Turtle Beach PX22 Works With PS4!

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Turtle Beach EarForce PX22 Gaming  Headset Review works with PS4
Turtle Beach EarForce PX22 Gaming Headset Review works with PS4
Turtle Beach PX22 works with PS4!
Turtle Beach PX22 works with PS4!
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How to use Old and New Headsets on PS4 ( Turtle Beach PX22)
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How to use Turtle Beach PX22 with PS4
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Unboxing Turtle Beach PX22 - Casque Gamer Compatible Next-Gen(Xbox One.PS4)
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Turtle Beach EAR FORCE PX22 Unboxing / Impressions + Mic Test
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Turtle Beach PX4 Headset Setup! (PS4)
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Ear Force PX22 Setup by Turtle Beach
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HOW TO: Connect OLD Turtlebeach Headsets to the PS4
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UNBOXING. Novo Headset do Nillo Turtle Beach PX22 - Nillo21.
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How to Set up the Turtle Beach Earforce PX22 Gaming Headset
Turtle Beach PX22 Unboxing
Turtle Beach PX22 Unboxing

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DaniRep | ¡GTA V, Titanfall, Call of Duty, Minecraft...! ¡varios vídeos diarios!: I am spanish and I dont understand the video xD so turtle beach can work with ps4 no???

Omen6sic6: i wanna be able to hear game sound in headsets and also have sound on recording. need help or an answer ASAP lol thank you

Lifendz: So wait, can you break it down in steps because I'm still a little confused. I got it hooked up but I hear a lot of static through the headphones when I plug the headphone jack into the controller. When you say all you need is the headphone 3.5 jack what do you mean because the headphones are usb powered. Can you break it down in steps for people like me cause I'm trying to get this working and so far all I got is plugging the headphones into the back of my tv to get audio out of them. 

Total Karnage: my px22 just snaped just by puting them on my head only 1month old i say you should go buy triton ax180's or somthing along them lines cause turtle beach is really crapty!!!!!!!!!!

ItzCrazeee: by the way. How come i can only hear my Friend through the Left side only?

Omen6sic6: does the sound go away from elgato recording once u plug headset into controller. i just bought the OREI splitter but lose game sound once i plug into controller with my phone headsets.

Kimorus: Hey man, does this headset work for live commentaries? what i mean by that is that i connect the headset to the 360/one and get the game sound, and the mic connected to the pc where i can record my voice. please reply :) thanks for you time

Ernest Benjamin: Black_Cowboy32 come find my on PSN! I'll talk to you and let you hear! 

30Chompi: Great informational video. :)

Jay Pace: Thanks Ernest really helped. Will I be able to hear the game and my friends?

unapro3: The bonus about having the inline amp is that you can adjust settings on the fly, sometimes you can get kids chatting in the game and you just want to shut them up, you don't want to exit the game you are in to adjust your settings via the PS4 menu, so yeah, it is a big deal. Don't swear and then apologise for it, apologies are for something you regret doing or you don't have a choice, clearly neither of these are the case. People apologise for swearing in this manner to try and not look "rough" and common, guess what, it don't work. You are what you are, if you use vulgar words to get your freaking point across, don't be ashamed of it.

thenecromorpher: Thanks for vid, as i've been searching for a way to use my headphones with my ps4 since i got it (not since launch but probably mid-march)

jetzu venida: how did you setup it?

TrollingGuinea: False advertising to the extreme. Here is what they really mean when they say "fully compatible out of the box" You can use these headphones on your PS4 after you complete the complicated set up! But you won't be able to talk to people! What's that? You actually want to talk to people? Well, forget that in-line amp and volume controls! Plug it into the controller to hear NOTHING but 10 year olds screaming in your ear! Invest the extra money in the PX4s they are wireless and they, you know, work...

SteVen Romero: Ok someone help plz... I thinking about getting them for ps4 but I wanna confirm THAT u could HEAR, and TALK to ur friends in a chat... But wen I say HEAR I mean like hear the GAME and it FRIENDS and wen I say TALK I mean my FRIENDS can HEAR ME... Some one plz help...

MrPandaUnited: Thnx for the help! I've got only one problem: I find that px22 a bit less loud than my previous TB XL1 on xbox 360. That is a ps4 specification or I should bring back to the shop. Thanx for answer. 

xXMomia75Xx: Does in game sound from the headset

Wilder Cerrate: What's your opinion on the Xbox one? I am personally a pc guy but what are your thoughts?

XXCrimsonXX: Does this have 7.1 Surround sound?

Javier Concepcion: hopefully they work as good on the on the new xbox one. 

XileZz: Could you not just plug the 3.5 into the controller and USB into PC/Console

Roy Bray: I added u cowboy thanks bro so If I run cord to strait controller will it work 

FarewellFix: I bought these today because I was told I can hear audio and chat through the headset. I've got it setup, and I THINK the mic works, but I only get sound when I move the cursor is being moved on the interface, then the sound stops. It is also very quiet in game when I can get the sound to work even with volume on max through ps4 settings. Is anyone else having this issue?

chris lander: just bought these to use on my ps4 but im only getting sound through the left headset speaker. is this what you mean by it doesnt have surround? *it seems game audio is coming thru the left speaker while chat audio is coming thru right speaker. ** i have my headset connected to my ps4 via usb cable AND to the audio out on the back of my tv

Nicholas Harris: Why can I hear other people but they cant hear me ?

Super Slightly Off: I'm using the same type of headset on my PS4, but the sound keeps cutting off every 30 seconds or so. Did you come across a problem like that?

piers laurie: Wth ithe the px22 Does the ps4 pick up the mic when u are playing game or in a party 

Matt A: god bless you man , everyone else makes it sound like they have no idea what they talking about, you do my friend :) im now buying th Px22 thanks to you . thanks again and thanks for post it really helped me find the right mic for Ps4

Connor Glennon: Thanks a lot !! XD

Logans ManCave: If I use the audio adapter on the Xbox one will these headphones work with it

Jazz Vanzandt: I cant freaking believe it just bought these and cant get the audio working im so freaking pissed

arthur turner: you talked about what the extra slot next to the headset port. that is used for any kind of (DualShock 4 Charging Station for PlayStation 4).

kingofzero: HDMI is all the same. its digital it either works or it doesn't.

MysteryGamer: But how do I mute it when I need to

Jose Curies: They work but man does the shound go away :/ it doesnt let me connect them to the controller i had to connect it to the usb and tv , what should i do?

Dan Lopez Aguirre: Nice video man, can u gimme some advice? I found this headset on sale for 65 bucks, should I wait for a of headset specific for ps4? what about the quality of stereo sound? doesnt consume the battery of the dualshock4 listening game audio?

nomellocreampig: *Watches video and switches HDMI chord from PS3* Anybody who is looking for a good headset for not a lot of money I would highly recommend the PX22. I like them cause they are wired, cheap, have controls for lots of things, and plug into your phone/iPod/computer and play music while you they play the game's sounds. Which is perfect for PS since they don't play music off the iPod like the 360. I've never used a surround sound headset since I have have real surround sound but I can say you will always know which way your enemy is coming from with these.

Kool Keith: Thanks bro this really helped.

Johnny Depth: anyone having issues with not being able to speak with the px22's on PS4? I can hear the game just fine and chat from other players, but cannot talk back! HELP!

Ethan Anderson: Good JOb Bro, Keep up the good work! SUBSCRIBED!

Mancello Vitali: so usefull! thanx bro you earned a sub!

techjunkie365: I got mine for 50 bucks brand new

deathness13: Nice video my friend thanx for sharing ur knowledge

Aaron Jones: Thanks man, I just bought these and was wondering if it mattered or not if I used the controller piece or not

Giancarlos Bigay: The px-4 i could hear the shooting but couldnt talk or listen to my friends, so i returned it!!! wtf do they work or not??? Excuse the cursing

Chazzu Tatsu: Wow nvm I can't here jack crap from anything -.-

UGPAM: Is the mic usable on ps4 too or just the sound?

TMNXtras: The real way how to do it, straight from turtle beach http://www.turtlebeach.com/support/entry/830517608/ Your Welcome

RedPotionAddict: thanks bro! keep up the great vids

rapidryu: Don't buy these, They are $80 and the surround sound etc doesn't work, The sound quality is just basic, Its the same quality you can get out of your tv just with some sound proofing of outside noise. This is a BAD BUY.
Turtle Beach PX22 works with PS4! 4.8 out of 5

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Turtle Beach PX22 works with PS4!