My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters

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My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters
My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters
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Ham Radio - A simple magnetic loop modification with a big improvement!
Ham Radio - A simple magnetic loop modification with a big improvement!

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Marco Martini: That thing may work as an rfi gun ... Lol

Rodrigo Santaliestra: Thank you so much for the time to share your project. I have a sailboat and am wanting to put an SSB radio to use 20m or 30m of bandwidth. I understood how it works but I was in doubt about the power meter with the germanium diode. How would he fit into your scheme? Which direction does the diode need to be installed? On the polarity of the meter?

Marco Martini: OK gentleman. In the case of a magloop for 11m cb, what are the types of varicaps that should work. I mean, if it is say 50pF, does it vary from like 20pF to say 80pF? please help me.

Marco Martini: That's a neat little antenna

Paw95: Would that work any good for fox hunting 11 meter

Alvaro Barcellos: Boa noite amigo eu queria que um amigo me pudesse me dizer o comprimento do fio que é ligado no capacitor variável dessa antena loop magnética mas eu quero modular em 11m PX

Robert Bidot: Great video!

Eric Pierce: Awesome Video... I See You Have A Motorola Mocat CB In Your Shack... Just Wondering If You Have Any Others Or If You Are Selling It I Collect Also Vintage Radios.. 73's From Cape Cod Ma. N1WCO...

biwaUSA: Great video. Informative and fun! Well done!

Burt, K6OQK

Michael Pfister: Larry I would like to know is It possible to use battery cable for a car to construct a dipole or for a magnetic loop? It's good grade copper and insulated just wondering. thank you.

Kawika H: Great video!!! Just two Qs for you:
Q1: What else can you use for an rf meter as it is either very difficult to find a watts meter or its really expensive? Can you use an uA, mA meter or a V meter?
Q2: The coax you use looks smaller than RG8X (which my cb radio uses for my 18' base station atenna which I cant use anymore being I moved into a condo)... are you using RG58? Would RG9 work the same? I know the inner braiding is different... Does it matter what type of coax you use to feed the smaller coupler ring? Can I still use my RG8X?

egc: very nice and clear..good work !!

Ted Walker KB5OF: Great presentation, the greatest audio ever! Thanks!

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САД НА ВСЕХ ШИРОТАХ: Regard this(it) beside(at;by) you sq antenna on(upon;in;to;for;at;per;for) what range

buettstube: Hi. What kind of diode i need exactly?

hallobaaaby: If you were to put a tuning capacitor on a dipole antenna in an analogue way where should you place it and how would you connect it?

hallobaaaby: Thanks so much!! I wonder if Large and small square shapes (for ease of construction) would work too in the transformer-type action.

dale myers: I don't know if commenting here does any good. since my last two didn't git a response. But here it goes. Have you tried to fashion a loop as a beam antenna. With a solid reflector and director loop.Have you tried to make an omni egg beater style loop. I imagine the coupling loop size would alleviate impedance issues. In a duel antenna setup. I plan to use a wide range vacuum variable high voltage cap to tune with. and not worry about using it at legal limit.
My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters 5 out of 5

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My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters