My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters

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My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters
My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters
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Magnetic Loop Antenna Demonstration
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My low cost 10 meter antenna DIY
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Kawika H: Great video!!! Just two Qs for you:
Q1: What else can you use for an rf meter as it is either very difficult to find a watts meter or its really expensive? Can you use an uA, mA meter or a V meter?
Q2: The coax you use looks smaller than RG8X (which my cb radio uses for my 18' base station atenna which I cant use anymore being I moved into a condo)... are you using RG58? Would RG9 work the same? I know the inner braiding is different... Does it matter what type of coax you use to feed the smaller coupler ring? Can I still use my RG8X?

egc: very nice and clear..good work !!

Ted Walker: Great presentation, the greatest audio ever! Thanks!

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САД НА ВСЕХ ШИРОТАХ: Regard this(it) beside(at;by) you sq antenna on(upon;in;to;for;at;per;for) what range

buettstube: Hi. What kind of diode i need exactly?

hallobaaaby: If you were to put a tuning capacitor on a dipole antenna in an analogue way where should you place it and how would you connect it?

hallobaaaby: Thanks so much!! I wonder if Large and small square shapes (for ease of construction) would work too in the transformer-type action.

dale myers: I don't know if commenting here does any good. since my last two didn't git a response. But here it goes. Have you tried to fashion a loop as a beam antenna. With a solid reflector and director loop.Have you tried to make an omni egg beater style loop. I imagine the coupling loop size would alleviate impedance issues. In a duel antenna setup. I plan to use a wide range vacuum variable high voltage cap to tune with. and not worry about using it at legal limit.

Joe Giraudo: Is there a reason you flattened out the tubing for the smaller loop? Does it affect performance?

Coil Smoke: Why is the exciter(ed) loop not centered in outer loop ?

joen7xxx: Excellent video!  I have the bug now. What are your dimensions for the loop that covers 20 meters and above?  Also, what value capacitor did you use for this loop?  Thanks!

revo adan: Thanks, what value of Air Caps will i use to TX 50-75watts with 1inch tube at 13ftloop? bit so confused of the PF and Voltage value. I know theres a lot on the internet but still confused.

Argento Goldspier: Excellent clear interesting videos. I am going to make a magnetic loop soon for fun. Here is a web page I found for measurements from what I can gather 27MHz with 19mm Copper Tube Between 1.3 to 2.69 meters Circumference, 28 MHz Between 1.3 to 2.6 meters Circumference , 3.5MHz Between 10.4 and 20.8 meters Circumference, 7 MHz Between 5.2 and 10.4 meters Circumference, 14MHz Between 2.6 and 5.2 meters Circumference, 21MHz Between 1.73 and 3.46 meters Circumference and like you say 1/5 smaller is the driving loop. They say the loop radiates from side on but yours gave best when the circle or face was in the direction of the field strength meter.Your soldering iron brings back memories of when I used that type back in the early 80's. Nice to see a blue Weller again. Thank you

Gabriel Sierra: Thanks for the video. I used a 50uA meter I got on the internet, wish my meter was as small as yours.

fredintheshed1: Thank you for sharing and explaining things so clearly.  Enjoyed the video. Subbed.

Nurul Farahain: Hello sir. I am glad that I have found this video. It is really a good video. Actually, I am doing my final year project and i have searched the calculations to build this antenna. But, i couldnt find it.
I hope i can learn the calculation from you, sir. Thank you.
And the frequency that i need to analyse is 1 MHz to 10 Mhz .
And again sir, thanks. :)

Philip Gardner: Thanks for this video. It's clear and well presented. I am in the process of making one as we speak. My configuration calls for a 22 pF tuning capacitor. Thanks again.
My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters 5 out of 5

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My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters