Torpedo Kerosene Heater Repair & HOW They Work

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Torpedo Kerosene Heater repair & HOW they work
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Mike M: what are your thoughts on burning diesel in a kerosene heater? by the way, love watching yout vid's!

dyn237: thnx for this video, perfectly solved my problem

Phil Lilja: My all pro 175  will not heat. I took off the top and see the spark is great. Fan runs also just won't fire  Any help would be great  Thanks

jason bowles: If I have a 300K BTU Heater. And a 900 square foot house. How how would the house get if I left it on at max temp for about an hour?

Jill Albring: Hello, I checked equipsupply. they have several to choose from. how can i tel which one i should get. 4 are on backorder. 1 is still available? can you help me please?
Thanks so much

Bubba Smith: My reset keeps tripping after about a min. what is it.

Garage Preacher: Good "how to"!

Deano: I barrowed a Reddy Heater 60,000 BTU He said I could use it if I could get it to run.  found fan was sticking, so I adjusted ring on air pump. Checked pump pressure, it is set at 3.4 fires up and runs the problem is that it runs about 10 minutes and shuts down I tried a few times with the same result. thank you . Have a great day.

DiezelDan01: Ive got one that might stump you. I bought an old (black label) reddy heater 50k btu and i took it all apart cleaned it up really nice and put it back together after replacing all the hoses and the filter kit for the pump. I get good pressure off the pump and I do not have any leaks. added a power switch to turn it on and off without unplugging it. The problem is that I can get it to light for a second or two without the cover on. As soon as i put the cover on i do not get any sort of flame. I have played with the air pressure and i have it set where it seems to be igniting the best. Still no luck. Would this be a nozzle issue? It has the correct spark plug and its gapped and turned the correct way.

Bryanna Freeman: Discovered my air pump veins were sticking. Cleaned with brake cleaner, they had a sticky film on them. Reinstalled, had to readjust air pressure, runs like new now! Thanks for the info!!

MrBladecx: Tonight i come in and plugged it up and it ran for 2 hours doing good. i unplugged it to move it to another part of my shop, then when i plugged it in it would come on blow a little heat and then white smoke and cut off. i kept trying, i took the cover off. when i plug it up it glows, but will not start and just kicks off, PLEASE HELP ME!! P.S does not have a spark plug.

Heather Simpson: Helpful video. My torpedo heater turns on but then after a few seconds the breaker trips. Sounds like it might be the optical sensor. There is no heat. What are your thoughts? Thanks

MrBladecx: i have a reddy 55 it starts runs awhile then stops. i have to repluge it up to get it started again please help thanks

Dennis Finke: the fan isn't turning by hand or when i plug it in. the guy i bought it off of said he aint used it in 6 yrs and has maybe 24 hrs of burn time. is there a way to try and brake fan loss or do i need to buy a new motor.

Roger Gustafsson: Mine starts, runs for about 10 seconds, then motor(fan) looses revolution, finally stops, comes back on for 2 seconds poorly, then dies definitely. Everything is checked and works. Airpump binding? It's got a LOT of hours to it...

Bruce Connor: were Exactly did you purchse igniter?

GoopOfOil: I have a Reddy Heater R50 that the motor went out on. Last month I put in a New motor, hoses and spark plug. I had to fine sand (400) the rotor in the air pump to keep it from binding when I tightened the screws up.
The heater would not Ignite. I read all your comments (Thank You!) and figured it had to be air pressure as I had spark and New Kerosine flowing out the nozzle. Got a gauge and found the best I could get out of it was 1.5 psi.
It was finally Warm enough to work on the Heater again today. (scratch head here)
I got a new air pump rotor and put it in today and set the rotor clearance to .003. With the new rotor, it went up to 2.6 psi and that was enough to allow the fuel to atomize and ignite. FINALLY!!
It is Supposed to be set at 3.6 psi and I tried everything I could to crank it up but it would not go any higher. The cone is not getting as Red as it should. I cleaned out the air pump spring and ball. Should I replace the plastic pump cover and spring and ball? I do not see any cracks. It looks like the adjusting screw is All the way in for Max pressure and still only 2.6 psi. Have you heard of any New Motors having a problem with correct RPM's? What else could it be?
Thanks again.

Jimmy Souvannarath: So my reddy heater had the same problem as the video describe with "no spark" I purchased the part stated in video. Cut wires and plugged in. Spark was found but now it won't ignite. (Fuel is being sprayed) I'm clueless why the flame won't kick on. Any help would be great! Live in MN an the winter cold is killing me in my garage. 

keith corrigan: I have a 100,000 btu reddy heater gets fuel perfectly with a great spray, has new ignitor with great spark (same as old one) but won't ignite....... then times out and trips the breaker

Jack Gutwein: I got it running last night. It had a faulty fuel line.    Appreciate you  teaching  what to look out for. Great Job!   Thank you for the reply!
Torpedo Kerosene Heater repair & HOW they work 5 out of 5

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Torpedo Kerosene Heater repair & HOW they work