Torpedo Kerosene Heater Repair & HOW They Work

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Torpedo Kerosene Heater repair & HOW they work
Torpedo Kerosene Heater repair & HOW they work
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Roland McDuff: thanks

Roland McDuff: Where did you buy the igniter for 25 or 30 dollars

MisterAmuse: I always wondered how these worked and currently want to buy one, thanks for such an informative yet simple video. Subscribed.

Matthew Thompson: Yet another great video!!! I picked up an old Sears salamander for free that won't light up. I've never worked on these before but after watching this video I don't think they're all that complicated.

Rick Koczera: Thank you, good job!

Ed Watt: OK I watched your video and think it is great. I took my heater into the
shop and plunged it in as the list time I did when it did not work. It
started up and ran great with nothing different going on. I fill the
tank and take it down to where I need it and its blowing half burnt fuel
out the front and burning stops after about 10 min. I let it cool for
about 20 min . it starts up and does the same thing. I take it back to
the shop where it did run and it sat over night in 42 degree
environment. I plug it in, there is a good mist and spark is going , BUT
IT WILL NOT IGNITE. Any idea ? The fuel is fresh winter mix .
I boiled the fuel over a electric hot plate to get rid of moisture. Filled the heater with hot fuel and still nothing.

Adam Jansen: Thanks for the info. For some reason mine runs great for all of 10 minutes then stops, the fan remains but the heat stops. Unplug, wait 10 seconds, plug it in 10 more minutes and then no heat again?? Could it be the fuel nozzle? or??

Wesley Jackson: if I were to swap the orifice for a larger one and increase fuel & air, would I be able to increase my total btu output?

Jimmy Cassell: I have a dyna glo pro125,000 btu and it wont fire up. I pulled the air line and its pushing air , I pulled the fuel line and no fuel is coming out. I blew through the tube and I hear it making bubbles in the tank but it wont pick up fuel. any ideas. Thanks

Josh B: My Reddy Heater 115,000 btu will start cold. As soon as it heats up It shuts off completely and wont turn back on. Any advice is appreciated.

David Cooper: nice upload mate. I've just bought an English made heater like this, probably made in the 1970s, going to do a service on it before I try to fire it up. thanks again for teaching me how these work. not sure if my one has a photo cell though. Cheers from the UK

Rusty Hughes: i have a 115,000 btu heater that seems to not have enough air pressure to spray out the kerosene. Even adjusting the pressure in back it won't kick on since its not spraying it out. Air Pump is cleaned. Vanes move freely. How else would i get more pressure. Air line isn't blocked, fuel line isn't blocked. It runs with and air compressor sprayed into the adjustment but as soon as i take that off it stops. I'm not sure how i get a more constant higher pressure of the air.

Marlon Green: So I have a new problem my heater will only work when I take off the cover ?

adriana rodriguez: Hi I was wondering if I can pick your brain I Have ready heater 125 I think or 150  got it new 10 years ago used it off and on for 4 years put a nozzle in once or twice. I let it sit in unheated garage for few years I noticed it leaked all fuel out on the cement floor of garage checked tank looks good free of rust clean scared to use it since but would like to

Marlon Green: Grate job on explaining

Ricardo Remodeling: cool man great video.

Desert Jeff: Thanks for the help

Ryan Mccready: I have checked the hoses there are no cracks. I see the fuel spraying. i have replaced the back cover. still no pressure build up.

Henry Tennort: How do you install a thermostat onto a Kerosene torpedo heater
Torpedo Kerosene Heater repair & HOW they work 5 out of 5

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Torpedo Kerosene Heater repair & HOW they work