My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters

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My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters
My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters
Magnetic Loop Antenna Demonstration
Magnetic Loop Antenna Demonstration
80 160 meter magnetic loop transmitting antenna
80 160 meter magnetic loop transmitting antenna
Ultra Small VHF Low 6 through 10 meter magnetic loop handheld
Ultra Small VHF Low 6 through 10 meter magnetic loop handheld
Dual Magnetic Loop antenna 80m to 17m continuous
Dual Magnetic Loop antenna 80m to 17m continuous

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dale myers: what size loop would you suggest for 40 to 80 or 40 to 160. also would larger diameter copper tubing be more suited for lower band freq's? larger diameter copper would make a lower band loop more sturdy in bad weather. and i can only imagine that it would be good to paint it or plate it with gold to reduce oxidation.... that is if you plan to leave it out once set up for permanent use.

echo xray: Excellent ! this is far the bes magnetic loopt i have seen looks mint....BTW
just wondering if these radiate same as a yagi with driven elents etc. looks to be so to me so the possiblitities are endless in construct thanks for posting M6MRG

Dawson Bradley: I meant can you please help me get my cb going 

Dawson Bradley: Could you please help me get my cv going 

Dawson Bradley: Can you help me get my cb going 


dale myers: another great thing about the loop antennas. it being narrow banded means the antenna becomes a filter itself. so your equipment can have a certain amount of harmonics and the radiator can't effectively radiate them. then they are trapped and spent as heat.. and heat isn't that bad, when the antenna can de-ice itself. great video sir. i will be making one soon. but i first must buy a hf rig. after all these years and finally passing the amateur-extra. i have yet to work hf other than 10 and 11. 73's kf4dcy

Clayton Smith: Hi I was wondering if you know were a guy could get a Magnum 1012 or some kind of hand held radio like this one you are using

smokeymountainrain: Can you slip a garden hose over the exposed copper tubing of the big loop for child safety, if not, how about electrical tape? will insulating the big loop affect it in any way? one more, is the exposure to the field it creates harmful to man or dog in any way? (also, thanks for sharing)

dick weed: Awesome!

Rumchaser: Nice I like your videos thanks for the hard work you put in 

Myles Nicholas: Cool first experiment with your Magloop, I prefer a Faraday Induction loop made from RG 58 coax.
The cap for fixed frequency on my Magloops is a length of RG213 inner slid into one end and a strap to the other end.
Different lengths for different bands - so easy.
My current Magloop uses self tapper to an inner insert.
Myles VK6ZRY
BTW I have copper Magloops in all sizes, single and 2 el series types.

David Knapp: This looks like a good home brew project for QRP portable use, too bad the Magnum 1012 is no longer available. Dave - KU9L

Sellers Hymel: Appreciate this, thank you WA5SAT

Tommy Schales: Sir, if you could post on here the 1/5 size of the transformer, the little circle. it would be helpful to me i would like to build this ant. i am not good with fractions in math so your help would be appreciated very much.

Fred196407: I'm really thankful for your video. I've been licensed for a few years but never really had much time for radio. Now circumstances have changed and I can start playing again.
I kind of looked at Magnetic loops some years ago but not in detail. Now you have nicely broken the method down it is so much easier than I first thought. I think maybe back at the start I saw calculations that probably scared me off but had I seen it describe and drawn like that then I would have made one for sure. I certainly will now. Thanks! 

Bill McGraw: RadioHamGuy, I didn't catch your full call sign if you don't mind. I've watched the video twice and saved it with 2 pages of drawn notes, very neat loop antenna.
Bill kf5fjz

Bill McGraw: I like it !! and your wall, like the meter, copied all your descriptions, studying antennas several years, electronics on net, sub- taught some at school, 70 yr old new ham, 3 yrs General, Kenwood 2000, Astron 35A pwr supply & an old RS-DX-398 with aerial/ground used for Xtal sets, other receivers DX-390 melted in fire, back to 55 yrs ago, 2 Hallicrafter receivers, crude Xtal sets even now, 1N34 as well as a rusty nail & corroded penny and sharp pin detector, working on others. Busy life, retired disabled 22 yrs ago Vo-Tec Guidance Counselor Comm. College, took lots of free night classes, still an idiot with my radio and PC, have lots of parts.
Bill McGraw, KF5FJZ, NRA Life, Korea vet,
"Somewhere South of Chicago"
Greenville, Mississippi

mbb373: what is the value of the germanium diode that you used?      great build !

mike mathews: Great project to experiment with.

My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters 5 out of 5

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My Low Cost Magnetic Loop Antenna For 10-12 Meters