Torpedo Kerosene Heater Repair & HOW They Work

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Torpedo Kerosene Heater repair & HOW they work
Torpedo Kerosene Heater repair & HOW they work
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monster khaos: I have a question I have the same exact heater but my heater has spark but it will not run any idea I changed the optical sensor I checked the fan everything seems to check out I even adjusted the right PSI and it will still not run or start up but unit does have spark

S Grunt: Thanks for the info!  I just got one of these and it doesn't work so here I go again fixing another broken item from a friend.

mike henry: excellent, spark and fuel, bing bam boom!

monster khaos: I had the same exact heater. But my problem is. There is spark from the spark plug and there is fuel coming out from the jet but it's not igniting in the chamber would you happen to know why

KB in MD Last: I've run out of kero but the tank still has a little left but not enough to run. Can I mix the leftover kero and fill up with #1 diesel?

Roland McDuff: got right air pressure by putting clamps on air hose.Heater runs 10 seconds shuts off .By pass photo it runs checked pho. shows its working. whould you replace the nozzle.R70

Jimmy Souvannarath: Where can I order parts from? I need photo cell bracket an the nozzle bracket! Please help!

Daniel Simpson: hello my 55..blower quit comin on with a hummin noise

craig hadley: I REALLY Enjoy Watching! Thank You And I'd Learned Something Else

Lgreer littlebigbutt: can i convert a torpedo kerosine heater into a propane heater?

Paul Warren: Great video. no nonsense and dive right into troubleshooting.

Roger Gustafsson: Mine runs fine up until about 20 minutes then it starts pumping. Flame goes out, fan almost stops, then flame on fan on and back to flame out, fan almost stops. And it won't light at all if I have the cover on. Need to keep cover a little pushed open or it just sprays fuel fog. Why is this? I cleaned everything.

sixtyfiveford: If you need to test pressure, I have a link in the video description for a gauge that will permanently mount to your heater.

Roland McDuff: have a reddy R70 not pumping air.I gave it .400 clearnce , checked for air leak with soap, No air pressure. The rotor looks OK

Shawn Souza: Got a heater from a job I was working at found in the dumpster they put in regular gas fuel in it but it runs on diesel how do I fix it please thank you

rex cars: hello 65 ford  my heater is like new like only been ran thru a few tanks of fuel.  this is the 2nd one I have got the 1st did the same thing, so I have totally taken it apart and it looks new so I installed a new nozzle  filters etc, also new pump vanes rotor ,ie complete kit.  the vanes pup were adj, correctly . when you turn it on it blows a lot of smoke out then lites, after installing a gauge an adj, the air screw , its still real bad ,, I have tried adj,s from 5 psi to 9   making the adjs very gradual,  so just when I was ready to run it over with my dually  I decided to check it ove again , I pulled the top off an decided to try it  ,wow it lights burns perfect ,, so I laid the lid back down on top an left it forward  with the fan exposed rund perfect all the way till the cove reaches the fan an covers it slightly then it starts the smoking ,, could it be the wrong size fan I noticed theres 2 sizes,, or a factory defective tube ,, fire tube etc where all the nozzle mounts please help ,,

kavensrt: i have a problem with min he have fire on sparkplug the fuel go out and it never start he try but cant start

Pete_ Hine_Of_PA: What do i ask for in getting the igniter? a 120 volt to 12 volt igniter? How do I ensure I get the right size and type of Igniter , that little back box with the spark wires coming out of it. I have a 50 BTU Tractor Supply Bullet heater looks just like the old Craftsman heater.

KB in MD Last: Unit worked fine last season but I replaced the air filter, ball/spring/plug/screw kit. I don't have a gauge (yet) Wondering how to check for fuel delivery on a HSI unit (ReddyHeater 55) With the cover off I can see the HSI fire but no fuel squirt out of the injector. The fuel filter can be blowed through. Fuel line from filter to injector good. Injector/nozzle clean, can be blowed through. Soapy water test on the pump cover and was leaking air. It may be a faulty  filter. Removed air filter and retest and seal is airtight. Am I correct that if the air pressure is off it will prevent enough air to suck through to pull the fuel up to the injector? Any suggestions what to test for next?

Robert Purdy: Does it make any sense on an old unit to run a little seafoam in the tank to keep everything clean?
Torpedo Kerosene Heater repair & HOW they work 5 out of 5

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Torpedo Kerosene Heater repair & HOW they work