LiteCam HD: Introduction

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liteCam HD: Game Recording & Setup
liteCam HD: Game Recording & Setup
liteCam HD: Introduction
liteCam HD: Introduction
liteCam HD - Capture your desktop activity in HD - Download Video Previews
liteCam HD - Capture your desktop activity in HD - Download Video Previews

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Seven Jey: Чё он там балаболит, I from Russia.

dayton .rowley: i try to use general recording while playing LEAGUE OF LEGENDS and it does record it its a black screen i see youtube videos using the game recording tab but in the modes i only get general, audio and video record tabs no gaming recording i need help please

Josh Birdwell: I can't figure out how to record my voice along with my in game audio... Help please? (: it either does in game audio to loud or not at all, how do I adjust? 

themanofpro 98: I use this to record game for over 10 minutes. after recording, file is too big (format AVI), it's over 500MB! fix this problem please Program Used: LiteCam HD

Xeno games: so is this program just a video capture software like fraps?

Bricks Of Awesome: Anyone else think this guy sounds a bit like a white Obama?

Cheimo Sitty: Hey I have a big Problem! The Recording Quality is very baad!!!!!!

Kibon Koech: I love liteCam. it is a multi-purpose recording software for my Games, Videos, and Audio. Produces HD Quality videos, Record anything on my screen activity, 100FPS for my games, Video editing for just in case, File conversions to MP4 and WMV, Show webcam during recording to show my games skills, Add title, end credit, logo, Record mic input and computer sound at the same time, Extract audio from my recorded videos. I think they should have a MP4 output option.

Harsha Sree: Does this work on mac?

nickYT: can i record audio with it ? Like both my mic and ingame sound at the same time ?

Armando Morales: I enjoyed the trial version and am ready to upgrade. I selected the "buy now" button and it took me to the website. So which one am I supposed to purchase, the single user license for $29 or the upgrade option for $15?? Please clarify...thanks!

KOREA RSUPPORT: @MSP Gothic Angel, check this video on how to upload your video to YouTube. liteCam HD: Direct upload to YouTube 

bfg2600: This doesn't seem to work I installed the program and all it records is a black screen , I got it to work once but do not know whats wrong or how to fix it, I contacted customer support 3 times now and have not been contacted back yet, its a great program when it works but seems buggy as hell, if they contact and fix the problem I would recommend otherwise steer clear

123Megarama: I like LiteCam HD.

Peter TechGuy: Pfft... They actually use text-to-speech to promote their software.

edomar jismeivh: fourth?

Dr.Robin Austin,Tx: I use lite cam..totally happy with it..

Jung Min Woo: Couldn't be better for screen recording~ It's cool~~

Peter TechGuy: Text-to-speech detected.

KOREA RSUPPORT: @kib ki, it was on a weekend and nobody was there to reply to your emails. if you have any problem or suggestion, Send an email to liteCam HD support team at

YTGamerHD: Its second ranked on CNET

MindSpoiling: second الثاني hhhhh

Captain Cheez: first

Narutoboiii: Is it compatible with windows 7?

MSP Gothic Angel: How exactly do you upload the video to youtube with Litecam

KOREA RSUPPORT: Yes, it is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (also support 64bit)

Kodell Konners: I don't trust Free things offered on the Internet !, as in software !. Even the ones ya pay for, like Advanced System Care, full paid version, is a bunch of crap !. Not a reputable program, and that came to me, was told to me, by an Expert !.

kib Ki: hi i am paid subscriber , their customer service is sucks , i have been emailing last three days ,no reponse . my subscribe account is not activated , i am unable to record no more than 15 minutes.there is no option say activate here. i have license is really sucks .

KOREA RSUPPORT: @ Kodell, sometimes experts are wrong.
liteCam HD: Introduction 4.6 out of 5

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liteCam HD: Introduction