Torpedo Kerosene Heater Repair & HOW They Work

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Torpedo Kerosene Heater repair & HOW they work
Torpedo Kerosene Heater repair & HOW they work
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Jaime Nunez: Not bad you got $15 plus part👍👍👍

David Conklen: ? i have one that has fresh kerosene and spark and sprays good but wont ignite any Ideas? You can message me at thanks

Kd Grayson: I can see this thing heating a sealed heat exchanger that derives combustion air from outdoors so to not create negative pressure and cold air infiltration by the combustion gas being exhausted outdoors safely, the heat exchangers exterior will be red hot like all furnaces operate and the air being sent across it is both the return air source and supply air source, that being the indoor air. With a furnace even a crack will 86 the eq2uipment cause as you mention the venturi effect plus combustion air is supplied by the induced draft motor/fan.

My point being to avoid the carbon monoxide exposure to the human beings being warmed in the conditioned space, to operate this safely I would keep my garage door open, no way I would be in a garage or house with one rejecting exhaust indoors! Thats insane! if you dont die it can cause headaches, fatiq2ue , heart failure, cardiac exaserbation , asthma, etc. hundreds die every year from furnaces not venting outdoors! correctly!

Leo Martin: Has anyone engineered a delayed shut-off for these kerosene heaters to eliminate the strong unburnt fuel aroma that always pollutes the heated space when the heater and all its electrical and mechanical components in the fuel system are shut off abruptly as designed? It would seem helpful to the reduction or elimination of this issue to have a two step shutdown whereby turning the main power switch off, the fuel line has an electrically controlled shut-off valve that is de-energized and shuts the fuel supply off prior to the air pressure and ignition spark being shut-off. I am thinking a time delay off relay controlling the air pump/fan and ignition coil as well as all other electrical components outside of the fuel shut-off would provide for this stepped shut down. The mechanical engineering behind the fuel line shut down has me puzzled as most of these heaters incorporate the fuel filter into the upper segment of the fuel line there by leaving little fuel line real estate to cut in a solenoid operated fuel shut-off. In all my online searches I have yet to see this issue of unburnt residual fuel and the associated odor being addressed. These heaters do a fairly good job of efficiently burning the fuel while the heater is turned on and adjusted properly, but upon shut-off, the air pump/fan shuts off the combustion air and spark while fuel is still being drawn by a diminishing suction and remains in the air stream to pass by a lifeless spark plug and enter the space as an unburnt vapor.

Al Cyr: Didn't realize at first how old this video is. Great video, mine is pretty beat up, over 10 years old. probably over due for a tune up. I find the fumes are not as harsh using diesel over kerosene.

Robby Emerson: Thanks so Much! Just fixed an old heater I had in the shop not working in 5 years, in 2 min. just low pressure. Thanks for breaking it down and sharing your knowledge!

harley62t: Good subject and very good presentation - I wondered how those torpedo heaters worked, now I know! Thanks!!

Donny Driver: Mine was running fine last year and now not at all. I replaced the fuel line and it doesn't look to be drawing much fuel. I have diesel in the tank, could that be the problem. I've looked at the pump and that looks to be good I haven't checked the pressure though.

b mati: I have a model R115 Ready Heater kerosene heater, I have installed a new rotor, new heavy duty glow switch, new air filters, new fuel filter and have fresh kerosene in the unit. When I plug the unit in the glow plug comes on the I see fuel spraying into chamber but the unit runs for only a few seconds (10-15) then shuts down, any suggestions

juddbh: You are awesome! I got two that quit working and I'm about to cannibalize some crap and hopefully at least get one going. DO SOME BASIC SNOWMOBILE TROUBLESHOOTING PLEASE!!!!

Martin Schaffmeir: Fine job sir portable heater parts is a great sorce

Steve Brown: My heater blows for about 20 to 30 secounds and trips the braker.Do you think it is the optical sensser? Steve

Ernest Hin: I have a reddy heater 55. I have a stiff fan motor, when i turn it by hand it seems to be stiff in some spots, will that cause it to not fire up. i have spark and fuel.

Alfonso Ochoa: Good video and great job on explaining the way to get torpedo back on running

Thommy Two Toes Times Three: If I hook a small v-8 to mine and use racing fuel like Tim Allen recommends, will it heat quicker or will I have a jet engine?

Thommy Two Toes Times Three: Agree. Wholeheartedly. Awesome instructor. Superb presentation.
I got a question...why are you all bundled up? You got heat. Lots of it. Lol.

quadsman11: Nice job on your video presentation !
Informative and concise !

petee716: This video answered my questions exactly. Great presentation.

Jim M: Thanks, that worked!Next question: can I use a Briggs and Stratton gasoline filter on this, or do I have to order a “model specific” kerosene filter? Thanks

Sam Gray: Hello
Well it's been years since I needed a Reddy Heater..well now I need one. Picked one up today from a fella after I paid for it he said full disclosure. After it runs awhile it will stop and needs unplugged for about 2 minutes then it's good to go . My first thoughts are the motor is heating up and shutting down IDK but hope it's nothing to bad to fix. Going now to get more kerosene and let it run awhile . He said it had not ran in years when he put away it ran great. Hope I never got screwed over. Pro 150 Reddy Heater ..any thoughts ..Thanks a bunch for your video by the way.. very informative
Torpedo Kerosene Heater repair & HOW they work 5 out of 5

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Torpedo Kerosene Heater repair & HOW they work