 1810T performance?.....thank you and again Great Videos!. 73 ... K8ESE Hal

starrwoman1: Thanks so much for the video and your time. I live in an apartment and trying to find the right antenna for HF is crazy if you don't have the space for it. I'll give the magnetic loop antenna a go and maybe find the one to fit my needs. Thanks again and 73. Gwen - K6GRH

RadioHamGuy: Thanks, well, the spacing is not critical, closer is probably better as long as they don't touch each other but yes, mine is probably about an inch or so apart. Of course you wouldn't want them several inches apart but nothing critical about it from my experimenting anyhow.

RadioHamGuy: Thanks, I may do a video on a 40 meter loop in the future as I think I will need one for a qrp rig I am building. You do not want to use an external antenna tuner on a magnetic loop since the antenna needs to be tuned by the variable capacitor attached right to the loop. 73..Larry

NH7L: I'm a longtime user of small magnetic loops antennas, but anyone considering using one to transmit really should first read up on loop safety issues online. Even at QRP power, they can burn you or deliver multi-hundred-volt shocks. Their near fields ... again, even at QRP power levels ... can be a danger also. On receive, as you might expect, they're entirely safe. They're the best small HF antennas around, but you really have to be careful if you transmit with one.

billybonewhacker: very nice presentation ty

Jairo Rodriguez: Super cool !!!!!!!

Denton Larson: Great video, I liked the Bloopers section at the end!

Howard B. Evans, Jr.: What a wonderful video! I just bought four ten-foot lengths of 3/4" hard copper tube (used normally for plumbing), eight 45 degree "street" elbows and two 90 degree elbows to make a hex loop with 5' sides for 80 m and 40 m. Bought two 3/4" x 2' pipes, and two 1" x 2' pipes to make two series-connected bazooka tuning capacitors. I hope to be able to feed this mag-loop with my KX3 tranceiver driving a KXPA-100 final. You have given me great hope that I can actually make it work! 73 de AC8NS - Hop

CHOPPERGIRL AIRWAR: I made a loop antenna today with a bucket, wire, and a variable cap from an AA5 and a swtich, and it totally does nothing. I think I need to double my loop for my 1 foot diameter bucket.

1903A3shooter: Hey nice video. Think I will build some for my yeasy 817. Really like the bloopers section, got a good laugh. Take care. Dave W4GSM

chasingthebull: Nice video!

Gort Newton: Nice vid and competently explained how to build a good quality loop antenna. Thank you.

RadioHamGuy: nice page you have and also on, thanks..

RadioHamGuy: @centu2000pr Thanks, fun to do..

RadioHamGuy: @fordbroncodave I think it helps some with bandwidth to use larger diameter pipe but not a great deal, they are still very narrow, this one will work about 20 khz bandwidth or so without re-tuning.

Carlos Schaefer: 'm riding a loop for 7-30 mhz but I want to use more power in transmission around 100 watts. Checked using the vacuum capacitors 10 to 500pf but the price is way high. Variables have the common problem of isolation. Found very interesting use of a VU meter for checking the output energy of the antenna. If you use a normal variable I will use a vernier adjustment knob. Congratulations for the video!

cmritchie04: How do you measure the variable capacitor in case you want to made the antenna perminate on the frequency?

Peter Staal: Great video and well made.

FinRadioDX: What is the smallest diameter or length for main loop that I can get, even with changing to different capacitor? It would be cool to have as small as it could be to use it QRP somewhere where I may go backpacking..

RadioHamGuy: That sounds great, and the size of that rim should work out well for 20 meters!

50w50: Класс!!

RadioHamGuy: I would probably use a small capacitor meter that will measure capacitance, they look like a digital dvm. Maybe others could leave some suggestions on that also..

Michael Cochran: can this be used for a C.B radio?

Ricardo Caratti: I do not get tired in watching this video. By the way, accidentally I deleted your comment on my Youtube channel about my "Automatic Antenna Tuner for QRP". My apologies. It would be an honor to have your comment again there. 73's. PU2CLR.

themanfromwem: Hello again Larry,Howard here in the uk...Just love your videos...straight shooting, no bull. got my multiband "fan" dipole for 20, 15 and 10m up and running , following your design...never tried a loop aerial for years, but will try to make one before winter. well done old friend, Howard, M0WEM, uk,qra : IO82PU

TheHajac: Hi larry good presentation now ill wil make a loop for my home made 20 meter handheld watch my video on youtube pe1jxi

RadioHamGuy: Thanks. Sounds great, yes, a loop might be a very good solution for apartment use, I would think much better than a ham stick since you need good grounding on them. Let me know how it works out if you build one. At least they are cheap and easy to build and try. If it works out, you might want to either add a motorized tuning device or purchase one that is all set up with that to make tuning easy and faster.

TK Reim: Good Presentation Larry. Terry WA0DTH

RadioHamGuy: @milradio1 Thanks!

RadioHamGuy: @kcscarecrow sounds great, they are a lot of fun to work with and play around with..easy project.

mstax: What difference - if any - would making the smaller loop movable relative to the larger loop? Some way to slowly move it closer or farther away? Any effect on transmit or receive efficiency?

skycarl: Thanks Larry, this will be just what I need to work some qrp with my HW-8. No place outside for any antenna so this will help. Great vids, keep them rolling. 73
My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters 4.8 out of 5

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My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters