LiteCam HD: Introduction

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Rock the Vote: note it's so bad they don't even use it to create their (inadequate) info on how to use it.....

BlazikenFriedChicken: put it on windows 8

Seven Jey: Чё он там балаболит, I from Russia.

dayton .rowley: i try to use general recording while playing LEAGUE OF LEGENDS and it does record it its a black screen i see youtube videos using the game recording tab but in the modes i only get general, audio and video record tabs no gaming recording i need help please

Xeno games: so is this program just a video capture software like fraps?

TMNT & Mega Man X Fan 2000: I like LiteCam HD.

nickYT: can i record audio with it ?
Like both my mic and ingame sound at the same time ?

Cheimo Sitty: Hey I have a big Problem!
The Recording Quality is very baad!!!!!!

bfg2600: This doesn't seem to work I installed the program and all it records is a black screen , I got it to work once but do not know whats wrong or how to fix it, I contacted customer support 3 times now and have not been contacted back yet, its a great program when it works but seems buggy as hell, if they contact and fix the problem I would recommend otherwise steer clear

Harsha Sree: Does this work on mac?

The Secret Walrus: Anyone else think this guy sounds a bit like a white Obama?

Armando Morales: I enjoyed the trial version and am ready to upgrade. I selected the "buy now" button and it took me to the website. So which one am I supposed to purchase, the single user license for $29 or the upgrade option for $15??  Please clarify...thanks!

KOREA RSUPPORT: @MSP Gothic Angel, check this video on how to upload your video to YouTube. liteCam HD: Direct upload to YouTube 

KOREA RSUPPORT: @ Kodell, sometimes experts are wrong.

KOREA RSUPPORT: Yes, it is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (also support 64bit)

KOREA RSUPPORT: @kib ki, it was on a weekend and nobody was there to reply to your emails. if you have any problem or suggestion, Send an email to liteCam HD support team at

kib Ki: hi i am paid subscriber , their customer service is sucks , i have been emailing last three days ,no reponse . my subscribe account is not activated , i am unable to record no more than 15 minutes.there is no option say activate here. i have license is really sucks .

Jung Min Woo: Couldn't be better for screen recording~ It's cool~~

Dr.Robin Austin,Tx: I use lite cam..totally happy with it..

YTGamerHD: Its second ranked on CNET
liteCam HD: Introduction 5 out of 5

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liteCam HD: Introduction